March Favorites

Every month I say this but every month I mean it…how does time fly by so fast? On one hand I’m anxiously counting down to June, counting down to warm weather and sparkling blue waters. Yet, I know it’s all too easy to become wrapped up in “waiting” while forgetting to appreciate the present. I want to live my life with the knowledge that I did my best to absorb the happiness, the goodness, the love in any given situation.

One of my favorite parts about blogging, especially now that I’ve been blogging for a number of years, is looking back on all of the small, but sweet, memories I had forgotten. Of course I remember the BIG things like vacations, graduations and celebrations but I sometimes let the small things slip away even if the memories were happy ones. In a sense blogging freezes a moment in my mind and I really enjoy looking back on those moments through my first hand accounts.

March can feel painfully dreary and oh so long. Spring technically begins in March but in Seattle it is still very, very (overwhelmingly) gray. It’s my natural instinct to bury myself under my duvet with a book and a box of Girl Scout cookies in this weather but…alas, life goes on even when it rains and you have to take the bus! This year March wasn’t so horrid though. Sure the weather was seasonally dreary but I really noticed an increase in energy (and happiness) with the extra hours of sunlight in the evening and with a trip to Vegas kicking off the month I couldn’t find much to complain about.

Good Food & Good Friends

When I initially mapped out this post I had several happy memories I wanted to share that revolved around delicious food and stimulating conversation. I realized a good portion of my happy memories from this month revolved around breaking bread with some of my favorite people. One night Jordan and I were treated to a fantastic homemade meal by a couple we love (let’s erase the memory of me accidentally eating prawns with shells on them and choking). Then there was the evening I joined a group of friends for a “dress up dinner” before we stumbled into a dive bar (not my usual scene, haha) on a karaoke night. I couldn’t stop laughing the entire night! Then there were a few lunch dates with friends and family that brightened up the work day. I generally spend my hour long lunch listening to audiobooks or scrolling through blog posts, a little bit of actual human contact is much appreciated!

Beauty & the Beast

I was never counting down the days to see Beauty and the Beast but when the movie was released I used it as an excuse to drag my boyfriend and my Aunt to The Big Picture, a cozy theatre with themed cocktails and champagne. I really like Emma Watson (as a person and as an actress). While I know there has been some debate over whether she was the appropriate choice for Belle, I thought she was absolutely perfect for the part. Every moment of the film was magical and I found myself leaning over to Jordan half way through the movie and whispering “This is my new favorite movie!!!” excitedly. After the movie Jordan, my aunt and I grabbed appetizers and drinks at El Gaucho. The entire evening was full blown Disney magical.

Our trip to Las Vegas

I kicked off the month with an extra long weekend in Las Vegas. I fully recapped my favorite parts of the trip (and my¬† recommendations) in an earlier post. With lots of time to relax and site see the mini vacay was the best way to welcome a new month. My favorite parts of the trip included hiking in the Valley of Fire, getting the most delightful facial, and seeing O at the Bellagio. I’ve been to Vegas a few times but this trip was hands down the best!

Quality time with my Mom & Aunt

My Mom and Aunt Jenn are the two most influential women in my life. Throughout March I was able to spend time with both of them. My Aunt visited from California twice (in one month!) and we were able to see Beauty & the Beast, jog around Greenlake and get our nails done. My Mom and I met up for shopping and pedicures (our favorite) and plan to see Mamma Mia at the Paramount theatre this weekend (technically April but still such a treat). I am so grateful for these two lovely women as part of my family.

Moving into Our New Place

This week we got the keys to our new apartment. If anything makes you want to be a minimalist I swear it is moving. We still have SO MUCH unpacking to do but I am already loving our new neighborhood and all of the natural light in our new home. Apartment tour coming soon!


I would love to hear about what made you smile this month. I know April is bound to be a busy month. Does anyone feel like it’s already half way over even though it hasn’t started yet? Crossing my fingers and hoping for lots of sunshine this weekend (: