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When I first started writing The Fairy Princess Diaries I was a 20 year old college student living in a new city. I had recently broken up with the high school boyfriend I’d dated for four years and tasted a bit of “college dating” before falling into another long term relationship. Since then, I’ve experienced quite a bit more in terms of dating, as writing is my outlet for all emotions, I shared a lot of my struggles and realizations along the way.

I by no means consider myself a dating expert but I do spend a lot of time thinking about and analyzing romantic relationships. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and embarrassed myself a great deal. I have noticed that for whatever reason I don’t have the same filter others have when it comes to sharing their love lives on the internet. I’m pretty transparent about matters of the heart. Of course I understand why others would guard their own experiences in love but since I enjoy writing about dating, falling in love, heart break and moving on it only seems right that I should share.

When you’re in the throws of tumbling madly into love or experiencing the gut-wrenching pain of a breakup it can be cathartic to realize someone else feels (or has felt) the same way you are feeling now. Some of the feelings that come with love can feel isolating! Maybe you feel guilty burdening your friends with your breakup anymore or maybe you feel silly for giving your heart away so quickly-I know the feeling! The goal of my writing isn’t to solve all of your relationship woes (I’m afraid you’ll have to climb that mountain on your own) but rather to offer the voice of a virtual friend.

If you’re new START HERE with my relationship philosophy and brief dating history. Then feel free to click through the archives of everything I’ve ever written on dating (I solemnly swear to continue updating this post). You’ll notice some posts offer advice while others simply dabble in untangling and understanding my own feelings and experiences. I don’t claim to hold all the same beliefs I did in older posts (my blog has been around for over 4 years now and I should hope I’ve grown since age 20!). You may notice contradictions or evolution of beliefs and hopefully you’re able to forgive a few spelling errors and silly analogies.

I love receiving your comments and emails about dating, relationships and love more than anything. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have a comment, feel a topic should be discussed further or just want someone to talk to (:

The Complete Dating & Relationships Archive:

I have done my best to split posts up into categories however many of the posts fit into multiple categories (ie. Dating around and long term relationships, etc). * designates a personal favorite


Dating Around & Online Dating

My Dating Philosophy

The Spark

5 ways to Practice Self Care while Dating

12 Christmas Date Ideas

30 First Date Ideas for Summer

Are you Dating a Dreamboat?

If you can make a Girl Laugh

10 Questions you should probably Ask on a First Date

A silly look at what we WISH we could ask on a first date

Tinder Love Lessons*

My experience using Tinder and what I learned from it

Dating Gatsby

Dating an Extrovert when you’re an Introvert

Communication, Cats & Wearing your Heart on your Sleeve

Love is an Open Door: A Lesson on Finishing your own Sandwiches


Adoration Vs. Infatuation*

Can you have both?

Woo Me

Don’t Fall for Anyone who makes you feel Generic *

Dos and Don’ts of a First Date


Long Term Relationships

My Experience with Couples Therapy*

Because I think therapy can be great even if you aren’t having MAJOR relationship issues

What I’ve Learned about Love thus far

Lessons in Love

I used to think that we were Forever-ever

The Complexity of an Individual*

Lessons Learned living with a Significant Other*

Picnics & Love Languages

A Guide to choosing a Photographer for Couple Photos you’ll LOVE

What my Boyfriend taught me about Relationships

Weddings & Marriage

Why am I not Ready yet?

Put a Ring on it?



5 Lessons you Learn when you’ve had your Heart Broken


Difficult to Love

Somewhere between Heartbroken & WTF

A Letter to my First Love*

The Absence of Butterflies*

How to Deal when a Good Relationship Ends

Toxic Relationships

Down the Rabbit Hole

The story of my toxic relationship

Anyone can be the Victim of Abuse*

A PSA that victims of abuse don’t always fit the stereotype we imagine

Love is Respect

Trusting Myself

The Reasons you Leave & The Reasons you Stay*

Why the abused are not always weak

A Lot like a Charlotte

When you’ve lost the ability to believe in love

A Vow to Stop bleaching Red Flags White

The Bad Guy*

Why spotting villains in fairytales is a lot easier than spotting the bad guys in real life

9 Relationship Red Flags you Shouldn’t be Ignoring*

This post is published on Her Campus rather than my blog but I think it is important to share nonetheless (it’s still written by me, of course)


Age Differences

Dating Someone Ten Years Older

My most popular dating post to date

The Smart Girl’s Guide to Making an Age Difference Work


Just for Laughs

What Dating ACTUALLY feels like

A comical look at the horror that is dating

Love Confessions I

Love Confessions II

Reeling in the Weirdos

When your Bestie gets a Boyfriend*

15 Signs he’s NOT “The One”

He did NOT just say that (Except actually he did)

How to Flirt Smart

An awkward girl’s guide to flirting

15 Signs Your Boyfriend is more Fashionable


My Personal Love Life

I have not shared every post that ties to my own love life as I felt it was inappropriate to highlight posts that share too many details about my exes. Therefore this section highlights my current relationship and our love story, which I think is more fun anyways (;

Pike Place Market Love Story

Cutesy Couple Photos by Melissa Shaw

Free Love in the Forest

Cutesy Couple Photos part II by Melissa Shaw

The Checklist

Sappy as can be.

A tale of the first “I love you”

Tuesday Night Woes

Dealing with a partner who works a whole lot

Imperfect on Paper

When you realize what you want is different than what you thought you wanted

To be Loved

My Blair Waldorf Moment

I Understand

Beautiful Gifts

The best gift someone can give is the ability to be yourself

All I feel in my stomach is butterflies

An intimate look into my fall into love

An Epic Love

What I want from love

  1. Your posts are so impressive and insightful- I love that you’ve been able to get so personal about your own experiences. These all sound like fantastic reads!

  2. As someone who just experienced their first college relationship (and breakup!) these posts are just what I needed to read. It’s so great that you’re sharing your own experiences – I never feel comfortable talking to people about mine but I hope to become more open in the future!


  3. Ah, love. Such a complex and beautiful emotion. Your roundup of posts show all of your growth and wisdom from when you first started!

  4. I love this so much!! I pin it so I can read everything with more detail later. When it comes with relationship advice I’m not that good, unless it’s about a LDR. I can totally help with that hahaha.

    xx, Melissa

  5. Wow you really have a deep understanding of various types of relationships. Your ideas and experiences are valuable and I’m sure you’re reflections are touching some people in difficult, similar situations. Keep it up!!! xx

  6. So many wonderful posts about relationships, Jordyn. I truly enjoy reading each and every post of yours because I can just feel your passion for writing as I read your words. So powerful.

  7. This is a crazy amount of posts and such an awesome roundup! As someone who’s been with their high school sweetheart forever now, I don’t experience a lot of the dating things – but I love to read about them because I’m so nosy haha. Plus a lot of those lessons can be applied to my situation!

  8. Wow, this is quite the list! I’m married now, but I’ll be sure to pass this on to a few of my single friends.

  9. You ARE Carrie Bradshaw. Just reread your Blair Waldorf post and looking forward to reading a few more of these over the long weekend :)

    Thanks for always being so vulnerable and baring your soul with us.

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass