My Favorite Farm to Table Restaurants in Seattle

Hi everyone. I am not a food writer, not at all, but this post has been a long time coming. I like a very specific kind of food and a very specific kind of restaurant. It’s funny because from the moment Jordan and I enter a restaurant Jordan can always tell if I am going to like it. Usually the places I end up loving focus on organic, vegetable heavy dishes and to be honest they are a little bit hippie at the core. I describe these restaurants as “farm to table” as most of them focus on local, unrefined, whole foods. I am a pescetarian so I tend to be drawn towards veggie heavy restaurants but I can promise you the five restaraunts I featured are my favorites. I repeatedly go back (and if I haven’t I plan to). You won’t find any niche food jargon or star ratings in this post but you will find a handful of fabulous recommendations! If you are in the Seattle area I highly recommend you check out my favorite restaurants.

My 5 Favorite Farm to Table Restaurants in Seattle

Left: My favorite, the Good Morning Veggie Sandwich, fresh squeezed beet juice. to the Right: The forager scramble topped with a fried egg (per Jordan’s request).

Bounty Kitchen


Neighborhood: Upper Queen Anne

Atmosphere: Relaxed-Casual, great for stopping in in your yoga pants without feeling underdressed.

What to Order: I always go for the Goodmorning Veggie, it’s a poached egg sandwich with lots of veggies on artisanal bread.

Why I love it: Honestly, Bounty Kitchen is my favorite restaurant. When Jordan and I stumbled in for the first time a few years back I instantly fell in love. The atmosphere is bright, warm and inviting (I actually took photos in the store for an outfit post once). Every menu item is fresh, flavorful and leaves me feeling nourished and satiated after devouring. Additionally, it is a socially conscious eatery that seemingly puts the quality of food, sustainable farming practices, and fair treatment of its employees at the center of its mission. I visit Bounty Kitchen roughly once a week but I would eat there every day if I could.

A glimpse of the interior of eve.



Neighborhood: Fremont

Atmosphere: Casual, good for everything from a date night to a random week night dinner.

What to Order: eve Hot Bowl

Why I love it: eve is perhaps Seattle’s master of combining simple foods into a complex palette pleasing delight. eve’s mission centers around clean eating and whole foods. Menu items include items like the “eve Hot bowl “with ancient grains, legumes, seasonal veggies & dandelion greens, the “kombucha mimosa” and an array of raw and cooked veggies, eve dishes are meant to be shared. Order a handful of menu items for the table and enjoy tasting veggies like you’ve never had them before. I love eve for both brunch and dinner.

The first course, salad and tomato soup at Harvest Beat.

Harvest Beat


Neighborhood: Wallingford

Atmosphere: Upscale meets Granola, most people go to Harvest Beat for a special occasion but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your Birkenstocks at home.

What to Order: You don’t! The 5 course meal is prixe fix and changed by the micro season. Sit back and enjoy as each pre selected course is served paired with wine or the non-alcoholic pairing.

Why I love it: From the moment you walk in until the final bite of dessert course, Harvest Beat is a special and memorable experience. The evening begins with a splash of champagne or non-alcoholic elixir, and moves onto a blessing of the food in the restaurant kitchen before your courses begin. I love that Harvest Beat buys produce from local farmers and foragers by the micro season meaning the menu changes every three weeks. Each course is vegan (no meat/no cheese) but can fully be enjoyed by meat and dairy lovers. Don’t doubt the chef’s creativity or expertise, from the salad and soup to the stuffed peppers, every course was filled with flavor. The best part about eating vegan? You can eat all five delectable courses without falling into a food coma or that lingering heavy feeling dairy and red meat give you!



Neighborhood: Wallingford

Atmosphere: Casual to date night, toss the sweats and brush your hair.

