Rainbow Sherbert Stripes

Good Morning! After a long night of driving, four hours of sleep and a day filled with Pierre crying on my lap as we drove through small towns and mountain passes-we made it to Napa Valley! The drive from Seattle is only 13 hours but with Friday night traffic after work it felt like we were in the car for an eternity. Now that we’re settled, Pierre must feel like he has died and gone to heaven. He has two kids to play with and a big yard to run around chasing squirrels and chewing on sticks. My younger brother and sister can’t get enough of Pierre so it’s a playful puppy’s dream.

My cousin Genevieve made the drive from Seattle to Calistoga with me and spent the weekend basking in the sun. Aside from adventuring with the kids we have baked cookies, enjoyed a few great workouts and spent all day Monday laying in the sun by the pool with mimosas in hand. One thing is for sure, Napa Valley Mondays are not something I dread.

Is it just me or is Gigi giving off MAJOR Anna Wintour vibes here?

The kids are absolutely hilarious. At 25 it’s a little outside the norm to have siblings that are still so young but I love being the fun older sister who can swing in and take them on adventures. At three Gigi is the friendliest gal in town. As we walk down the street she stops to say hello to everyone (except babies…what can I say? The girl has made it clear she does NOT love babies). Dylan is nine going on fifteen. He thinks he is all knowing but didn’t mind channeling his inner art director to take photos of Gigi and I in the flowers. I love that they are both so eager to show me their favorite toys or what they learned at school that day. Since there is such a large age gap between us I have always been afraid that Dylan and Gigi would feel distant from me (I am old at 25 after all). Yet, every time I arrive my two little people run up to me with hugs and kisses. Being a big sister is my favorite!

I found this colorful knit dress on super sale at Anthropoligie. It’s currently marked down from $198.00 to $49.95 (even less than I bought it for by the way). Though I tend to gravitate towards shades of blue and white for hot summer days the bright sherbet colored stripes on this dress immediately caught my eye. I thought this dress was lovely for strolling around town with Gen and my siblings but would also be great for a summer barbecue or casual wedding. Though it’s knit, the material is light weight and breezy (definitely not too heavy for the warm Napa days).The one downside is that the material is delicate and snags easily if you have a bad dog (like Pierre) jumping up to play with you. I’ll have to be a bit more careful wearing the dress around him in the future.

Calistoga is such a charming small town. As my photos indicate there is beauty everywhere you look. Palm trees, gardens and beautifully tiled stair cases make every corner of the town perfectly picturesque. As Seattle summer doesn’t truly begin until after the 4th of July I am planning on taking advantage of the sunshine while I’m here. Bright summer dresses and comfortable sandals are ideal for running around all day with the kids without sacrificing style and giving into the allure of leggings and a tank top (not that I don’t wear that three days a week too). Birkenstocks may look a bit granola but I feel they fit in with the Northern California vibes.

I’ve collected a few gorgeous bright dresses from around the web. I want to have all of them delivered to me here in California but I couldn’t possibly fit them in my suitcase for the drive home…

Viva Las Vegas: My Experience & Travel Guide

I’m back from Vegas and I swear it’s taken the whole week to bounce back into my regular routine. It certainly didn’t help that I caught a cold on the flight back and left my curling wand in the hotel room (bad hair week). Don’t we all feel like we need a couple days off post vacation to get back into the swing of life? We traveled to Las Vegas for an industry convention for Jordan and his brother. As an added bonus Jordan’s brother’s wife and I tagged along for the adventure. While I don’t normally consider myself a “Vegas Person” (read: I’m a bit of a homebody that likes to go to bed at 10:00) I really had a great time. I’ve been to Vegas in the past but it wasn’t until this trip that I really experienced the parts of Vegas that are good for me. Spas, shows and champagne…how could I have ever thought those things weren’t for me? Plus there’s no contesting thst the people watching in Vegas is both intriguing and appalling.

As soon as we checked out of our hotel room and boarded or flight it hit me that I’d left my curling wand in the room. I’ve called the hotel several times since in hopes of retrieving my favorite styling product but I am starting to accept that it may be gone forever. So, it is with much regret I’m forced to ask, do you guys have any ceramic curling wand reccomendations? If so, please send them my way.


