Surfer Girls

As I mentioned on Monday I visited San Diego for the weekend. On Saturday morning my Aunt scheduled a surf lesson for all the girls at Pacific Beach. I’ve never surfed before and honestly really hate cold water so I was nervous to try! I’m always the girl who is laying on the beach as my friends are splashing and swimming like little mermaids in the water. However, I’m not one to turn down an adventure so I knew I had to push aside my fear of the pacific ocean and just jump in.



If we’re being completely honest…I was the worst surfer in our entire group. Initially I was pretty fearless (even though I didn’t get up my first few attempts) but after getting hit in the eye with a surfboard I sort of lost my bravery. I thought the most stressful part of learning to surf would be the technique but for me it was actually the anxiety surrounding getting hit in the face with a surfboard (again).





After my surf injury (if you can’t tell I’m trying to make myself sound more hardcore and less of a baby) I tried again and was able to get up. The entire time I was so focused on learning and not getting hit with a surf board that I didn’t even notice the cold water. It was a huge accomplishment for me, hehe.



I was so proud of everyone in our group! Genevieve was a surf star from the very start and Nicole was so persistent. By the end they looked like total rockstars out on the water.  Since the water was SO congested I really could not stop freaking out about getting hit with a runaway surfboard and it took a little bit of the fun out of it for me. Still, I am grateful for the experience! I’ve always wanted to try surfing and it was a really interesting physical and mental challenge. I do prefer swimming with dolphins though!


Have you tried surfing before? Are you as much of a baby as me when it comes to getting hurt? If the pictures reveal anything…I obviously still enjoyed myself (even though I still look like a creep with my bloody eye).


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  1. I cannot say enough about how awesome this is! I love that you went out of your comfort zone and tried something so cool! I’ve always wanted to try to surf, but am super scared of the ocean.. so there’s that. haha Lovely photos and congrats!

  2. Aww this is so cute! I’ve tried surfing a few times in Halifax, Nova Scotia and in Hawaii (one extreme to the other) I’ve never been that good at it, despite being a total mermaid and spending so much time in the ocean.

    You look like you nailed it!

  3. I have never gone surfing before, but it is on my bucket list and it needs to happen one of these days!

  4. Your aunt always gets you guys to embark on such fun adventures! I’ve never surfed, but you guys make it look too fun not to try… hope your eye has healed!!

  5. What a fun girl’s day! I would definitely be the worst surfer of the group too haha! It looks like you guys did a great job though and definitely had a little bit of fun. Sorry to hear that you got smacked in the face- that would totally be me lol!

    xoxo Ashley Brooke