Flirty Florals at the Conservatory


Exact Dress: Anthropologie

My earliest memories of obsessing over conservatories were from playing Clue as a child. The strange mansion that makes up the Clue game board hosted a conservatory among its many rooms and I thought “wouldn’t it be cool to have one of those someday?”. Later I read Harry Potter and envisioned Hogwarts’ Herbology courses in the most whimsically, magical conservatory. Last winter my cousin Genevieve, my best friend Nicole and I stumbled around a conservatory in San Francisco, in February Jordan and I fell harder for each other at the cutest rooftop conservatory restaurant. It’s no surprise I was anxious to incorporate a conservatory-like feel into our apartment when we moved in in April.



I’ve given up the dream of actually owning a conservatory, it seems a little much for an individual who kills every plant she touches right? However, I still adore the look of all glass buildings, every shade of green and natural light everywhere. My living room is an ode to my absolute favorite shade of bright grass green. Jordan would probably argue I even keep the apartment at the same temperature as a conservatory. I belong in a tropical environment! I’m definitely looking to incorporate that “conservatory” vibe into my interior decorating and occasionally even into my personal style.




I find nature so stunningly beautiful, from the man-made patches of nature like parks, gardens and yes, conservatories, to all of the jaw dropping natural nature I am so lucky to be surrounded by in Washington. I’m so close to beaches, mountains and forests all while living in the center of a city, it’s amazing. Growing up with so many beautiful outdoor escapes in close proximity I’ve come to thrive on fresh air. I’m totally a city girl but I can’t resist fleeing to nature to breathe in the fresh air and scenery frequently.


I found this corduroy floral dress at Anthropologie in mid January. As I’ve mentioned previously, January is no time for dress shopping and my options were severely limited. Still, I wanted to look flirty and bright for my 24th birthday celebration (in January) and luckily Anthro came to the rescue! Anthropolgie is basically on the same level in my mind as Taylor Swift, neither can do anything wrong and virtually their only sins are not loving me as much as I love them.

I was excited the temperature in Seattle was almost warm enough to prance around in this flirty floral. The dress is made of corduroy making it a great winter to spring transition piece. Though I know the next month or so won’t all be as warm as the afternoon I took these photos (though a girl can dream), I think this dress also looks great layered with a pair of tights and a cardigan.

I’m already dreaming of Spring dresses! Are you?

P.S. All of my photos were taken by my new blog friend Kristie. You have to check out her blog <3

  1. I love the dress! hopefully that material keeps you warmish. and also, I’m obsessed with plants. I also struggle to keep them alive (I think finally I’m getting the hang of it), but if I have a few days off then I MUST make a trip to a greenhouse.

  2. The back of that dress is super cute! I’m on the hunt for spring / summer clothes already that I can wear in Hawaii. My friend I’m going to visit said it’s going to be HOT when I get there, and none of my summer clothes fit me… uh oh!

  3. How lovely! I’m ready for it to be spring so I can wander about in sundresses! Much better than packing on the layers, haha :)


  4. This dress is SO cute!! I love the print and pairing it with the hot pink shoes just completes the entire look. Gorgeous, as always, girl!

    xo Ashley

  5. Oooooh! This dress is crazy gorgeous! I love th back of it on you! As always, you look incredible and I want the dress! Love the background as well. I really love how airy it is.