I don’t consider myself a foodie but I sure do love to eat. One of my favorite parts of any trip is trying new restaraunts and the decadence of Vegas made the experience even more fun. We are out at every meal so I didn’t want to share every restaraunt we tried but I do want to highlight my favorites from our trip.

Sake Rok

This kitschy themed sushi house had a variety of rolls and cocktails. I loved that the waiters doubled as entertainers and put on dance performances every 30 minutes or so. I appreciated the *NSYNC versus Backstreet Boys dance off and was giddy when the crew later chose to serenade me with Gangham Style. Sushi is always great with large groups and this environment was entertaining while still allowing guests to chat with each other without interrupting a show.


After our spa treatments Tiffany and I grabbed a quick lunch on the go from Eggslut in the Cosmopolitan. This is definitely an “on the go” dining experience but both of us were pleased with our tasty and inexpensive lunches (I ordered the Fairfax sandwich with avocado and highly reccomend it it).


A nice dinner out seemed like a MUST since we were all dressed up to see Cirque du Soleil’s “O” a true the Bellagio. My mom reccomended Harvest, a farm to table style restaraunt also in the Beallagio. Our group shared several appetizers and unanimously agreed the brussel sprouts were to die for. I liked this restaraunt because there were lots of high quality seafood and vegetarian options (not just salad for the non meat eaters) and others in our group loved the high quality lamb and steak. I would definitely go to Harvest again!


Tiffany and I popped into Crush for a “pre dinner snack” because we were eating such a late dinner and needed a bit of substance. We shared a pizza and heirloom burrata salad. I swear tomatoes, burrata cheese and vinegar taste like candy together. I wish we could have tried more of the food at Crush to see if it compared to our delicious “snack”.


Off the main Vegas strip and in “old Las Vegas” or Fremont street, this Italian steak house had options for meat lovers (obvi) and vegetarians alike. I loved the delicious, creamy gnocchi while the boys swore the steak was the best on our trip.

Red 8

Walking through the Wynn we stumbled upon the Red 8 and decided to give it a try. I’m pretty picky when it comes to Chinese food (the last place I went to literally had cockroaches on the wall) and it can be difficult to find high quality, authentic, vegetarian Chinese cuisine. Our waiter at Red 8 was incredibly helpful, the food was savory without feeling greasy or heavy and oh my gosh the garlic bok choy was so good I have been dreaming about it (and salivating) ever since.


I love live entertainment. After a good show I can’t help but prance through the streets and twirl into bed. Though I’ve been to Vegas before I had never had the opportunity to see a show, this trip I made it a priority to buy tickets ahead of time so there was no excuse not to make entertainment a priority.

Cirque du Soleil O

Guys, I was so impressed with O I was almost moved to tears. O revolves around water so most of the stage was comprised of a giant pool. There was dancing, acrobatics, diving and synchronized swimming. There was no shortage of beautiful costumes, stunning set design and impressive choreography. Like all Cirque du Soleil performances I left impressed by the abilities of the human body. When you watch contortionists and acrobats you start to realize there is no reason not to hold a two minute plank at the gym. We all agreed that the show was magnificent, for me it was the highlight of our entire trip.


I’m a spa girl. When Jordan and I first started dating I told him my hobby was “Spa-ing” and I’ve been sticking to it ever since. On Thursday and Friday day Jordan and his brother had to work so Tiffany and I hit the spas. Both locations were beautiful and honestly I would happily return to either.

Cosmopolitan Spa: Sahara

I received the signature facial at the Sahara spa. My esthetician was extremely soothing which I prefer to the more talkative treatments (let me close my eyes and relax okay?) After the service my skin felt plump and hydrated. I usually opt for a massage instead of a facial but this experience made me realize I should pamper my skin at the spa more often. The amenities at the Cosmo spa were a little spa but lovely. The atmosphere was dimly lit and very relaxing. I enjoyed the sauna, cool steam room and hot tub.

The Spa at Aria

At Aria Tiffany and I both opted for full body massages. We noticed right away that the spa was very busy but the large facility made it easy to accommodate all of the guests. My massage was lovely (aren’t all massages?) and the facilities offered unique amenities. We tried the Himalayan salt meditation room, the sauna, steam rooms and indoor/outdoor hot tubs.

If I had to choose a favorite I would pick the Cosmo spa but when it comes to luxury pampering I don’t like to be too finicky (:

Tiffany and I couldn’t resist popping into Sephora to get our makeup done after lunch one day.



Fremont Street

Friday night we ventured over to the old Las Vegas to see what all the hype was about. Old fashioned signs glittered on every side of the pedestrian only street. With four musical stages and numerous street performers the area was packed with people. I enjoyed people watching (there were some real sights to see if you know what I mean) and enjoyed the rambunctious atmosphere the live music provided.

Valley of Fire

Initially we intended to head to the Grand Canyon on Saturday but after a late start and a few minor complications we decided to explore the Valley of Fire instead. Located just an hour outside of Las Vegas the national park is littered with sights, small hikes and even camping for those who want to escape the strip entirely. We were most impressed by the petroglyphs you could find on many of the rocks. As a bit of a history nerd I was impressed by the (over) 4000 year old paintings and the culture they represented.


Happy friday friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xxoo!

Thoughts on Grad School

Since the day I graduated high school I knew I wanted to pursue education beyond my bachelor’s degree. I entered my freshman year of college determined to prepare myself for law school after four years in undergrad. Somewhere along the line my education path became pretty muddled. Since there was no clear “prelaw” pathway I felt free to study whatever whenever I wanted. In many ways the pursuit of whatever knowledge caught my attention was liberating. I changed my major from history to fashion and back to history. I took courses on the sociology of the family, religious hymns and children’s literature. I have always enjoyed learning about a wide array of subjects and in that sense college was truly my wonderland!

It wasn’t until the end of my senior year that I officially decided (100%) that I would major in history. Admittedly, a large part of my decision was based on the fact that I had already completed most of the necessary course work. I liked taking history courses so I had already taken many upper level history classes and really only needed to complete my capstone project and a historical research class. As silly as it sounds I never really cared what I majored in as an undergrad because I knew my undergrad degree was meant to be a stepping stone.

If it had been up to 22 year old me I would have enrolled in graduate school immediately after graduation, however, my very wise and less impetuous family encouraged me to take a few years off from school to work and experience the real world. My “few years off” from school have been both beneficial while simultaneously discouraging.

I feel quite certain a new adventure is about to begin.

I feel quite certain a new adventure is about to begin.

Rather than giving me clarity on the direction I should be going, my first year and a half out of college confused me! I held a handful of jobs in different industries all of which had their own set of perks and disappointments. Each day I felt more confused than the last…but looking back, in hindsight with time to reflect, I feel more clarity.

I will never be the girl with a sole interest. If I had to choose a sole skill set it would be research, analysis and writing. You can write and research and analyze  in a lot of careers though. A love of learning and a drive to push myself intellectually is a strength…and often a source of insecurity (I’ll explain in a moment).

Jordan often jokes that my dream job is as a professional student. It’s true! I love classes, I love lectures, I love note taking and highlighters and hours spent studying in a quiet coffee shop. I like writing papers and libraries and study dates with other students. I know I have the drive to learn and a vested interest in higher education. The insecurity that often holds me back is my perception of my own intelligence. I worry I’m not smart enough.

Intelligence has always been at the top of my value system. I idealize intelligence over kindness, over friendliness, over beauty…over everything! That’s not to say I don’t see value in kindness or compassion or someone who can throw a fabulous dinner party, it’s just that intelligence has always been the trait I’ve most coveted.

Defining yourself as outgoing or kind or creative or athletic seems relatively straightforward to me. I can easily label myself as introspective or friendly, loving or loyal, fit but uncoordinated. When it comes to intelligence it’s a lot more difficult for me to pinpoint how to define it. There are so many kinds of intelligence. We can’t solely define intelligence by a GPA, a single skill set, the results of a test or the number of classes we’ve taken. Perhaps because intelligence is the trait I admire most, it’s also the trait I always feel I fall short of reaching.

Woah, where am I going here? I promise I’m not completely directionless with my rambling. I have spent a good deal of time reflecting since last September, it’s  been a major year for self exploration. I decided to give myself the freedom to pursue several interests before fully committing to a graduate school path. Since fashion has also been a continual interest I found a job in the field (which then led to another job) and began taking online courses related to fashion during my free time. I am so happy I have followed my interest in fashion as it helped me to discover my desire for a career that places a strong emphasis on academia, research, writing and logic is the environment I crave!

I am so grateful for the brides I had the opportunity to meet and work with while working as a bridal stylist. I am so grateful for my current job as a fashion specialist at Amazon. I’m not planning on going anywhere and I am certainly not any less dedicated to my day to day responsibilities but I have decided to take the initial steps towards a pursuit I have put on hold for quite a few years now. I have started studying for the LSAT.

Please don't be surprised if most of Snapchat stories feature Pumpkin spice lattes and study materials.

Please don’t be surprised if most of Snapchat stories feature Pumpkin spice lattes and study materials.

Sharing ambitions centered around learning is very scary for me (one of the first realizations that clued me into my insecurity with my own intelligence). I don’t want to tell the world I’m studying for a test like the LSAT because that means if I don’t do well I have to admit that I failed myself or that I wasn’t smart enough and that sort of confession is embarrassing.

Tuesday night on the phone with my family I realized how silly my hang ups on my own intelligence and willingness to share my plans really are. My aunt had told my grandparents and Dad about my plan to study for the LSAT and potentially go to law school…and for whatever reason people knowing my “secret plans” freaked me out. I immediately assumed they all thought my goals were stupid. Internally I put up a guard and changed the subject because on the inside I was convinced they thought I would fail.

Whether or not my own relatives believe in me isn’t the issue, the greater issue I’ve realized is my willingness to believe in myself. At this point I’m not 100% certain of my long term plan, I have my ideas and interests but I’m taking this test (and my future) in baby steps.

I’m enrolled in a rigorous LSAT prep course that begins at the end of this month and I intend to take the December LSAT. Does this mean applying for law schools for fall 2017? Potentially. Does it mean retaking the LSAT in February or June and applying for law school in 2018? Potentially. I’m working on planning for the future without getting hung up on arbitrary dates or binding myself with self inflicted timelines. I’m taking each day, each milestone and each goal step by step.

Consequently my LSAT study over the next few months will probably affect my blogging schedule. I’ve already cut back quite a bit in attempt to balance work, a social life, exercise and studying. My decrease in blog posts in no way reflects a decrease in love for this space, for the relationships I’ve formed on this strange internet world or my love for writing. I’m not sure I’ll ever achieve a perfect balance between blogging, work, studying, exercising, relationships, etc, etc… but I intend to strive for it.

If any of you guys have ever taken the LSAT I would love to read your tips. In the meantime I’ll do my best to keep this space versatile (aka not just discussing test stress or study strategies) but I can’t promise I’ll be perfect. This blog has always been a reflection of where I’m at in life at the moment.

Anxiety Storm


Dress: Free People (so many options on Gilt right now)

A few months ago I proudly proclaimed to a therapist “I don’t deal with anxiety anymore”. I had declared myself anxiety free and in a way I’d forgotten what it was like to want to curl into a ball on the bathroom floor and cry over the stress of practically nothing. Without life impending anxiety for practically a year I assumed anxiety was an issue I left behind when I graduated college and moved into the grown up world. I had no idea why my anxiety had disappeared, I just assumed it must have something to do with tests and papers and schoolwork and no longer was applicable in my life. Anxiety free I still wasn’t problem free. I still felt angry or sad or frustrated but not anxious.


It turns out my diagnosis may have been wrong. Perhaps anxiety doesn’t cure its-self completely and perpetually. Too bad though right? The past week I’ve woken up each morning feeling as if a weight is pressing against my chest. The feeling of impending doom surrounding me and the normal stressors that we all have to cope with seem all too stressful to handle. As if life is slipping through my fingertips I recognize this familiar yet unwelcome feeling eating away at my insides.

nathan-peppin-rattlesnake-ledgeTuesday my anxiety reached the worst peak it’s hit in over a year. Without much of a rhyme or reason the day seemed to feel as if it was spiraling out of control. I couldn’t deal with something as simple as a cancelled debit card. I couldn’t cope with Pierre tugging a little too hard as we walked. The dishes in the sink had to go uncleaned because the very thought of doing anything other than running as fast as my body possibly could move or falling under my covers and trying to sleep, the very thought of anything else exhausted me.


