My Green Velvet Sofa Obsession

We’ve almost made it through the week guys! Thanks for those of you who joined in on the fun Tuesday and amused me by joining in on my “Apartment Hunting” game. As many of you guessed, we chose the Lakeview Loft! I just want to clarify that the photos I used in yesterday’s post are not photos of any of the actual apartments I looked at-I chose to use faux photos for a number of reasons but primarily for my own safety and privacy. I will be sure to post my own photos when we move in (: I am so ready for our move, our new place is in one of my favorite neighborhoods and borders another neighborhood I love. There are lots of cute restaurants, boutiques, vintage shops, parks and local art. Though I can’t walk to work (the dream) I actually like the neighborhood of our new place better than any of he neighborhoods close to my work place so it’s still a win in my eyes!

Oh what wouldn’t I do for a green velvet sofa? After spotting a green velvet piece in Domino magazine a few years back I’ve been obsessed with emerald and kelly green living room inspiration. I added touches of live greenery and kelly green accents to my current apartment while lusting over the pieces that are unattainable to me (Anthropologie green velvet sofa I’m looking at you). I love the idea of a living space loosely based off of a conservatory. If I were a millionaire I would have the best time decorating and I swear I’d have the most lovely whimsical bohemian abode. Don’t we all swear we have the best taste if only we had the finances to subsidize our desires? I guess real decorating talent comes from creating a lovely space without the unlimited budget.

When I see those couches my heart hurts and longs and yearns. Sunday evening I sat beside Jordan as he typed up a few contracts for work and I play shopped on the Anthro website. I confessed my desire for the furniture was causing my heart to skip a beat when I looked at the images and imagined them in our place. Unable to take me seriously Jordan rolled his eyes and told me I was being dramatic. I can’t be the only one who KNOWS (without a doubt) that a green velvet couch would complete her life (or at least her home)!

Without further dramatization here are a few of the pieces that are inspiring me, if I can’t have them I can at least save them to look at and remember forever:

One| Inviting Doormat-The doormat is often the first statement to visitors, this one is oh so charming!

Two| Statement Couch- Truth be told I like our current couch from IKEA but Jordan cannot stand it. Emerald green velvet feels luxurious and makes a statement without becoming too overwhelming in a room of neutrals. I think this sofa blends Jordan’s taste with my obsession.

Three| Sturdy Stylized Bookshelves- My current bookshelf (bought for under $40 on Amazon) is warping under the weight of all of my books. After two years of my shoddy workmanship it’s time to retire the shelf in favor of something more chic (and long lasting). I’ll take two of these pretty gold pieces please!

Four| Vintage Turkish Rug- While it’s true this beautiful rug would make a colorful statement in any room it’s a bit of a splurge. I love this option on Etsy for a fraction of the price.

Five| Living Edge Dining Room Table- Jordan plans to make us our own living edge table which will be really special but I love the look of this alternative.

Six| Functional Nightstands- I’m freaking out because our bedroom at the new place will actually be large enough for a night stand #luxury. If I could choose I would opt for a statement piece that looks lovely all on its own. This piece from Anthropologie would feel so dreamy beside my bed.


Truly, the most difficult part is blending my whimsical taste with Jordan’s modern style (but seriously do any guys like styles other than “ultra modern”?) I personally find most modern decorating fairly uninspiring though there are gifted decorators who are able to pull together beautiful modern spaces. For now I’m left packing boxes by day and dreaming of green velvet by night.

Interior Design Updates

Though the interior decorating process has slowed down as I’ve adjusted to life in my new apartment I am still working towards creating a beautiful space to live. I want the space to represent Jordan and I while still feeling styled and clean. I haven’t written about the interior design process in a few weeks and want to get back in the habit of posting about decorating regularly. I’ve always found decorating enjoyable but until recently I never lived in spaces that allowed me any more than my bedroom to adorn.

I haven’t made any major changes to my apartment since my last updates but I’ve been adding little details here and there (and probably will be for a long time).