What to Order: The French Omelet

Why I love it: With indoor and outdoor seating, Tilth is an ideal spot for Sunday brunch on a sunny day in Seattle. The intimate outdoor patio feels private even on 45th, the busy main street in Wallingford. The restaurant focuses on “organic new American cuisine” adding surprising (but delicious twists) to classics such as french toast & omelets (for brunch) or risotto and burgers for dinner. The warmer and richer flavor of most menu items matches the welcoming atmosphere, nestled in a converted house, a meal at Tilth feels like attending a friend’s dinner party if your friends were Iron Chef competitors like Tilth’s head chef!

Shaker & Spear


Neighborhood: Belltown

Atmosphere: Wonderful for a casual night out or dinner with friends.

What to Order: Whole Grilled Branzino & a side of Mac & cheese for the table!

Why I love it: The ambiance is the real winner at this vibrant, downtown dining experience. The unique, hip, dining experience is a fusion of fresh seafood with an upscale farm to table twist. Be sure to make a reservation as the central location and inviting atmosphere makes Shaker & Spear a hit at the dinner hour on both week days and weekends. Personally, I find Shaker & Spear the perfect atmosphere for dinner with a small group of friends or visiting family.


What is your favorite kind of food? Where are your favorite places to eat in your city?

An awkward girl walks into a Blogger Party…

I wanted to title this post “An awkward girl’s guide to attending a blogger event” before I realized I really couldn’t write a guide considering I have yet to master my awkward tendencies. Wednesday evening I was invited to Moorea Seal’s 2nd anniversary party for the super chic boutique in Belltown (ironically right down the street from my first apartment). As I searched for parking I gave myself a mini pep talk (as I tend to do before parties) reminding myself that I could never cover events like fashion week if I can’t attend a blogger party without a mini panic attack.



Prior to attending I reminded myself that unlike awkward cheer parties in high school, I already have something in common with the other women in the room- we all genuinely love blogging. I was excited to spot a few familiar faces right away. It’s funny how you can see someone everyday online and when you see them for the first time in real life it almost feels like running into a television character or something!



Moorea Seal is sort of a big deal, she wrote “The 52 List Project”, owns an adorable boutique (all pieces can be found here) and is like THE MOST followed person on Pinterest. Moorea shared a few of her future projects with the blogger’s at the party and I have to say this woman is MAJOR #GirlBoss inspiration. Naturally, such a successful woman drew a huge crowd. The intimate boutique was filled to the brim. It was so cool to see bloggers who have clearly met online meeting for the first time in real life.



Up until the past year I haven’t been very active in the Seattle blogging scene…in fact, being the hermit that I am, I didn’t even realize there was much of a blogger scene. Though it can be uncomfortable to push myself outside of my regular introverted comfort zone, I really did enjoy meeting so many Seattle bloggers. I even made a few new friends!

I’ve made it a goal of mine to become more active in the Seattle blogging community. There are some pretty talented bloggers in this community and I would love the opportunity to get to know more of them. You know you’re socially awkward when one of your life goals is to hangout with people instead of just with the two friends you already have and your dog (;


Blogging events are cool and Sydney from Gossip & Glamour does an amazing job hosting.  It was definitely a well enjoyed event, every detail was well thought out from the cookies and gift bags! Plus, who doesn’t love to be in a room with fifty other women just as obsessed with SnapChatting every detail of the party as you? The social media age is sort of weird am I right?

Have a lovely holiday weekend. I actually have zero plans but I am looking forward to checking a few items off of my to-do list before starting a new adventure on Tuesday (more details to come soon). If you have exciting Memorial weekend plans be sure to comment and share!


Thank you for photos of the event Vivian Hsu.

That Rainbow Feeling

Have you ever heard the saying “When it’s rainy, look for rainbows”? Living in Seattle I’m fairly used to the rain, I can’t say that rainy days depress me, but rather sunny days make me overwhelmingly euphoric. Most cloudy days here don’t offer any rainbows, the days are dark and overcast. It is is fairly rare when  a rainbow shines through.


My mom wanted to name me Rainbow Sunshine when I was born, I think this tells you whether or not she took the drugs or not (am I right?). I like to think this alternate “Jordyn identity” gives me a certain affinity with all things whimsical and light. Yesterday afternoon the power went out at work and my last appointment didn’t show up. Without much I was able to do I left early and was able to spend Sunday storm chasing with Jordan.



It was so windy and rainy capturing a non-blurry selfie felt all but impossible.

We immediately sped over to West Seattle to be by the ocean. Jordan just adores fresh ocean air and I couldn’t resist the idea of watching waves violently crash agains the sand. Since we brought our rain jackets we thought we could brave the wind and wander around beach drive. Wind whipped our hair, and rain quickly blew in sideways through the sleeves of Jordan’s oversized jacket I insisted on wearing. It was freezing but oh-so beautiful.

The waves were crashing violently, the wind pulling me away from the car, and the lighting was something out of a fairytale. Do you ever have those moments where you think “The world is so jaw droppingly beautiful, is this even real?“. With the skyline so dreamy and whimsical and my favorite boy sitting beside me I was, for a moment, overwhelmed with what I imagine a rainbow would feel like.


We shuffled back into the car ready to head to the grocery store and settle into our warm apartment for the evening. We turned the corner from beach drive to Alki beach and as if my feelings had manifested into reality, there was a rainbow. I was so happy I could jump for joy, and since I’m a bit of a spaz, I did.


Today’s forecast calls for showers and the sun lover in me can’t help but hope the skies will clear up and the sun will peak through just for a day or two. However, after a week filled with undue stress and over dramatic emotion, I am soaking up all the happiness around me. Without the rain we couldn’t have that rainbow feeling right?

What are you grateful for today? Was the weather just as crazy in your neighborhood this weekend?


Move in Weekend

After an exhausting weekend moving Monday seemed to arrive faster than ever. I was so unprepared for the move into our new apartment, when Friday morning rolled around we spent the entire day packing and then moved everything late into the night. I am SO not a night person and we didn’t get to sleep until 3:30am which is almost unheard of for me. I swear I was running on pure adrenaline (& coffee, always coffee).


After my last apartment went into foreclosure I spent the past three weeks living with Jordan and his roommates in a house in the suburbs. He was so sweet to let me stay with him however despite his kindness the house never quite felt like home. If you’ve ever moved into someone else’s house with them you know it can be difficult to give it your own personal touch. I found myself saying “When we get to YOUR house…” only for him to repeatedly cut me off “You mean OUR house“, it was a sweet sentiment but if you’ve ever moved in to someone else’s already established place you can relate: it never quite feels like home. Consequently I was anxious to find a new apartment back in the city. I grew up in the suburbs and completely loved it but moving back reminded me that at this stage in my life I am 100% a city girl.


Ikea shopping like pros.

I played a little guessing game (thank you everyone who participated) and want to reveal I picked apartment #1 (Magnolia Condo). We moved in on Friday and I am so in love with the place already. The two bedrooms are coming along nicely. We made the choice to use the smaller room as our bedroom and it is currently feeling quite cozy and uncluttered (just the way I want it). The second bedroom will be used as an office and walk in closet (we both have an affinity for shoes…) and though there are still quite a few unpacked boxes in the mix the room is really coming together. The living room/dining room area is a separate story altogether. Walking in the door it currently looks like  you’ve arrived on trash island (as it is filled with huge piles of flattened cardboard and packing paper) but I know it will fare much better once our furniture arrives. The current way we greet our guests is by inviting them to eat dinner with us in bed. It’s a friendly vibe (;


A small taste of trash island (and me pretending to be a kitten in a box).