Free People booties I seriously wear them non stop! Pink fur jacket from SheIn (under $30).

Anxiety is like a storm within me. A day can be going perfectly smoothly, the skies can be sunny and bright, but the moment it hits the whole day (sometimes even the whole week) falls to pieces. Anxiety is an isolating feeling. Talking about it can seem trite because if you’ve dealt with anxiety before you often realize your feelings seem much bigger than the issues at hand. Who wants to admit “I don’t want to get out of bed today because the thought of taking a shower, running errands and paying bills seems too big and too overwhelming to handle”. I called Jordan in the middle of a state of panic hoping to distract myself from the problems I’d disproportionately enlarged in my mind.


Jordan said I look “maternal” in the photo on the right. Gee, thanks.

“What are you feeling worried about?” He asked encouragingly.

“Terrorism? The presidential election? Missing my little brother? Filing my taxes? Cleaning out my car?” I answered confused by my own response. But I didn’t want to talk about those things even the smaller issues that would be easier to alleviate. I wanted distraction, I wanted to force the sinking feeling in my stomach to pause just for a moment.

nathan-peppin-lakeAnxiety doesn’t work that way though. We can’t just pause the chaotic whirlwind of worry, negativity and doubt with a snap. I’ve learned breathing techniques, I’ve practiced journaling and a hot bath when possible can work wonders but none of these exercises erase a wave anxiety. You just have to ride it out, so that’s what I’m doing.

Grabbing my metaphorical umbrella and doing my best to ride out this wave on anxiety. If you’ve ever dealt with anxiety does it feel like a big anxiety storm to you too? How do you keep from drowning and allowing anxiety to overrun your life?


All Photos shot by Nathan Peppin Photography. He was a blast to work with and isn’t his work lovely?


Sunshine Goddess






One of my favorite (and least favorite) parts of a vacation is planning what to wear. I love love love the excuse to buy new clothes/dress in outfits I wouldn’t normally wear, but I hate not being able to have all of my favorite pieces at the same time (I NEVER CAN PACK ENOUGH SHOES)! I found this gorgeous Alice+Olivia dress thrifting near University Village back in Seattle not too long ago. Although the dress is a bit formal I couldn’t pass it up because it combines two of my favorite qualities, a wispy Greek Goddess style and rhinestones (yay sparkles). I am such a sucker for designer pieces at thrift store prices, I can never say no! To be honest this dress looks like a bit of a mumu on me (it’s okay, I know) but I feel like such a princess in it, and in the Bahamas…a tropical sunshine Goddess (and who can resist playing Goddess now and then?)

My newest style staple (and I’m talking absolute OBSESSION) is these Tory Burch wedges. Tory Burch can carry a steep price tag, trust me I’m a nanny so I am totally aware but I can promise you that every pair of Tory Burch shoes I have purchased have quickly paid off for themselves. These wedges are so sparkly and comfortable and literally match everything. I have found myself pairing them with shorts (bonus: they have a low heel so they don’t look trashy with shorts), dresses, jeans…all of it! I am horrible at walking in heels but since they’re fairly short I can walk in them even though I am the MOST clumsy (besides my cousin Genevieve…whoops did I just say that?! Hi Gen, I love you)! I bought them for myself as a graduation gift, because I believe in gifting myself for every occasion and I suggest rewarding yourself in the same manner.

All in all my outfit was maybe a teeny tiny bit too formal for a casual day in the Bahamas but I would rather be overdressed than underdressed ANY day. I guess that’s how I earned myself the nickname “Fairy Princess” from my family right? Now to find a fancy occasion to prance around like a little Fairy Princess Mermaid Sunshine Goddess in this frock and potentially get a blow out and my makeup done? Any potential suitors want to woo me? Just kidding we all know I hate all men. Did I mention that I just became a Sephora “Very Important Beauty Insider” which means I obviously spend way too much money at Sephora but it’s okay because now I can get my makeup done for free for my special fancy dress up occasion. I say it should be a Bloggy date.

