Back in Seattle

Sunday morning I rolled out of bed around 5:30 AM (after an evening of drinking wine with goats and octogenarians I might add), loaded up my Aunt & Uncle’s Land Rover and began the 13 hour drive from Calistoga to Seattle. My cousin Genevieve is seriously a LIFE SAVER and flew down to Calistoga with me Saturday morning just so I wouldn’t have to drive back alone on Sunday. Let me tell you, the drive back Sunday was all kinds of crazy (starting with a random June snowstorm and Pierre the dog peeing on me soon after #BestRoadTripEver am I right?). It was the sort of adventure that was comical because I was with one of my best friends so we could laugh at everything but had I been alone I would have completely lost my cool. So thank you Gen, you’re the real MVP.

This photo was actually an attempt to copy this photo of Karlie Kloss but I thought it worked well for our road trip.

I planned to give myself a week in Seattle to sort out my affairs, unpack my suitcases and catch up with friends before my first day of law school next Monday. If yesterday is any indication the week is going to fly by and gosh it’s going to be busy. I sat down to start my first law school reading assignment yesterday afternoon and emerged with a whole new set of vocab. My legalese is not very advanced so I expect the next year to involve a whole lot of Black’s Law Dictionary and google definition searches. Aside from my law school summer orientation (there’s a whole separate orientation for Fall) I have a hair appointment, dentist appointment, dinner party to plan, quite a few hours snuggled up with a cup of coffee and a casebook and a cutesy couple’s photo shoot with Jordan all before my first class starts in 6 days. Oh my lanta!

Not necessarily a “blog worthy” photo but I think this photo accurately depicts what the next three years are about to look like.

Though the Seattle summer weather can only be described as “melancholic” (especially when comparing it to all the sunshine I had in Napa Valley) I truly am happy to be home. Of course I already miss my little brother, sister and Dad but arriving home after a month away just feels like a great big sigh of relief. I love having my own bed to sleep in, more than a couple of outfits to choose from and a kitchen filled with all of my own food. The best part has to be seeing Jordan and Pierre reunited. Though it was initially me who begged and cried and pleaded for a puppy it is Jordan that Pierre has bonded to from day one (that’s how it always works isn’t it?). Pierre literally lays on Jordan’s chest on the couch from the moment Jord gets home from work and eagerly begs to go to work with his human dad every morning. Meanwhile I’m lucky if I can get Pierre to get out of bed and come hang out in the same room as me without a treat…I don’t mind being the third wheel in this apartment, really I don’t (;

This afternoon is my first taste of on campus orientation (I’ve already watched what feels like 12 hours of orientation videos online) and I am SO nervous. I am notoriously bad at making friends on large group settings so I always have social anxiety about events like orientations/mixers. Please send me your good vibes and pray I don’t do or say anything too awkward (I need it)!

  1. Girl… you are going to do AMAZING!!! Sending so many good vibes your way. You are so brave for taking this journey & you are going to kick butt!! xx

  2. I’m so excited for you to begin your law school journey :) New things can be scary and intimidating – just think of all of the fulfillment you’ll get from going to law school!

  3. I always love getting home after being away even for just a weekend. I mostly love being able to make the temperature in the house what I want it to be!

  4. Having someone with you on that drive is a lifesaver! And I can’t wait to see your photoshoot pictures!