The biggest downside of this apartment was the lack of natural light. The living room is fairly bright as is our bedroom but the office/walk-in closet was horribly dim. It didn’t help that even though it was the darkest room it had a red accent wall that was making the whole place feel like a gloomy dungeon. Every time I entered I couldn’t help but make some sort of negative comment about how horrific the red wall was (as a whole I don’t love red as an interior paint color but in this room it was especially bad). We didn’t see painting as a viable option since it is a rental but I really couldn’t accept how badly my cute turquoise and gold pieces were going to clash with the bloody wall of death (is that dramatic???). Luckily I stumbled upon the most lovely temporary wallpaper at Target and was able to lure my lovely Jordan into helping me transform the death wall into my dream office.



My dream office is becoming a reality!

I know these aren’t exactly the best photos in terms of perspective but as you can tell the wallpaper has really transformed the room. I can’t wait until my cute prints from The Preppy Printshop arrive so I can really spruce the place up. Interior design is consuming all of my thoughts lately. I am so anxious to have a real home I have to remind myself not to rush through it…decorating is a process. I still can’t wait to take photos of the finished apartment and give you guys a virtual tour of the place. Am I the only one who is creepily obsessed with seeing how other people live? I am by no means an interior designer but I find the whole process to be such a blast. I’ve had the best time coming up with themes/color palettes for each room. I am so thankful Jordan and I vibe so well when it comes to decorating.

How was your weekend? Do you get lost in the interior design process? All I want is a picture perfect apartment straight out of Domino Magazine (or the Pottery Barn Teen catalogue) is that too much to ask?



Apartment Hunting: Which Did I choose?

imageWhen I first moved to Seattle I lived in a cramped studio in the heart of the city. I could walk to Nordstrom, Pike Place and any cuisine my little heartp could have desired. My next place was a modern two bedroom with a rooftop deck overlooking the canal close to running trails and vintage shops and my school. Over the Summer I tried out frat life in the U-District sharing a small bedroom with three other girls and a sticky bathroom with yucky boys. Finally in January I shared a townhouse with two strangers from Craigslist but finally fulfilled my dream of my very own walk-in closet before my apartment went into foreclosure and I was forced to find a new place quickly last month.

I’ve lived in so many different spaces over the past few years. The small studio in a prime location taught me that I DO value space and in exchange I’m willing to give up a few amenities (bye-bye pretty apartment gym and rooftops with skyscraper views). The two bedroom in Fremont showed me how much I love being able to walk to restaurants and coffee shops and running trails and my recent town-home introduced me to the beauty of a lease and the legal protection it provides. Who would have thought right?

Though my move was quite quick and felt a bit like chaos I tried to take into account the lessons I have learned when searching for an apartment. When I moved to my Fremont apartment I played a little game asking you to guess which place I chose. I thought it would be fun to see if you guys can guess correctly again! Keep in mind I didn’t use any actual photos from the real apartments…I will (of course) feature a real tour when I move in at the end of the month. Go off of the descriptions more than the pictures when making your guesses. I hope you have as much fun playing along as I did creating this!

Option One| Magnolia Condo



This two bedroom condo in the quiet and safe community of Magnolia is fairly new and up to date. Magnolia is filled with lots of parks, trails for running and is close to downtown though not lively in its own right. The apartment is large (over 800 sq. ft.), well taken care of and offers a small outdoor space for a table or outdoor furniture and a storage unit which would be great for storing skis/holiday decorations/etc.


+ A full bathroom including a bathtub, cabinet space and a washer and dryer. Nothing calms me down when I’m stressed like a hot, candlelit bath and a good book. Living here would mean I could enjoy bubble baths every day of the week if I want to!

+ Two Bedrooms for the price of “one” means converting one into an office/gigantic walk in closet. It’s a Carrie Bradshaw dream come true!

+ Lots of parking, not only are there two parking spaces with the unit but if I have guests over parking won’t be a struggle. There is street parking everywhere and the neighborhood is quiet and safe so no one will have to feel sketched out walking to their car at night.


