Outfit Repeater

Do you ever go through seasons of wearing (and re-wearing) the same pieces time after time? I have a whole closet (and two dressers) overflowing with clothes, yet, at any given time I probably only cycle through 1/5 of them. It sounds like I’m bragging but I think most girls can relate. How do we have SO many clothes and nothing to wear?  I’ll obsess over a few key pieces and work around the focus pieces for a month or so before moving on to a new set of key pieces.


Necklace: Rocksbox (free month when you use the code ‘fairyprincessjordxoxo’) | Top: Madewell (On Sale!)| Denim: Madewell | Purse: See by Chloe (similar) (similar) | Booties: Free People (On Sale!)

Right before my trip to Paris I stocked up on pretty spring pieces from Madewell (like this off the shoulder top and this one). It’s safe to say my purchases are quickly paying off for themselves. Among my Madewell buys were this striped peplum top and this trendy pair of distressed skinny jeans. I loved that the top felt like Taylor Swift prior to her grunge phase and the black denim was too good to pass up.


Most of the time I like to try and re-wear pieces in a new way (i.e. paired with denim, then a skirt, then leggings, etc) but I think everyone needs a few outfits they can fall back on. Lately this striped look with black skinny jeans and a few accessories is my favorite dressed down look for just about everything!


Frizzy hair probs

Peplum is sometimes scary! It definitely has the tendency to deemphasize the smallest portion of the natural waist which can make me feel fuller. When I saw this top folded nicely on display I almost didn’t try it on because I tend to dislike the way peplum eliminates my practically straight waist into nothing. This casual tee is the perfect peplum exception. The way it flows feels billowy rather than dumpy and with a statement necklace I would argue the look is positively chic.


It probably isn’t necessary to declare the loveliness of distressed black denim. For whatever reason I avoided all black denim (destroyed or not) for years. In February I finally purchased my first pair of black high waisted jeans and I am a changed woman! I worried when I impulsively picked up this Madewell pair that I couldn’t justify two black denim purchases in a matter of months (I don’t buy denim often) but I’ve already forgiven myself for the purchase. The distressed denim is perfect for a night out or an edgy date look, while the high waisted pair feels put together enough for a casual office look. Both black denim pieces are wardrobe staples now. I don’t know how I ever lived without black denim!

Next purchase…I obviously need a pair of black denim shorts (like these ones) for the warm summer weather! This afternoon I am headed to Napa Valley to spend a few glorious days in the sunshine with my family down there. I cannot wait to squeeze my baby brother and force him to go on bike rides with me. Yay for being a big sister, hehe.

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Where to find Happiness

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was filled with adventure! Jordan and I had an amazing hike with my best friend and her boyfriend on Saturday and on Sunday I was lucky enough to spend the day at the zoo with my Mom and brother. I’m sad to say goodbye to such a lovely weekend but oh so excited for the week ahead.


Off the Shoulder Top: Madewell | Shorts: Forever 21 (similar) | Heels: Nine West (similar) (love these)

“I’m beginning to think that you don’t find happiness from living your life looking ahead or back…that you find it when you look around” -Taylor Swift


The past few weeks I’ve realized I’ve been placing so much emphasis on future plans and ambitions to provide me with happiness and fulfillment. Sometimes it can feel like I’m always planning, always setting goals and never appreciating the goals I achieved or the plans that are unfolding in front of me. It’s like the child on Christmas morning that is already dreading the wait until Christmas next year instead of enjoying the moment. I fall into the trap of being that child.kick-up-your-heels

Browsing Pinterest last night I stumbled across the Taylor Swift quote mentioned above and it resonated with me. What reason do I have not to be happy now? To be fair, it’s not like I am depressed but I don’t always take time to appreciate all of the wonderful reasons I have to be overflowing with happiness. I don’t need to wait for a higher paycheck, a new pair of flats, a vacation or external validation. Shouldn’t we all enjoy the adventure now?


One of the happiest periods of time I can remember is my freshman year of college. I was so carefree and focused entirely on the moment while still working hard investing in my future. I didn’t have constant anxiety about the next five years because I was so wrapped up in the sensory experience of the present that I just didn’t have the time to fret.

