Law School Summer Wrap Up! (& July Favorites)

I can’t believe it, I have officially completed my first law school course! My last class was on Thursday then I had a four day weekend filled with studying (and a little time enjoying the warm weather and sunshine too).  I take my final later today (so I guess at that point it becomes officially official). However, due to the nature of grading law school exams I won’t know my score (which constitutes my entire class grade) until the last week of August. Luckily I’ll be busy exploring Munich and hiking in Switzerland so hopefully the wait won’t bother me too much. Just to catch everyone up, my school offered the option to take a single law course during the summer prior to 1L fall semester. I hopped on the opportunity to lighten my fall class load and get a head start learning how to manage law school. Everyone told me law school is so much different than undergrad which terrified me, so I wanted as much of an advantage as I could get. I definitely do not regret taking criminal law over the summer. I feel like I have a bit of a head start for the fall as I already know how to read a case/casebrief, outline for a court and prep for an exam. I’m 1000% sure I still have a whole new world to learn about but it quells my anxiety to know I took advantage of the early start opportunity. Perhaps the best part was getting the chance to meet a few of my classmates! Now that I have a few friends, whom I am lucky enough to share my fall classes with as well, it is easier to envision myself powering through the next three years. I think friends to study with is a necessity and I am sure I will want people to talk about law school with non stop when everyone else in my life is gets sick of hearing about it.

Jordan was so supportive over the weekend he let me explain case after case to him and even asked thoughtful questions on legal concepts so I could help cement the holdings into my memory. I know I learn SO much more efficiently when I can teach a concept to someone else so his patience listening really was better than if he left me alone to study by myself. I didn’t want to miss the beautiful weather on Saturday completely so I took a set of flash cards with me to a botanical garden and Jordan quizzed me on the trails.

That’s my current update on law school pretty people! I have a two week break before I start full time for the fall. I am planning on squeezing as much time as I can outside, adventuring in the sunshine before I am locked in a library all day for 9 months.  I just know August is going to fly by, but first I want to share a few of my favorites from the month of July.

A much needed evening by the pool with my friend, Nicole.

July Favorites

Read: Out of Orange

Fans of Orange is the New Black, Out of Orange is a MUST READ! Cleary Wolters (who inspired the character Alex Vause in the Netflix show) shares her true story from the moment she first agreed to smuggle drugs into the United States to her time in prison (substantially longer than Piper’s one year sentence) to her release and the aftermath. I didn’t have much time to read this month but could NOT put this memoir down. I became interested in the criminal justice system in the U.S. when I started OITNB on Netflix a year or so back and loved that this book helped me to think about the issues I was learning about in my criminal law class in the context of Cleary’s story. If you haven’t already, read Orange Is the New Black first, then follow it up with Out of Orange.

Eat: Cafe Lago AND Cafe Turko

Normally I am really boring when it comes to eating out. I know what I like so I go to the same restaurant and order the same menu items over and over again. This month we ended up eating out a LOT and consequently tried a handful of new restaurants. Cafe Lago and Cafe Turko coincidentally have similar sounding names and are both sure to be added to my rotation of favorites.

Cafe Lago, a quaint Italian restaurant in the Montlake neighborhood must be a local treasure. The atmosphere is charming and laid back but the most important factor was the food! Jordan and I split a caprese salad to start, though you can never go wrong with mozzarella and tomatoes in my opinion I swear it the tomatoes were perfectly juicy and oh so delicious. The star of the evening was hands down, no questions asked, my entree! I ordered a basic cheese lasagna and I have been thinking about it ever since. The pasta was light and fluffy and every bite of lasagna melted in my mouth. Cafe Lago is my new favorite Italian restaurant; I am already dying to go back.

After one of my favorite history professors recommended Cafe Turko in Undergrad I told myself I wanted to try it but forgot all about it for a solid three years. On a whim one evening, Jordan and I wandered in for a casual summer date night. The outdoor seating with a  view of the city skyline and Lake Union could have made the worst food palatable but luckily Cafe Turko was delicious! I don’t have much experience with Turkish food but the dolmas and Beyti with eggplant were delectable. I can’t speak from experience but the Yelp reviews claim the restaurant is very authentic. Jordan and I were so pleased that we took my uncle and his mother back to Cafe Turko the next week. I guess the three year wait was worth it! (;

Brunching in Portland.

Pierre is always excited to size up the hotel bed and see how it measures up. I can’t blame him!

Getaway: Portland

Jordan and I made a quick weekend trip to Portland mid month to celebrate his best friend’s birthday. On the car ride up we jammed out to 90s rap music, planned what we would do with our lottery winnings and stopped roughly every hour for refills of our iced coffees (it’s a summer staple right?). We brought Pierre along so we stayed at the dog friendly, Hotel Monaco. The whole true was super laid back (lots of eating, visiting street fairs, window shopping, etc) but it was a really wonderful time.

Riding a Limebike through Gas Works Park.

Do: Limebike

Last Saturday I needed  a study break badly (I was really getting grouchy) when Jordan suggested we try out Limebike, a bike rental app that had launched in Seattle that very day. I had noticed lime green and yellow bicycles parked all around the city for a few days so I was curious to see how the system worked. I downloaded the Limebike app which displayed a map of all the bikes in my area. There were dozens within walking distance of my apartment so it was easy to find a bike. With the app I just scanned the individual QVC code, which unlocked the bike and started my ride. Over the weekend rides were free, but normally you can rent for $1 per 30 minutes. Biking makes such a great date night or summer activity with friends and at just $2 an hour it is a really affordable way to get a little exercise, jot from place to place or relax in the sun. I really liked that the app tracked how long our rides were and

Shop: My #NSALE Purchases

Though there are only a few days left of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale I thought I would share my purchases. There are always a lot of great pieces on sale for fall, and though I hate thinking that summer will ever end my love for shopping won over. I picked up a black, ribbed choker bodysuit that looks great with a high waisted skirt or with jeans & heels for a night out. I cannot resist mini skirts and this suede option in burgundy NEEDED to be in my closet for fall. I was practical and ordered a few new colors of my favorite Natori bra (it is the ONLY bra I wear). For my trip to Switzerland I will be hiking for a few days, I picked up this Zella strappy tank in pink so I can sweat in style. My favorite sale purchase of the year was probably these high waisted Rag & Bone jeans. Admittedly it will be too warm to wear jeans comfortably for awhile but I know these cute, dark wash jeans will be a staple in my closet throughout the fall winter, and spring.


Now I am off to take my first law school exam, crossing my fingers and hoping all of my studying paid off. I hope your week is off to a great start!