A Divalicious 25th

Posing with the performers, can you guess who some of the drag queens were impersonating?

Over the weekend I celebrated my 25th birthday among family and friends. My Mom kindly took the reins and planned dinner at an Italian restaurant before a drag show in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. I arrived at Julia’s prepared for an evening of fun. A few years ago I attended a really great drag show in San Francisco. I thought there was no way a show here in Seattle could be on the same level as the show I saw in San Fran (I don’t know where my doubt came from) but the performers at Julia’s completely surpassed my expectations. There were sparkles and backup dancers and divalicious sets…I was thoroughly impressed!

My Mom & I at dinner.


As it was my birthday the host did her best to include me in the wild rumpus. Before the show started I was called up to the front and given a cake I can only describe as “drag-tastic” (& certainly inappropriate for a professional setting) I was forced to place said cake in my mouth in front of everyone (including my uncle and step dad). Maybe you’re picking up what I’m throwing down…maybe you’re not, either way I have vehemently forbidden anyone in attendance from publishing said video on social media so you’ll have to just believe me when I say my discomfort was apparent. I was, however, happy I had gone with the cute but painful heels. If I had to behave awkwardly in front of a crowd the least I could do for myself would be to look cute.

Mattie was my first ever best friend in elementary school. I had not seen her in years and was so excited she and my friend Alexa surprised me at the show!

The divas performing at Julia’s were incredibly talented. Cher, Katy Perry, Adele, Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears all made an appearance however my favorite diva was by far drag Taylor Swift (but who is surprised by that admission?). The performers were meticulous with their costumes and impersonations. I was amazed by how spot on even the facial expressions seemed to be. As someone who blacks out every time she is asked to perform on stage in any manner, I am always shocked by stellar performing.

Alas, the most important variable of any celebration is the guests in attendance. I was surrounded by so many of the people I love from my Mom, who planned the get together, to my Aunt & Uncle visiting from California, to two of my friends from elementary school who surprised me by showing up, to my brother and his sweet girlfriend, two of my favorite people in the world (Nicole & Gen) and the cute boy with glasses I get to call my boyfriend. It was a great group, I can’t emphasize enough how much fun I had! Though I know most of you reading are not from the Seattle area I reccomend Julia’s if you live in the area or if you ever find yourself visiting this lovely city.

Because I’m spoiled with amazing people in my life and love any excuse to dress up and curl my hair, I will be celebrating once more this upcoming weekend. Birthday parties are just exhausting so I’ll probably need to spend every evening at home curled up with a good book and a puppy straight up until Valentine’s Day to fully recover. Being such a socialite truly is tiring (;

Goodbye 24, Hello 25!

Good morning world! Today I am officially twenty-five. Twenty-four was very good to me. Although I didn’t experience many gigantic life changes, I feel that the relative stability helped me to grow in maturity. At twenty-five I certainly don’t have it all together but I feel more confident in my own skin than I ever have.

At twenty four I was very good at the following: keeping in touch with friends, making color coded to-do lists, finding time to read even when life felt chaotic, cartwheeling, running & twirling in pretty dresses, I was a pretty solid girlfriend, a loyal friend and quite studios when I chose to be. I was great at expressing and analyzing emotion, I almost always got eight (or more) hours of sleep and pretty much never said “no” to vegetables. I was perpetually early to my job, all of my appointments and even for coffee dates.

At twenty four I was not the best when it comes to: prioritizing my bills over new shoes, making new friends, taking a deep breath when I was worked up, or keeping in touch with my family. I was overly anxious about meeting new people, attending big social gatherings and cancelling plans. I drank far too much coffee, never stayed on top of laundry and had an irrational fear of walking to my car in the dark.

At twenty four I really loved: chocolate covered almonds, audiobooks and all things fashion related. I embraced choker necklaces, lace up tops and bell sleeves. I longed to travel Europe and felt like I was living in a fairytale when I got to visit Paris.