I definitely don’t wish I could go back to being a college freshman. I’ve learned so much since that time, my confidence has grown and new relationships have emerged. I don’t want to be an undergraduate anymore but I do think adopting the same sense of awe and adventure I had as an 18 year old flying from the nest for the first time is a noble idea.


These earrings are from my Rocksbox set this month, use code “fairyprincessjordxoxo” for a free month (:

Though this phase in my life isn’t defined by a set of specific societally outlined experiences (living in a dorm, tasting my first sip of alcohol, ordering pizza at midnight, cramming for finals, etc). it doesn’t mean adventure and happiness are not out there. Why can’t every year be approached with the same doe eyed exuberance and willingness to experience life for all of the newness it has to offer. Life never fails to surprise me with obstacles (and blessings) I never saw coming. I’ve realized embracing the beautifully chaotic adventure that is life is half of the happiness journey.


How do you remind yourself to stay present in a moment? Do you find yourself happier this way?

What’s your Bag of the Season?

I can never decide whether I love shoes or bags more. Truth be told, if I see one of either that I love my bank account is in serious trouble. While I truly love bags for every season, spring and summer are especially exciting because of all the playful, bright, punchy options available.

On my trip to Paris I was on the hunt for the perfect blush bucket bag. I wanted a designer I couldn’t find in the U.S. (although basically every thing can be ordered online) and I did find a bag it just wasn’t THE bag so I came home blush bagless. Handbags are still on my mind though, aren’t they always? Doing a little “if I won the lottery what would I buy” online shopping I stumbled across a handful of super cute bags for spring. I am seriously in love with all of them. As of right now I won’t be making a purchase anytime soon but that doesn’t mean I can’t live vicariously through you!


I was window shopping in Madewell when I stumbled across this gorgeous Lafayette bucket bag. I immediately wanted to purchase it for myself but then remembered Mother’s day is coming up. My Mom has great boho inspired style and I thought this bag would be perfect for her. I’m looking forward to her opening it up this weekend. I hope she likes it!

No one can compete with Kate Spade when it comes to creating delightfully playful and whimsical pieces. I just about died when I stumbled across this wicker tea pot handbag. I have a serious obsession with tea parties and this bag is straight out of a fairytale. Spring and summer call for long weekend getaways and this weekender is in one of my all time favorite Kate Spade prints. I swear by my daisy print Vera Bradley (and the thought of giving it up almost makes me tear up) BUT this Kate Spade Kennedy Park weekender would be a fabulous replacement!

I’ver personally never owned a Rebecca Minkoff bag but I love the effortless “cool girl” vibe her pieces seem to radiate. I love this structured staple in a spring-y hue like lilac. Add the lilac Regan satchel to my bag collection ASAP.

My Sophia Webster obsession definitely started with her gorgeous butterfly heels but quickly spread to everything she creates. Sophia Webster designs for happy, fashionable girls that are seemingly in love with life. This mini Claudie is the softest shade of baby blue with the most adorable rose gold flamingos. It’s such a fun summer statement!

Tory Burch has been my favorite affordable luxury handbag designer for a few years now. I can’t browse the Tory Burch website without mentally spending a few thousand dollars on purses and shoes. This season I have fallen head over heels in love with the Thea Medium Slouchy satchel in “sweet melon”. It’s a great everyday bag as it is professional enough for the office but sweet enough for a girls’ night or brunching in your most precious sundress.


Are you as bag obsessed as I am? Do you have your eye on a specific bag this season?


What a day for a Daydream


This weekend felt like a complete sunshine filled dream. Jordan and I took a sporadic trip to visit a friend of his in Portland on Friday night and returned late Saturday evening. Though most of Sunday was filled with work and errands I couldn’t help but feel elated in the sunshine. We stopped by Pike Place and Alki Beach for a few treats. I am such a sunshine-lover, my whole life can be falling apart but if the weather is wonderful it really doesn’t phase me (not sure if this is a good thing…). On the flip side, if it’s gray and rainy or worse yet, cold, it doesn’t take much to put me in a funk. Hopefully the Seattle sunshine is here to stay!