Do you love to overdress or are you more socially appropriate than me? Let’s all just remember that dress up begins at the age of five and never truly ends!




P.S. Thanks to my Daddy for taking these photos for me! He doesn’t really know what blogging/fashion blogging is but he’s my biggest modeling fan so he was more than willing to play photographer for me. He is the absolute sweetest and I love him so much, we are twins right?!

A Dream Come True

Happy Monday lovelies! I am currently vacationing with my family in the Bahamas. I am having the most gloriously beautiful tropical vacation and I could not be more pleased! So far I have been eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream every night, and have completed my life goal of swimming with a dolphin. Even if the rest of the trip was horrible I would still come out ahead because HELLO dolphins! I don’t have much time for blogging because I am exhausted and just need to snuggle/girl talk with my gorgeous/currently-scantily-clad-cousin (Genevieve) plus I know hearing long drawn out vacation descriptions is worse than being stuck in a bar that serves only beer and being forced to watch the world cup all day (OMG NO).







Did I mention that the two dolphins we were able to play with were baby dolphins? My heart was melting, and I was actually squealing the entire time (aka I was the girl who was driving the dolphin trainers insane). My seven year old dreams are finally fulfilled. Maybe I’ve mentioned this before…maybe not but I knew I was meant to join Tri Delta when I realized the sorority animal was a dolphin. Dolphins are friendly, and intelligent and happy and playful. I aim to live my life like a dolphin. I will obviously be printing out poster sized prints of my family and I with the dolphins to display everywhere. Dolphins are just perfect and I’m thinking I should have more heavily considered a career as a marine biologist/dolphin trainer. I obviously missed my calling.

Have you ever been swimming with a dolphin? Did you hyperventilate a little bit? I like to think my spirit animal is a dolphin (but my brother who apparently now reads spirit animals says I am an ocelot). Have a wonderful Monday!




Relax, You’re in Calistoga.

Calistoga collage.jpg

You’ve probably never heard of Calistoga, California. It’s a small town in the heart of Napa Valley filled with restaurants and spas. Despite the fact that is hosts roughly two million tourists every year only 5,000 people call Calistoga their full time home. A few of those people happen to be my Aunt, Uncle and father who recently opened a restaurant in town. I love any chance to visit Calistoga and not just because I’m spoiled with massages, facials and mani pedis (although, I’m definitely not complaining about the abundance of spas in the area). The area is amazingly stunning, the vineyards, the lichen, the cute small town atmosphere, it’s such a wonderful place to have family and the perfect escape from the “real world”. Each time I’m in Calistoga I find myself sleeping in late, taking hot bubble baths mid day and of course, drinking A LOT of mimosas. It’s the perfect relaxation destination if I do say so myself.

This trip we celebrated my Uncles’ 55th Birthday! We rented an old fashioned limousine, of course I pretended to be Marilyn Monroe sipping champagne in the back seat. We ate lunch at the most fabulous restaurant with a gorgeous view of Napa Valley and drank the most fabulous wine (although…to be fair, I only had a sip because I’m a baby and even fancy red wine is just “not my thing”), and hiked through the beautiful Calistoga hills. Overall my experience since flying up from LA has been so relaxing and (as always) my Aunt and Uncle treated me like a complete princess and I feel so spoiled.

Today I’m spending the morning in Calistoga with my aunt (with hiking&pilates) before heading to San Francisco to spend my last evening in California with my Dad. It’s so strange my trip has been so eventful&chaotic and yet so relaxed&easy going all at the same time (how does that even happen???)!

If you ever have the chance I HIGHLY recommend visiting Calistoga. I’m hoping to put together my own version of a “visitor’s guide to Calistoga” soon. We’ll see though, it seems like a relaxed week in Calistoga would have been the prime opportunity and thus…I spent my days soaking in the claw-foot tub catching up on celebrity gossip instead(by the way I totally don’t even believe that Taylor was dating Evan Spiegel).