Thrown Together

Saturday morning Jordan and I lazily made our way to my favorite brunch spot (Bounty Kitchen) for a leisurely egg sandwich before taking on Saturday adventures. At the time we didn’t specifically have any plans for the day, but Jordan was itching to get out of town after a stressful week at work. While I hoped more for a weekend at home in Seattle, I knew Jordan needed a change of scenery to ultimately feel relaxed and refreshed. After a bit of debate tossing around destination locations we decided to meet one of his oldest friends in Portland, Oregon.

We stopped at home after brunch and threw together weekend bags without so much as looking at the weather or booking a hotel. I generally take a calculated approach to packing with organized lists and pre-planned outfits however due to the impulsivity of our getaway I didn’t have the time to do anything but throw a few pieces into a duffle and run out the door!


Our mini-getaway was not the most structured adventure we have experienced. Everything from booking our hotel, to finding a restaurant for dinner to dressing appropriately for the weather was a bit of a struggle. Why did I think packing ballet flats and sandals would work well for a rainy weekend? Why didn’t I pack a proper jacket but somehow remembered not one but two pairs of earrings? A simple weekend trip reminded me of one of the core traits I lack-spontaneity.

I often become frustrated when day to day activities do not meet my expectations. Though I may impulsively pick up a pair of sassy heels or a bright new shade of lipstick I rarely order meals off of the menu that I haven’t tried and easily become overwhelmed when thrown into unexpected adventures.

Rather than focusing on my distaste for the unplanned and unregulated I want to draw attention to a larger parallel. A recent heart to heart with my Aunt reminded me the spontaneity and unexpected surprises life in our twenties often brings. Though I am still a naturally goal oriented person over the past couple of years I’ve slowly realized how silly it is to expect myself to stick to a rigid one year plan let alone a five year plan. So I’ve started to focus on one month or sometimes even one day at a time.

Most mornings start with a grande peppermint mocha and a to-do list. I remind myself that the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time (though the thought of eating an elephant is rather disturbing no?). Whether I am making a list of tasks to complete each day, or outlining my goals for the month I’m trying to embrace the components that are calculated and the random quips and quirks that were thrown in to the mix.

Thrown together-both the contents of my suitcase and my life are approximately one part calculated and two parts entirely spontaneous. At twenty-four I can’t always control each portion of my career, my secular life or my relationships…a perfectly calculated life is both impossible and improbable. I can choose to control my reaction to the unknown, the unpredicted and the spontaneous. Whether it is a new career opportunity, a whirlwind weekend trip or a new shade of nail polish, the un-calculated path may be intimidating (and occasionally overwhelming) but that sure of heck doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the ride.

Instead of feeling guilty for all the ways I don’t have “it” together (currently: my messy hair and cluttered office) I’m attempting to focus on dancing in the wonder of chaos while simultaneously satisfying my inner need to plan and calculate by conquering obstacles bite by bite.

I can’t tell you whether this week will be influential or entirely forgettable but today I am choosing to tackle my life with intention and purpose.

Happy Monday blog friends! How do you battle anxiety and days that don’t go as planned? Do you prefer a calculated life or a spontaneous one?


  1. I totally feel you with preferring things to be planned, I love having everything organized and knowing exactly what is going on! Unfortunately with my health things don’t always go as planned so over the past few years I’ve really had to learn to work with that and am thankfully getting better at it. My Mom always tells me to take things one day at a time, which has actually been super helpful for me!

    The Blush Blonde

  2. I do love a bit of spontaneity or else I begin to feel restless, but I get how it can make you feel completely out of whack and control. But then again – if we don’t embrace it now while we can in our early twenties, then when? :)

  3. Control and knowing what’s next are big ones for me. They help me set goals for sure but like you said, it can lead to frustration when, inevitably, things don’t go according to plan. I guess I have to learn to dance in the chaos too. :)

  4. Great look! I try to be spontaneous, but for the most part organization helps keep my anxiety levels low and productivity levels high.

  5. I’m definitely a planner, but I try to challenge myself to be spontaneous at times. My husband is spontaneous so he thrives on it, and while it was difficult for me to embrace at first, it has led to some of the best memories! Sounds like a fun weekend!

  6. This post is wonderful!!! I feel the same and I get so over whelmed when things don’t go the way I expected it to be but what someone told me today is how about changing your reaction instead. Even if things are bad but if you change your attitude to something positive, then things will be okay. Great outlook on life XD! Thanks for sharing!!