Sweater: Target | Romper: (similar) (similar) | Wedges: Kate Spade (similar)

Daisies are one of my all time favorite simple pleasures. Store bought daisies aren’t necessarily my flower of choice however when I see daisies growing wild on the side of the highway my heart does cartwheels. Fields of daisies, flower crowns and handpicked daisies will forever pull on my heart strings. I own so many daisy inspired pieces from jewelry to dishes to this cute romper I found at a boutique in Astoria, Oregon a few weeks back. I am just a daisy girl!


I love this necklace from my most recent Rocksbox shipment. Use code ‘fairyprincessjordxoxo’ to try a free month for free <3

Day dreaming in the sunshine is my pastime of choice and a carefree romper is my outfit of choice for whimsical days outdoors. This morning I plan on lounging in the sun (perhaps a field of daisies) and reading a book before really I start my day. I know most people despise waking up earlier than they absolutely have to but I highly recommend making time each morning for a relaxing activity like reading, writing or reflecting. Even just fifteen minutes of a calming, introspective activity helps to set the mood for my entire day. Better yet, set aside fifteen minutes to get some fresh air, a walk outside or eating breakfast on the patio is such a refreshing way to embrace the start of a new day. Hooray for ultimate productivity and positivity!


In other news, Jordan and I just picked up a juicer. After a bit of online research we opted for the a Breville masticating model. Juicing expert I am not, I basically just know that I love pulp…do you have any juicing tips or recipes? I can’t wait to experiment a bit and discover a few fruit and vegetable combinations I love. Fresh squeezed juice is delicious!


I would love to hear about your weekend adventures? What is your go-to outfit for romping around?

Steal these Paris Style Staples

Parisians are known for their effortlessly cool style. Before leaving for my trip I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous to dress for life in one of the world’s most stylish cities. Seattle is known for just the opposite, and in fact has a reputation of being less than fashion forward. While I certainly know a few fashionistas in my home city, I was still crossing my fingers hoping I wouldn’t be scoffed at when I stepped of my plane at Charles de Gaugh. In the homeland of Chanel, Chloe and Isabel Marant I spotted a few style elements time after time.

One| Cool Sneakers with Everything

Athleisure is everywhere and Paris is not excluded. On the Metro, at the tables of street cafes and pounding the pavement on the chic streets of Saint Germain, sneakers were on everyone! Classic green and white Adidas were by far the most prevalent, while Adidas are worn in the U.S. I have to believe every Parisian owned at least a pair or two. Adidas weren’t the only fashionable sneaks to be paired with non-athletic looks. New Balance, Nike and Converse were common as well. After a few days of walking in cheap Target flats my feet were dying. I bought into the trend and picked up my own pair of “Stan Smith” (I had to ask the sales associate who he was, oops) white and green Adidas to pair with everything and anything. My feet were grateful!

Two| Chic Leather Jackets

Parisians are often depicted with a classic leather jacket and a cigarette, the caricature couldn’t have been closer to the truth! Toddlers dawned mini leather jackets as they scootered down the sidewalk, Mothers wore chic leather jackets and booties pushing their strollers over cobblestone, college students rolled cigarettes in leather moto-jackets on the subway and cute Parisian boys threw on their leather jackets for everything from the museum to happy hour to the mall. I was glad I packed my favorite leather jacket and found new inspiration for pairing the staple piece with basically everything. Adidas and a leather jacket are a definite Parisian go-to!

Oh and if a leather jacket wasn’t worn a classic camel trench was surely adorning the wearer (note to self: take my trench coat to the dry cleaner…)

Three| When in doubt…Add a Scarf

Silk, cotton and wool scarves were found in abundance on the streets of Paris. Though it is the end of April, my trip to Paris was shockingly cold (colder than Seattle at this time of year) and a scarf was actually necessary for breezy mornings and chilly evenings. Almost every Parisian wore some sort of scarf whether decorative or practical, it was as if there were some sort of consensus that it were a sin to leave your flat without the neck ornament. Not generally a huge scarf person myself (with the exception of blanket scarves in the winter) I loved spotting all of the men wearing scarves. While men in Seattle occasionally wear scarves in the winter I never see Seattle men in light weight scarves for Spring. As always, Parisian men were ahead of the trend with scarves of every color and texture. Women added scarves with poms or tassels to stay trendy with the wardrobe staple.

