Since creating this blog in 2013 I’ve written some hits (& quite a few cringe-worthy misses too). I’ve compiled a list of a few of my favorites I think you might enjoy!

The result of too much caffeine & an overly introspective mind:

“Basic”…I Can’t Even

Channeling Pain into Purpose

Falling in Love with Writing

I’m not Broken: Why I’m not Apologizing for being an Introvert (anymore)

30 Before 30

Another Pretty Face

I don’t want to Write Lists about Twenty-Somethings



Because if you don’t have your girls who will wear friendship necklaces with you?:

Love Yourself the way you Love your Bestie

Best Friend Vows


I’ve written a whole lot about dating. For the complete organized archive of 60+ posts on everything from first dates to Tinder to breakups and long term relationships:

Click Here for the full Dating Archive

Thank you for your lovely words! They add sparkles and happiness to everyday <3