Beauty Products I’m Craving.

Ugh. Guys, after my last beauty update I experienced a terrible turn of events.  I woke up cheery as can be on a Sunday morning ready to head on a run to get coffee with Jordan and Pierre when I caught a glimpse of my skin in the mirror. My lower jaw was covered in teeny tiny red pimples. After a week of glowing skin I was distraught. It was as if the good skin gods wanted to punish me for trotting around like I was Gigi Hadid. Now, I am no stranger to a pimple or two but for the most part my skin is pretty clear. Blackheads on my nose are the reg but a full blown breakout was a moderately horrifying way to begin my day.

Nicole and I had a girls’ night in complete with Greek yogurt and turmeric face masks.

As silly as it sounds I was very disturbed for the next few days. I was determined to uncover what could have caused my unusual breakout. I thought about the foods I’d eaten, the products I’d been using and eventually by process of elimination and a little online research determined it was most likely the Origins Plantscription Serum. The Origins Serum had worked wonders on my perpetual dark circles but I can’t justify continued use when the results are tiny red bumps all over my precious face. My dark circles will just have to work with another serum. That said I’m not opposed to Origins entirely. I have used other products in the past with no adverse reactions and my mom and cousin love the moisturizer and cleanser.

On the bright side my breakout further proved the wonder of BioClarity. I used the three step system on the affected areas and I saw a DRAMATIC improvement over the next few days. I also use a DIY turmeric and Greek yogurt mask which also seemed to contribute to improved skin. Now my skin is back to glowing as it should.

I’m on a beauty kick lately. I’m a pretty minimal makeup girl but I love to discover products that can be part of my 5 minute morning beauty routine. Of course skin care is a MUST. Today I’m sharing a few products that I’ve been lusting after for what feels like forever. If you’ve tried any of the products (or have any other suggestions) please comment with your input and experience.

One| Goop Instant Facial: As you guys know I’m a Gwyneth Paltrow fan. I love her cook books, her lifestyle site Goop and I’ve been yearning to try her collaboration with Juice Beauty. After reading countless positive reviews  (like this one) I’m almost ready to bite the bullet and throw my money at Gwyneth with the hope radiant skin well into my forties. I don’t currently have an at home exfoliant which makes this splurge beauty item all the more tempting.

Two| Moon Juice Beauty Dust: I’ve read great reviews on Moon Juice’s Beauty Dust (even Gwyneth is supposed to love it so you know I’m curious). I love that this powder can be mixed into a daily smoothie or tea and promises bright glowing skin, a soft, lustrous hair. While I am intrigued by the Beauty Dust I’m also drawn to the Brain Dust. Could incorporating both into my breakfast regime promise me beauty and brains? If you’re considering “the dust” be sure to read this detailed review including insight from an herbalist. I’m thinking of buying the dust just to conduct an experiment and share the results with you guys…let me know if you’d be interested!

Three| Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask: In the past I’ve only used Shiseido SPF products for a little fun in the sun. However, this Allure “Best of Beauty” winner caught my attention. Vitamin C & Vitamin E work together over night to give users hydrated, supple, smooth skin in the morning. The downside? There are a lot of ingredients in this product and I’m not sure what all of them are. I’ll have to do a little more digging before I test out this product.

FourHoney Girl Organics Regenerating Face Serum: I’ve used raw honey on my face for a few years now (read my post about it here). Honey’s natural antimicrobial properties help fend off acne and locks in moisture (great for dry winter skin). When I stumbled upon a line centered around the benefits of honey (and a long list of organic ingredients) I was super excited. the only thing keeping me apart from this serum for even a moment is my up coming trip to Las Vegas that is sure to demand a little extra  saving.

Five| Glossier Haloscope highlighter: I’m a HUGE fan of the “no makeup makeup” look partially because I’m horrible at doing makeup but mostly because I find super dramatic caked on faces to be a bit over the top for day to day life. While a highlight and contour is great for a night out I like the idea of a little subtle highlighting for that dewy, glowy look on the go. I can’t walk into work looking like a Kardashian but this Glossier product promotes just the right amount of shimmer for that well rested and healthy look.

Wishing you glowy, clear skin and lots of happiness this week. xxoo!

My 25th Birthday Wishlist

I turn 25 tomorrow. Over the weekend I had planned to take outfit photos including a cute set of birthday themed photos for the blog. I had a giant to do list filled with tasks I wanted to complete before Tuesday but of course I found myself coming down with a cold on Friday and practically bed ridden on Sunday. Oh life! It’s so cliche but I feel like my 24th birthday was just last month and the 23rd was just a month before that. It’s true what they say, life moves faster as you grow older.

Speaking of time, Christmas feels like it was literally five minutes ago so it feels crazy to even be day dreaming about my birthday gifts. I haven’t even put all my Christmas gifts away yet (but hey I’ve been on vacation so I have an excuse). But I do love putting together a pretty wish list and sharing the pieces I think are pretty or useful or dreamy.

One| Goop Clean Beauty– Call me crazy but I adore Gwenyth Paltrow. I’ll admit she is so out of touch with reality when it comes to the lives of the average person but her health and beauty tips are so fab.

Two| Fresh Rose Face Mask– I am so grateful for my recent trip to California and the Bahamas but you know what isn’t? My skin! Between different climates and the recycled air on planes my skin is feeling reptilian. I tried a sample of this Rose face mask from Sephora and I am dying for the full sized product.