Four| Minimal Makeup is a Must

One thing I never saw was a Parisian woman with caked on makeup, rather, all of the women looked fresh faced and minimalistic. While I am certain many of the women were wearing makeup they opted for natural looks perhaps with a lip color that popped or stroke of winged eyeliner. As someone who is a little challenged when it comes to applying makeup I can definitely get on board with the light natural looking faces of Paris.

Five| Half up Top-Knots look Effortless

While I personally tried the half-bun and hated how it looked on me, I love the hair trend on basically everyone else. To parallel minimalistic makeup looks it only makes sense that young women in Paris adored this casual hairstyle. My cousin Genevieve bravely rocked the trend and looked right at home in Paris with the look. I definitely recommend trying the style even if you ultimately decide it isn’t the best look on you (as I did). You never know, the half-bun could be your new favorite lazy day hairstyle.


I opted to add my own twist on Parisian style. I’ve always loved the boho embroidered styles of Isabel Marant and love pieces that feel free spirited and nature inspired. For a day touring the museum of Decorating and Textiles I turned to this top from ShopJoyworks and online boutique from my home state. With skinny jeans, my favorite olive jacket and a new pair of white Adidas I felt at home in my personal style with just a touch of Paris thrown into my look. I can’t wait to pair the Aztec embroidered top with a pair of cut off denim shorts for a boho inspired summer look when the weather warms up a bit more.

ShopJoyworks has so many adorable pieces for Spring and Summer. This bell-sleeved off the shoulder top is so trendy for this season and I love the Denim Button Down dress for casual work environments or weekend wear. When I recoup a bit of shopping money after a bit of shopping in Paris I definitely plan on adding a few more ShopJoyworks pieces to my wardrobe.


I know there is no way I noticed all of the fun trends or styles in Paris but I had so much fun people watching. One of the biggest differences I noticed stylistically had to be the Parisian mens’ style. While Jordan is very stylish (see post: my boyfriend is more stylish than me) I think most men in the U.S. are pretty sloppy. The same can not be said for french men! While some men are certainly more fashion forward than others you’ll have a difficult time finding a man in ill fitting jeans and a sports tee (thank god). Parisian men embrace scarves, fitted denim, leather jackets and stylish bags. Men in Paris seemingly take more pride in their appearance, North American men could take a serious hint (wink, wink)!

Now that I’m back on American soil I hope to incorporate pieces of Parisian inspiration into my daily style. Have you noticed any fashion trends while traveling that you have incorporated into your wardrobe sense? What do you consider a “style staple” in your neighborhood or region?


P.S. I created  a survey on fashion for a paper I’m writing, I need as many responses as possible and I would love for you to fill it out if you have the time (you can take the quick survey here). Thank you thank you thank you!

What I Wore: April

By the time you’re reading this I’ll be clearing security and boarding my 10+ hour flight to the city of love. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to have a picnic next to the Eiffel Tower, saunter leisurely through the Louvre and eat croissants and macaroons like carbs aren’t even a thing. Part of me feels like I’ve been waiting forever to say Bonjour to Paris while another piece of me can’t believe I’m really setting out on this fairytale expedition. As if castles and cobblestone streets and Saint Germain weren’t enough to excite me, I am reuniting with my favorite cousin in the world to spend 9 glorious days together. On the inside I am jumping for joy!

I plan to post a few times while I’m in Paris, but want to spend the majority of my time away from my laptop and soaking up the magic and romance of a new city. I’m certain I’ll be recapping my adventure when I return to Seattle but for sneak peeks of my adventures you can follow me on Instagram (@fairyprincessjord) and SnapChat (fairyprincessj).

In January I started a simple series sharing my day to day looks for the month. Today I want to share a few of my go to looks for April so far.


Left: Dress| Free People Boots| Stuart Weitzman

Right: Dress| Lilly Pulitzer Flats| Kate Spade

What I wore-april

Left: Blouse| Lauren Conrad Skirt| Brandy Melville Flats| Nine West

Right: Blouse| Lush Pants| Lauren Conrad Flats| Lauren Conrad


Left (sorry for the dark photo): Dress| Doe & Arrow Boots| Stuart Weitzman

Right: Earrings| Kendra Scott (Rocksbox) Necklace| Rocksbox Dress| Nordstrom Wedges| Tory Burch


Left: Vest| Lauren Conrad Top| J.Crew Denim| Madewell Wedges|Tory Burch

Right: Top| Lauren Conrad Pants| Lauren Conrad Flats| Nine West


Left: Dress| Lauren Conrad Purse| See by Chloe

Right: Vest| Lauren Conrad Top| Target Denim| Henry & Belle Flats| Lauren Conrad

Looking at April what have I noticed…? Apparently I wear a crazy amount of clothing from Lauren Conrad’s collection at Kohl’s! To be honest I rarely ever go to Kohl’s but I have a guilty pleasure of reading Lauren Conrad’s blog. Whenever she links to her new collections I buy a piece or two!