Little Updates:

1. Gallery Wall

2. Styled Bookcase


Bookcase: South Shore Axess via Amazon|Pink Boxes: Ikea | Flamingo Purse: Kate Spade | Green Flower Pot: Anthropologie |Green Mirror: Ikea (spray painted)

3. Outdoor Lilly Hammock


Hammock: Lilly for Target (sold out, available on ebay here)

4. Office Organization


File Folders: Ban.Do

I’m still working on styling our bedroom (for some reason it’s such a challenge for me) as well as styling the bathroom and kitchen (they’re so boring right now!), as always if you have any interior decorating tips or go-to blogs on design I am SO interested.

 Shifting gears I had the opportunity to interview the sweetest blogger, Kimberly, regarding her life and blog. I met Kimberly via Instagram (check out her insta here) during the #JadoreJune challenge and she was such a sweetie she instantly became a girl I wanted to get to know better.

1) Introduce yourself & your blog pretty please (:

Hello! My name is Kimberly, most people I know call me Kim with the exception of my dad! Always been a daddy’s girl! I am very much a girly girl with a love of nail polish, makeup and everything that falls in between. My blog’s name is Kimberly Ann: A Blog about Fashion, Beauty and Life! At first I struggled with a blog name but then I realized I need to make it about the things that I love and it instantly came to me. The blog talks about beauty finds, fashion trends and the occasional ootd’s, as well as posts on cooking, which is another one of my passions. It also features “real” things that I may be going through, good or bad, that I feel could help others as well as myself.
2) Where do you find inspiration for your blog? Do you have a vision for the future of your blog?

Honestly, my inspiration comes from fellow bloggers and my own interests. I have browsed through many sites and have found that some people love and experience the same kind of things that I do! Knowing that I was able to share my own ideas and adventures in my own unique way. In the future, I hope my blog becomes a place where readers feel inspired and are generally happy after visiting my site. I want to offer readers a space where they can escape  from the realities of the world and just relax and enjoy something different.

3) What are some of your favorite blogs to read (& why of course)?

  1. SweetCheeks– This is actually my sister’s blog and I love it because she provides a different perspective because she is a mom. Her blog has such a positive, loving way about it and I am thankful that she has an outlet to go to amongst her busy life!
  2. The Northeast Girl  I actually starting following Maureen a long time ago but I simply love her blog because of the fashion. She has an amazing sense of style and it is just engaging from the moment you go to her site.
  3. And of course, The Fairy Princess Diaries I am so happy to have been able to meet Jordyn via Instagram but once I visited her blog I just had a whole new respect for her as a blogger. Her site is simply perfect! It offers the perfect balance of everything  you would want to see in a blog, it simply adds sunshine to my day every time I read it!

4) Outside of blogging what do like to do for fun? What would others be surprised to learn about you?

I have always enjoyed photography and I don’t think there is a day that I am not snapping pictures of something. I simply enjoy capturing moments that are in my life  because it allows me to look back and remember the memory. I also enjoy taking the un-planned pictures that don’t have a purpose per se, but stand out in other ways. Honestly, the thing that most people can’t believe when I tell them is my age. I am actually 35 years old!
5) What do you love about yourself? 

I love how I think about others and I try to go out of my way to make someone feel loved or cared for.

6) What is it that you believe makes life magical and enchanting?

Being loved by someone! I honestly couldn’t see my life without the love of my husband and family. They truly are my biggest supporters and I know they will always have my back, no matter what I may be going through. Knowing that, makes me feel like the most loved person in the world. That to me, makes life magical!