Three| Kate Spade Jewel Button Wool Coat– I’m in a total jacket phase lately. I want a closet full of chic, feminine jackets to keep me warm all winter long. I’m currently crushing on this one on sale at Kate Spade but can’t quite justify purchasing it for myself. It is pure girly girl perfection!

Four| Frieda Rothman Metropolitan Ring– I’ve become so obsessed with accessories over the past year (mostly thanks to Rocksbox). Believe it or not it took me until age 24 to realize how much great accessories can change an outfit. This ring fits my boho loving style without being too gaudy or over the top.

Five| Club Monaco Annina Skirt– The color and pleating of  this skirt make it both modern and feminine. I love that this skirt is long enough to be appropriate for work without feeling dated and stuffy.

Six| Kate Spade Carima Loafer– Transitioning to a new position in my career I am expected to dress more professionally. I love that these loafers are on trend but feel appropriate in a business casual office setting.

Seven|Genifique Serum– I usually use the Kate Somerville “Quench” serum before applying moisturizer but I received the Lance Genefique serum as a sample last spring. Since then I have wanted to try the Genefique serum as a daily source of moisture and vitamins. If you use it I would love your reviews!

Eight| Erin Condren Life Planner– My Grandparents sent me some birthday money and I ordered myself a new Erin Condren life planner right away. I’ve used a variety of planners before but Erin Condren is still my all time favorite. I can’t wait for mine to arrive!

Nine| Club Monaco Wisten Sweater Dress– This fit and flare sweater dress is cozy enough that it feels like pajamas while still looking put together for work, brunch or a day out and about. I adore the blue on blue option best!

Ten| Manolo Blahnik Flats– Okay so this one is a bit of a luxury wish list items but my inner Carrie Bradshaw couldn’t resist. I love pieces that add a touch of glamour to a day to day outfit. These flats are what fashionista dreams are made of. Sigh…someday! (;


I have the day off today, so even though I am sick I’m planning to have a little fun. I’m meeting my mom for pedicures later this morning and hoping to meet up with a girlfriend to shop for my “first day of work on my birthday outfit”. I mean if you start a new job on your birthday you totally deserve a new look right? (:


Happy Monday!

Birthday Wishlist

Sunday is my birthday! I’m working on the actual day (which I surprisingly don’t mind) but will be having a little dinner party with family and friends on Saturday. This year my birthday celebration should be pretty low key, I don’t want to drink too much champagne when I have to get up early for work the next day. I still relish any excuse to dress up, get my makeup done and overindulge in italian food (yay for carbs).

While I don’t expect any of the following gifts from my family or friends I do love to daydream about what I might splurge on as a birthday gift to myself. I can’t be the only one who likes to spoil herself on her birthday right?! Most of my wish list is composed of fashion and beauty items that may seem a bit too splurge worthy for a day to day purchase but definitely make a perfect gift to yourself for a special treat.


Birthday Wishlist


Chloe Scalloped Ballet Flats| I love the simplicity of these classic Chloe leather flats. I tested the style with the inexpensive Lauren Conrad version and I loved the style. Eventually I would like to upgrade to the higher quality pair in nude, camel or black.

Kate Somerville Goatmilk Cream & Quench Daily Serum| Kate Somerville offers the best skincare line I’ve tested thus far. I love all of her products from eye creams, daily moisturizer, cleanser and serum. I usually alternate between Kate Somerville products and Clinique (to save a bit of money) but I am really missing the Kate Somerville products!

The Fashion Book| I’ve been eyeing this coffee table book for quite some time but can’t seem to pull the trigger. A collection of top fashion designer’s from the past 200 years I would love to adorn my coffee table with this gorgeous book.

Tory Burch Serif T Saddlebag| I can never get enough Tory Burch (I swear it’s a disease)! I love the new Tory Burch saddlebags and the flair of equestrian style. I would definitely be thrilled to add this leather luxury to my handbag collection.

Kate Spade Goreski Glasses Bangle| Ever since the Goreski glasses line came out a few years ago I’ve been obsessed (though I’ve never purchased a piece for myself). This bangle is a sweet reminder of my love for glasses and the boy I adore who wears them.

Plane Tickets to Tennessee| One of my best friends is in her last year of grad school at the University of Tennessee. I’ve been dying to visit her in Knoxville and have a girl’s weekend in Nashville with her before she graduates. I’ve never been anywhere in the South (unless Florida counts), so I would love to explore a new part of the U.S. while seeing what my bestie’s life is like at school.

Kate Spade Taxi Iphone Case| This phone case has so much personality! I recently upgraded to the iphone 6s and need a new quirky case to make a statement. This case is perfect for any city girl!

Free People Carrera Booties| In all honesty, cut out booties probably aren’t the most practical in Seattle’s rainy climate, however I just love the design of this boho inspired pair. Technically I work inside all day anyway so I should be able to justify a pair of less practical shoes right?!

New Face Masks| Giving myself at home spa treatments is one of my favorite ways to relax (without the hefty price tag of an actual visit to a spa). I always enjoy trying out new face masks like the Glamglow Thirsty Mud Mask, hydrating Rose Face Mask, and any assortment of sheet masks (like Karma or Sephora’s own line).

Bella Vita Ollie Lace Up Flats| The lace up flat trend is still going strong, this pair is so feminine and would look great with jeans or flowy skirts and dresses. The tassel and soft pink color seriously make my heart skip a beat!


Are you lusting after any of the items on my birthday wish list? Do you buy yourself a gift for your own birthday?