Happy Friday! I’d love to hear about your weekend plans, I’m sure I won’t be able to sleep on my long flight so I would love to have your comments to keep me company.

Style Icon: Taylor Swift

Among my friends it’s well known that I am a little bit obsessed with Taylor Swift. Not only does her music resonate with me but I genuinely believe she is a good human. Understandably my love for Taylor could be perceived as crazy (seeing as how I only know the marketed version of her and not necessarily the “real her”) but I truly believe Taylor Swift is human sunshine. Music career aside, I often turn to Taylor Swift for style inspiration.

If 2015 was the year of Taylor Swift, the starlet doesn’t seem to be loosing momentum as she graces magazine covers and tabloid headlines in 2016. Initially known for her long curly blonde hair and prom-like stage style, Taylor Swift’s personal style has evolved along with her music. Both on the stage and on the streets of New York Swift can be found in her signature crop top and mini skirt helping to popularize the trend among teens and twenty-somethings.

Accentuating her natural beauty Swift often opts for natural looking makeup with a simple cat-eye and red lipstick that pops. Taylor’s red lips have become a trademark in her signature style and the singer has even been caught by paparazzi wearing her red lipstick jogging in central park. Taylor herself has likened her taste in beauty to classic hollywood stars of the 1920s and 1930s. The glamorous beauty look transcends from stage to street and Taylor is more often caught with a swipe of red lipstick than without.taylor-swift-street-style

Taylor’s day to day street wear includes skater skirts in every color and texture, matching crop tops and sweaters, neutral heels and structured handbags. Seen in attainable pieces from Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville and Free People, Taylor markets herself as an ordinary girl that has overcome adversity like bullying and “mean girls”. Don’t be mistaken though, like Taylor Swift’s reputation, her wardrobe is that of a superstar too! She’s often seen with the latest from Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Ellie Saab and Oscar De La Renta. Though Taylor is quoted saying she “wouldn’t describe herself as a style icon” it’s easy to see why women would attempt to emulate her looks for their own playful and feminine day to day wear. Taylor’s style has been described as both sweet and flirty, it’s no wonder her taste has influenced more than just her 72 million plus fans!


As Taylor has progressed from teenage country singer to international pop star she’s started taking more fashion risks on stage as well as on the red carpet. Sporting a Balmain white jumpsuit with sexy side cut outs to the 2015 Billboard music awards, Nastygal reportedly sold out of a similar jumpsuit after Taylor appeared in the Balmain piece. For the 2015 Video Music Awards Taylor chose a glittery urban inspired look with a matching crop and pant set by Ashish. A tasteful glimpse of skin has never intimidated Swift as demonstrated in her recent orange and hot pink gown seen at the Grammy Awards. The full magenta skirt featured thigh high slits showcasing Taylor’s long legs and fabulous taste in shoes. The bandeau top felt sexy enough for a pop singer but mature enough for a seasoned pro that has received as many accolades as Swift has over her career. Bonus points for standing up to Kanye a real life Hollywood bully!


On the stage for her 1989 world tour Taylor dawns sparkling mini skirts and coordinated jackets, a fringed bodysuit, and a sheer full bodysuit. Though these glamorous stage looks scream “international pop star” though it’s easy to see the influence of her toned down personal style through her over the top stage apparel. From street to stage Taylor Swift has proven herself not just as a musician but as an international pop culture style icon.

Steal Taylor’s Look:

What do you think of Taylor’s style? Do you have any favorite pop culture style icons?

