An Ode to my first Migraine (& a recap of my trip so far)

Last Wednesday evening I caught a flight to San Francisco where I was supposed to meet my Aunt before carpooling to Napa Valley. As the law of the universe would have it, her flight was drastically delayed so we booked a hotel near the airport where I could stay for the night and carpool with her in the morning.

I boarded my flight merrily, flipping through a new book from the library. As the flight attendants demonstrated the usual boarding safety routine my vision started to blur. I read and reread the same sentence on the page of my novel half a dozen times but I couldn’t seem to comprehend what the words in front of me said. I turned on the cabin light…but I still couldn’t seem to make out the letter I’d been reading just minutes prior.

Internally I was panicking. It was just past 7:30 in the evening and I felt like I could nod off at any moment, my vision was blurred and my head was pounding. Paranoid, I was certain I must have been drugged! As soon as I was able I ordered a coffee from the flight attendant and drank it black. I hoped the caffeine would correct my vision but nodded off moments later.

This photo of my sweet siblings and I has nothing to do with my horrible migraine but I thought it was cute and wanted to share (:

This photo of my sweet siblings and I has nothing to do with my horrible migraine but I thought it was cute and wanted to share (:

I awoke to find the flight would be landing soon. Of course I was happy I’d slept through most of the flight, I was still groggy, my head was aching terribly and I was still seeing double. The last twenty minutes of the flight made me nauseous, when we landed I dashed to grab a cab to the hotel and hopefully get to sleep. No surprise, the taxi ride was jerky, I grew dizzier and dizzier until we pulled up in front of the hotel. In I stumbled where I checked in and purchased extra strength advil from the hotel gift shop. Only four floors stood between me and a dark hotel room where I could collapse into bed.

I stepped into the elevator followed by two other women who stood on either side of me. The elevator lurched up one floor, it felt as if tiny pieces of my brain were exploding. The elevator lurched up to the second floor and my stomach did cartwheels. The elevator lurched up to the third floor and the world in front of me started spinning. The elevator lurched to a stop at the fourth floor and there was no stopping it, I was throwing up in my hands.

My little sister Gigi and I at our "sister sleepover".

My little sister Gigi and I at our “sister sleepover”. Isn’t she precious?

Panicked and humiliated I ran from the elevator straight to a garbage can in the hallway. I continued to bear the contents of my dinner, the coffee from the plane and the bottle of water I’d chugged. Hoping my hotel room was just around the corner I ventured forward. With each step forward the pain in my head grew bigger and stronger, my suit case bumped my heel and I stumbled pathetically. Standing up was too much for my head to handle and once again I found myself throwing up into my hands.

I pulled off my jacket and used it to wipe my hands as I pulled forward. I couldn’t just sit down and continue to be sick in the hallways of the hotel. I was certain anyone who saw me would assume I was drunk and I wasn’t!

When I finally made it to the room I washed my hands, took a few advil and collapsed on the floor. I must have stayed there for ten minutes before climbing into bed. My mind finally felt clear enough to critically examine “what is wrong with me?” and then to google “migraine symptoms”.

It all came together-the blurred vision, the motion sickness, the horrible headache and sensitivity to light. I’d experienced my first migraine! Oh joy!

My Aunt & I kissing our medals after the Bay to Breakers race. So much fun!

My Aunt & I kissing our medals after the Bay to Breakers race. So much fun!

Luckily, the start of my trip wasn’t prophetic of how the rest of my family time would unfold. I’ve been soaking up the sun in Calistoga with my family ever so happily. Some of the highlights include morning hikes with the dogs, a facial at the spa, a big family barbecue followed by a sleepover with my 8 year old brother and 2 year old sister, taking the family’s exchange student for her first mani-pedi before prom and running in the Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco.

I’ve been SO checked out of social media which is totally not the norm for me. I’ll try to check in a little more during the remainder of my trip however family time occasionally trumps blog life.

If you’ve ever had a migraine I want to hear about your experience…how did you handle it? Is there even such a thing as gracefully and glamorously dealing with the pain that feels like your brain is exploding?

Outfit Repeater

Do you ever go through seasons of wearing (and re-wearing) the same pieces time after time? I have a whole closet (and two dressers) overflowing with clothes, yet, at any given time I probably only cycle through 1/5 of them. It sounds like I’m bragging but I think most girls can relate. How do we have SO many clothes and nothing to wear?  I’ll obsess over a few key pieces and work around the focus pieces for a month or so before moving on to a new set of key pieces.


Necklace: Rocksbox (free month when you use the code ‘fairyprincessjordxoxo’) | Top: Madewell (On Sale!)| Denim: Madewell | Purse: See by Chloe (similar) (similar) | Booties: Free People (On Sale!)

Right before my trip to Paris I stocked up on pretty spring pieces from Madewell (like this off the shoulder top and this one). It’s safe to say my purchases are quickly paying off for themselves. Among my Madewell buys were this striped peplum top and this trendy pair of distressed skinny jeans. I loved that the top felt like Taylor Swift prior to her grunge phase and the black denim was too good to pass up.


Most of the time I like to try and re-wear pieces in a new way (i.e. paired with denim, then a skirt, then leggings, etc) but I think everyone needs a few outfits they can fall back on. Lately this striped look with black skinny jeans and a few accessories is my favorite dressed down look for just about everything!


Frizzy hair probs

Peplum is sometimes scary! It definitely has the tendency to deemphasize the smallest portion of the natural waist which can make me feel fuller. When I saw this top folded nicely on display I almost didn’t try it on because I tend to dislike the way peplum eliminates my practically straight waist into nothing. This casual tee is the perfect peplum exception. The way it flows feels billowy rather than dumpy and with a statement necklace I would argue the look is positively chic.


It probably isn’t necessary to declare the loveliness of distressed black denim. For whatever reason I avoided all black denim (destroyed or not) for years. In February I finally purchased my first pair of black high waisted jeans and I am a changed woman! I worried when I impulsively picked up this Madewell pair that I couldn’t justify two black denim purchases in a matter of months (I don’t buy denim often) but I’ve already forgiven myself for the purchase. The distressed denim is perfect for a night out or an edgy date look, while the high waisted pair feels put together enough for a casual office look. Both black denim pieces are wardrobe staples now. I don’t know how I ever lived without black denim!

Next purchase…I obviously need a pair of black denim shorts (like these ones) for the warm summer weather! This afternoon I am headed to Napa Valley to spend a few glorious days in the sunshine with my family down there. I cannot wait to squeeze my baby brother and force him to go on bike rides with me. Yay for being a big sister, hehe.

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