Where to find Happiness

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was filled with adventure! Jordan and I had an amazing hike with my best friend and her boyfriend on Saturday and on Sunday I was lucky enough to spend the day at the zoo with my Mom and brother. I’m sad to say goodbye to such a lovely weekend but oh so excited for the week ahead.


Off the Shoulder Top: Madewell | Shorts: Forever 21 (similar) | Heels: Nine West (similar) (love these)

“I’m beginning to think that you don’t find happiness from living your life looking ahead or back…that you find it when you look around” -Taylor Swift


The past few weeks I’ve realized I’ve been placing so much emphasis on future plans and ambitions to provide me with happiness and fulfillment. Sometimes it can feel like I’m always planning, always setting goals and never appreciating the goals I achieved or the plans that are unfolding in front of me. It’s like the child on Christmas morning that is already dreading the wait until Christmas next year instead of enjoying the moment. I fall into the trap of being that child.kick-up-your-heels

Browsing Pinterest last night I stumbled across the Taylor Swift quote mentioned above and it resonated with me. What reason do I have not to be happy now? To be fair, it’s not like I am depressed but I don’t always take time to appreciate all of the wonderful reasons I have to be overflowing with happiness. I don’t need to wait for a higher paycheck, a new pair of flats, a vacation or external validation. Shouldn’t we all enjoy the adventure now?


One of the happiest periods of time I can remember is my freshman year of college. I was so carefree and focused entirely on the moment while still working hard investing in my future. I didn’t have constant anxiety about the next five years because I was so wrapped up in the sensory experience of the present that I just didn’t have the time to fret.

I definitely don’t wish I could go back to being a college freshman. I’ve learned so much since that time, my confidence has grown and new relationships have emerged. I don’t want to be an undergraduate anymore but I do think adopting the same sense of awe and adventure I had as an 18 year old flying from the nest for the first time is a noble idea.


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Though this phase in my life isn’t defined by a set of specific societally outlined experiences (living in a dorm, tasting my first sip of alcohol, ordering pizza at midnight, cramming for finals, etc). it doesn’t mean adventure and happiness are not out there. Why can’t every year be approached with the same doe eyed exuberance and willingness to experience life for all of the newness it has to offer. Life never fails to surprise me with obstacles (and blessings) I never saw coming. I’ve realized embracing the beautifully chaotic adventure that is life is half of the happiness journey.


How do you remind yourself to stay present in a moment? Do you find yourself happier this way?