More than Pretty

coffee-shop-seattleAll the way back in October I remember getting ready for a Halloween dinner party with a friend. As we danced to Taylor Swift we glued on fake eyelashes, plastered on black lipstick and other festive makeup. She looked in the mirror looking positively ferocious and frowned. She lamented that she didn’t think her boyfriend would think she looked pretty. Without much restraint I snapped back “It’s Halloween, not everything is about looking pretty“. I immediately regretted how harsh I’d sounded, relieved when my friend laughed it off I held onto her comment for the remainder of the evening.


Clearly Halloween is long gone, and I’m not quite psycho enough to cling to a single comment for so many months. However, the deeper meaning behind the sentiment stayed with me as I interacted with friends and strangers for the months to come. Though I adore makeup and clothing and dressing up, it bothers me that beauty must be emphasized above all else. Don’t get me wrong, I lap up superficial compliments, I love when my boyfriend tells me I’m beautiful, but I can’t live constantly seeking validation from him that I’m pretty. Somedays I’m going to wear costume-y makeup and it’s okay that it doesn’t make me look pretty. Somedays I’m going to wear sweatpants and have greasy hair and on those days I’m not worried about being pretty. Sometimes other portions of the world surpass beauty on the scale of what is important. If a boyfriend (or anyone else) can’t understand that beauty isn’t always my top priority I find that a serious problem.


I went on a few dates with a nice guy I met on the internet. Prior to our first date he downloaded “1989” and listened to it to prepare, on our second date he made fresh squeezed orange juice for mimosas and on our third date we painted pottery and flipped through an old psychology book he’d found in a used bookstore, on the fourth date he told me he thought I was beautiful. What stood out to me about this guy was how much effort he placed on knowing me and my mind before he ever attempted to swoon me with praises regarding my looks. “I wanted to have an intellectual connection with you before I said this, but I want you to know I think you’re really beautiful” he remarked. I was swooning, and practically handing him my heart until I met Jordan and I slow faded out on the nice man from the internet (not my proudest moment, but casual dating is awkward right?).

I admired this guy not because he called me beautiful, most guys trying to get you to have a “sleep over” with them are going to call you beautiful at some point, but because he placed so much emphasis on everything else before placing emphasis on beauty. He wanted to discuss psychology and creative outlets and our mutual dislike of team sports before focusing on ooh-ing and aww-ing over each other. He wanted an intellectual connection with me because “pretty” is easy to come by.

white-denim-lookI’m certainly not advocating that attraction isn’t important. I don’t want to belittle beauty or anyone’s desire to feel beautiful but shouldn’t we demand someone who calls for us to be more than pretty? I’ve actually ended relationships in the past because I felt like I was expected to be a pretty bubbly bobble head and nothing more. When you share such a close emotional intimacy with someone it seems like a disservice to yourself to allow that person to view you as a creature only meant to be pretty.

Somedays I won’t be pretty. After a tough workout I’ll be sweaty and red faced and strong. After a night filled with sorrow and tears my eyes will be puffy, my skin will be blotchy and I’ll be filled with emotion, I’ll be vulnerable and raw. When it’s Halloween I might cake on black lipstick and weird eyeliner and sparkly eyebrows and fake blood, and I’ll be creative and silly. When I’m laughing so hard my abs hurt, my nose will scrunch up a little, my mouth will open a little too wide, my cheeks with wrinkle a smidge and I’ll look slightly like a hamster, I’ll be joy filled and elated but I won’t necessarily be pretty. Life isn’t always about being pretty. We are so much more than pretty.


One of my favorite looks for running errands is a pair of white denim, a button up (bonus points for Chambray) and a cute pair of lace up sneakers. Purse: See by Chloe | Chambray: Target | Denim: Madewell | Sneakers: Target (similar)

My intention is not to undermine our attempts to feel pretty. Feeling pretty can be incredibly empowering whether you’re getting dressed up for yourself, for an event or for someone else. I savor any excuse to buy a new dress and have my makeup done at Sephora. Bring on the manicures and pretty high heels and beachy Victoria’s Secret waves but don’t let me place my value in something so trite.

Let’s give our boyfriends the chance to see us as more than air brushed barbie dolls, because chances are if he is a person you love he’ll still love you with under eye circles and blemishes. More importantly let’s give ourselves a little more self worth. Your story, your mind, your passions, and your sense of humor all mean just as much (if not more) than your beauty. Being pretty is just a piece of you, you’re more than pretty!