Make sure you pop over and say “hello” to Kimberly! I don’t know about you but I always love discovering new bloggers. Be sure to share the link to your blog (if you have one) in the comment section so I can check it out. Let’s get to know each other a little better okay? (:

20 Interior Decor Finds

As you’ve probably realized I have been a teeny tiny bit obsessed with interior design over the past few months. For the first time in my entire life I have a space I am so excited to decorate so I’ve been spending a large portion of my free time attempting to make my mark. Decorating is a long (and expensive) process though, despite my best efforts I won’t be finished any time soon (though I did order a few pieces last night from Etsy & One Kings Lane and I am eager for them to arrive). I thought I would share a few of my favorite decor finds from around the web. Some items may be making their way into my home, others don’t fit the aesthetic but are still lovely pieces for anyone else looking to decorate!

home decor collage

1. A geometric inspired Hexagon Side Table via Urban Outfitters

2. Forever lusting over this adorable Brass Bunny lamp via Pottery Barn Teen

3. A peppy Kleenex cover via Design Darling

4. Painted Globe via Etsy (SO many pretty options available)!

5. Absolutely gorgeous Agnate Bookends via One Kings Lane

6. Globe Mobile via One Kings Lane (Are you getting the sense I like globes?)

7.Wood Shelf via Anthropologie


decor collage 2

8. This sweet Bistro Dining Table via Urban Outfitters

9. I’ve loved this statement Tahla Quilt for forever via Anthropologie

10. This Waterblooms rug  belongs in my living room ASAP! via Anthropologie

11. Mirrored Trays (Trendy + Pretty) via West Elm

12 . This Fox rug is so charming via Anthropologie


And the following pieces (not pictured) are great for sprucing up any apartment as well:

13. This Minted Frenchie art piece via West Elm

14. A very boho-esque Ivory Karma Pouf via Target

15. A pretty & practical Navy & White Storage Basket via H&M

16. A cheeky “Eat Cake for Breakfast” apron via Kate Spade

17. This colorful Seattle map print (there are lots of other cities featured too!) via Evelyn Henson

18. Peony Bubble Vase via One Kings Lane (Cheaper than constantly restocking on fresh peonies)

19. The “All I Care About is Pasta print” describes my philosophy on life via The Preppy Print Shop

20. Last but certainly not least this pretty pretty princess Unicorn Head via Etsy (I may have just convinced Jordan our living room NEEDS it!)


Where do you buy decorative items for your place (without spending a fortune)? I’m on the lookout for more pieces!

P.S. Thank you to everyone who has participated in #JadoreJune so far! It’s been a great first couple of days and I think I speak for Kristin and I when I say we are completely loving your photos. Thanks so much for joining the fun and for those of you who haven’t yet joined…it isn’t too late! As with any party it’s better to arrive late than never (#FashionablyLate). For all prompts check out this post!

Bedroom Inspiration


Admittedly our bedroom has been the most difficult room in our apartment for me to decorate thus far. While I don’t want to leave the walls bare I worry about a room that appears too stylized. I want a room that appears interesting yet mellow and cozy yet de-cluttered. Since I’m not an interior design expert I’ve been really trying to decorate the room slowly as not to go overboard with photos and frames (sorority house vibes are not what I’m going for). I shared yesterday that one of my goals for June is to “finish” (I say “finish” lightly because I don’t believe a room ever feels fully finished) decorating our bedroom so I thought I would share where the room is at now as well as my vision for its completion.




Elements I would like to incorporate:

Twinkle Lights: I’ve always loved the twinkly fairy lights that people hang up around Christmas (and throughout the year). Not only do they add light but they instantly make any space feel warmer and cozier. I think these little shimmery lights look perfect wrapped around the top of the bed canopy. They give the room a romantic and whimsical vibe without looking overly girly. I’m using these ones from Urban Outfitters.

Tulle: There’s no denying that I’m a total girly girl. I love tulle canopies and have really grown accustomed to waking up beneath one. When I moved in with Jordan I was willing to compromise (believe it or not) and I told him we really didn’t have to hang my canopy if it felt to childish or feminine. Luckily he said he liked it so I didn’t have to say goodbye to the most fairytale-esque portion of my bedroom. I love four poster canopies, to me, they seem a bit more grown up than the circle canopies most little girls have as they are a bit more structured and easier to tie back. Nothing feels more luxe than waking up in a comfy-cozy bed and watching the sunlight illuminate the tulle surrounding you #PrincessVibes.

Black & White Photography: Since I want to display a few photos in our bedroom but want to maintain a sleepy and serene environment I thought it would be nice to display all (or at least most) photos in black and white. I love color just as much as the next girl but I think there is something lovely and understated about black and white photography. I can’t wait to go through photos and print a few of my favorite memories in black and white to display on my dresser and bedroom walls.

White and shades of Blue: Without my consent blue was automatically part of the color scheme of our bedroom. The room was already painted several shades of blue and there wasn’t much we could do to change it without repainting. I decided to embrace blue as part of the room’s color scheme since it is such a naturally calming palette. I love incorporating different shades of the same color so the room feels planned but not overly forced. White is bright and neutral so I chose a ruffly white bedspread despite the difficulty I’ve had keeping it clean (yay for bleach).  Though our bed frame is dark I opted for white dressers and a white mirror to keep the room feeling airy and bright despite limited natural light (ugh). Overall I’m loving the color combination and have found my bedroom extraordinarily restful-I can’t help but feel calm and cozy when I’m in there!

Elements of Nature: I am so inspired by nature-flowers, trees, water, blue skies, insects…all of it! Though Seattle is a very green city there is still more cement than green grass. I find nature so aesthetically pleasing and serene I like to incorporate it into my home in as many places as possible. Since my living room is SO nature themed (conservatory) I am hoping to incorporate different elements of nature into the bedroom so it doesn’t feel matchy-matchy! It’s a small apartment but I don’t want every room to feel the same, I want each room to have its own distinct personality while still representing Jordan and I.

Poetry: I adore writing (obviously) but have had a difficult time displaying my love of writing into my interior decorating process. I have a few favorite poems I thought might look nice typed out on a typewriter, printed and displayed in a frame on the wall. A framed poem maintains the soft and understated look I’m going for in the bedroom but also subtly displays my love of reading and writing. What do you think? Do you have in poem suggestions for me?


My biggest goal for the room is to maintain the soft and intimate vibe of bedroom while still displaying beautiful pieces that add a bit of character and interest. How is your bedroom decorated? Did you have a vision all along or did it come together slowly over time? Do you have a specific mood or theme for the room or is it a reflection of everything you love? I’d love to hear about your bedroom as well as your tips for decorating!

Interior Design: Walk In Closet/Office Progress





I can’t play interior designer without a decorative tray to place my clutter on can I?!





Jordan’s shoe area looks like a shoe store, it cracks me up!


The long weekend called for more unpacking and decorating (of course)! Last weekend we focused primarily on the living room and this weekend we shifted our energy to the two bedrooms. Our apartment has two bedrooms and we decided to convert the larger room into a walk-in-closet/office and keep the focus of the smaller room as a cozy and serene little space for sleeping. Jordan and I both love clothes and shoes so teeny-tiny apartment closets wouldn’t really work for us to share (unless we wanted to rip out each other’s hair!).

Now that the basic structure of the room is in place and we have been able to organize our clothes/shoes and my purses/jewelry I can focus on decorating a bit. For me the biggest challenge in this room is adding bits of decorations and art without going too crazy and creating a space that is overly cluttered. My first apartment was so covered in photos, there wasn’t any wall space. It looked SO busy! Since so much of the space  of this room exposes shoes/bags/jewelry I don’t want to go overboard with the decorating but still see the room as too plain as is. I’m daydreaming about a nice accent rug in the middle of the room and already have a few prints from The Preppy Print Shop framed and ready to hang as soon as my creative assistant is willing to assist me (;

Hopefully these short weekly apartment updates aren’t boring you guys too much. Tracking my weekly decorating process is really inspiring me to keep going and I love being able to see my progress along the way. I can’t even express how happy I am that this “closet” is no longer just a room filled with boxes and pretty wallpaper. I have already really enjoyed getting ready in here and I can see myself studying and doing homework in this room when I start grad school in June.

If you have any decorating tips please share! I’m loving learning bits and pieces about interior design and want as many tips as I can get.

I hope your Memorial weekend was refreshing & relaxing!