– The neighborhood feels safe and quiet (a pro obviously) but also a bit isolated. Many families flock to this location so it isn’t exactly the “happening” spot for early twenty-somethings or younger crowds.

– The fact that it is a condo rather than an apartment freaks me out a little bit. The owner lives in Georgia so if a sink is leaking or the washer and dryer break I imagine the process for fixing anything will take longer than a typical apartment with a rental office down the hall.

– While the living room/kitchen area is bright and airy the two bedrooms have smaller windows and less natural light then I would like. I am such a sucker for bright rooms and natural light I don’t want to feel like I am living in a basement dungeon!


Option Two|Fremont Vintage Tudor 




This spacious one bedroom is in a neighborhood I adored living in before. The community is eclectic and artsy with a neighborhood feel while still offering many sources of entertainment like parades, farmers markets and art shows. The building is older but well taken care of, includes an attached garage and features cute details like chandeliers and crown molding even though the laundry is downstairs in a shared basement.


+Great vintage feel! Everything about this apartment screams “CHARMING”! From the crown molding to the delicate floral detailing around the fireplace to the blue tiles in the kitchen the aesthetic is adorable.

+ Interesting floor plan with lots of closet space. This apartment is 800 sq. ft. and one bedroom. The bedroom itsself is fairly small but the large walk in closet could even be a small office if I really wanted (but why would I want that when I could use it as a haven for my shoes?).

+ I am in love with the location of this apartment. I lived in Fremont before and was so happy with the artistic vibe of the community. This apartment isn’t as centrally located as my last place but is still technically within walking distance of cute restaurants, grocery stores and boutiques.


– Laundry in the Building as opposed to in the unit. I’ve dealt with communal laundry before and am in no way “above it” but after having my own laundry machine for the past three years I’m not sure I would love the adjustment back to a shared washer and dryer. Spare quarters anyone?

– The landlord giving the tour was EXTREMELY “hover-y” to say the least. She was prying for really unnecessary details about my personal life (“How old are you?” “Are you married?” “Where did you go to school?”)  and even though I’m an easy tenant I can foresee her nosiness and over involvement as a slight annoyance in the future.

– The bathroom is teeny tiny. Although it is completely functional I would need to find another space for all of my makeup/lotion/hair products as there is zero cabinet space and the pedestal sink (though cute) offers no counter space.


Option Three|Capitol Hill Loft



The loft on Capitol Hill is prime real estate for many Seattle residents. Capitol Hill is the center of Seattle night life and offers everything I could possibly need within walking distance. The apartment itsself isn’t huge but with the loft format feels much bigger due to vaulted ceilings and floor to ceiling windows.


+ The location is right at the center of everything. Not only can I walk to coffee shops and restaurants but cute clothing boutiques and night life are just around the corner.

+ The unique set up of this apartment is a definite perk. Not only are the ceilings super high making the living room area feel ginormous but the floor to ceiling two story windows allow an immense amount of natural light to flow into the apartment. As someone who is obsessed with natural light it really can’t be beat!

+ Amazing hardwood floors and granite countertops throughout the apartment make the loft so aesthetically pleasing and modern feeling.


-Parking is extremely difficult on Capitol Hill (not to mention expensive). Parking in this location costs at minimum $150 more per car per month.

– The kitchen is a small space shoved into the corner entry way. It feels like a shoebox and event though I don’t have many kitchen supplies I already envision it feeling too cramped.

– Capitol Hill is a fun neighborhood but honestly sort of creeps me out at night! I always hear about robberies and stabbings…I know I would feel safe in the apartment but is it realistic to assume I’ll never have to walk alone at night?


Which apartment do you think I chose? Which would you choose and why? What do you look for when searching for a new house or apartment? I’ll reveal my choice next week!



***None of these photos are actual photos taken by me of the properties. I would have felt like a creep during the tours. The featured photos are from Craigslist and not of the actual apartments I am considering (: