1. Ooooh, I love their stuff! Can’t wait to check them out more! P.S. I’m super jealous of that flower market place you’re at in your pictures (I made that up – I have no idea if it’s a market). I lovvvvve flowers. Can’t wait until our farmer’s market opens up here so I can get some!

  2. a pair of flats that you “picked up in Paris.” the fact that you can say that confirms that your fashion sense is on a completely different level than mine. but at least I have goals now! ;) haha

  3. I always try to have a few stems around the house; it’s such an instant pick-me-up, and with some bouquets as low as $4, there’s absolutely no reason not to buy them!

Thank you for your lovely words! They add sparkles and happiness to everyday <3

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