At twenty five I aspire to: wake up earlier to make time for morning rituals, drink more tea and a tad bit less coffee, be a good friend without being a doormat, revive my personal finances, and to be more observant while living in the moment.

I conquered my cold just enough to slip out and shop for a new “first day of work” outfit yesterday. I am ready for a day filled with new faces and learning at my new office. I’m hoping to head out to a romantic dinner with Jordan tonight for an intimate celebration. Jordan isn’t really into birthdays so I’m hoping he can fake a little enthusiasm for me.

Have a wonderful Tuesday! Blowing you all the birthday kisses <3

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My 25th Birthday Wishlist

I turn 25 tomorrow. Over the weekend I had planned to take outfit photos including a cute set of birthday themed photos for the blog. I had a giant to do list filled with tasks I wanted to complete before Tuesday but of course I found myself coming down with a cold on Friday and practically bed ridden on Sunday. Oh life! It’s so cliche but I feel like my 24th birthday was just last month and the 23rd was just a month before that. It’s true what they say, life moves faster as you grow older.

Speaking of time, Christmas feels like it was literally five minutes ago so it feels crazy to even be day dreaming about my birthday gifts. I haven’t even put all my Christmas gifts away yet (but hey I’ve been on vacation so I have an excuse). But I do love putting together a pretty wish list and sharing the pieces I think are pretty or useful or dreamy.

One| Goop Clean Beauty– Call me crazy but I adore Gwenyth Paltrow. I’ll admit she is so out of touch with reality when it comes to the lives of the average person but her health and beauty tips are so fab.

Two| Fresh Rose Face Mask– I am so grateful for my recent trip to California and the Bahamas but you know what isn’t? My skin! Between different climates and the recycled air on planes my skin is feeling reptilian. I tried a sample of this Rose face mask from Sephora and I am dying for the full sized product.

Three| Kate Spade Jewel Button Wool Coat– I’m in a total jacket phase lately. I want a closet full of chic, feminine jackets to keep me warm all winter long. I’m currently crushing on this one on sale at Kate Spade but can’t quite justify purchasing it for myself. It is pure girly girl perfection!

Four| Frieda Rothman Metropolitan Ring– I’ve become so obsessed with accessories over the past year (mostly thanks to Rocksbox). Believe it or not it took me until age 24 to realize how much great accessories can change an outfit. This ring fits my boho loving style without being too gaudy or over the top.

Five| Club Monaco Annina Skirt– The color and pleating of  this skirt make it both modern and feminine. I love that this skirt is long enough to be appropriate for work without feeling dated and stuffy.

Six| Kate Spade Carima Loafer– Transitioning to a new position in my career I am expected to dress more professionally. I love that these loafers are on trend but feel appropriate in a business casual office setting.

Seven|Genifique Serum– I usually use the Kate Somerville “Quench” serum before applying moisturizer but I received the Lance Genefique serum as a sample last spring. Since then I have wanted to try the Genefique serum as a daily source of moisture and vitamins. If you use it I would love your reviews!

Eight| Erin Condren Life Planner– My Grandparents sent me some birthday money and I ordered myself a new Erin Condren life planner right away. I’ve used a variety of planners before but Erin Condren is still my all time favorite. I can’t wait for mine to arrive!

Nine| Club Monaco Wisten Sweater Dress– This fit and flare sweater dress is cozy enough that it feels like pajamas while still looking put together for work, brunch or a day out and about. I adore the blue on blue option best!

Ten| Manolo Blahnik Flats– Okay so this one is a bit of a luxury wish list items but my inner Carrie Bradshaw couldn’t resist. I love pieces that add a touch of glamour to a day to day outfit. These flats are what fashionista dreams are made of. Sigh…someday! (;


I have the day off today, so even though I am sick I’m planning to have a little fun. I’m meeting my mom for pedicures later this morning and hoping to meet up with a girlfriend to shop for my “first day of work on my birthday outfit”. I mean if you start a new job on your birthday you totally deserve a new look right? (:


Happy Monday!