Cray Cray for Tay Tay

For Christmas my cousin Genevieve and I were given tickets to the Taylor Swift 1989 concert in San Diego from my Aunt and Uncle. We are both HUGE Taylor Swift fans (as you know if you’ve been reading here for awhile) and we have spent our fair share of time dancing around the kitchen in our underwear while baking banana bread and listening to Taylor Swift. I like to think Taylor and her super girl squad would approve. The way it worked out we had an extra ticket to the concert so my best friend Nicole was able to join! She and I went with my Aunt and Uncle to the Taylor Swift concert in Seattle for the Red tour so it was really cool to experience both shows together.



Our tickets included a bunch of Taylor Swift swag (keychains, tumblers, wristbands, sunglasses lithographs, bags, etc) and I am pretty sure our group was the only group over the age of 14 who actually wore the Taylor Swift gear all weekend #NoShame. Before the concert we attended a Taylor Swift pre-party at the stadium, there were Taylor Swift themed decorations everywhere and even 1989 tour decorative cupcakes. The energy in the room was electric and we had the best time drinking wine and singing along to Taylor songs to get hyped up for the concert.




As anyone who has seen Taylor before can vouch, the show was absoloutely amazing! Taylor has the best energy on stage and has this electric way of connecting with a crowd (even of 45,000 people) with just a look. People can bash Taylor’s music all they want (though I will defend her to the death) but I think most people will admit she seems to be a genuinely kind hearted person. I know she’s making millions off of her music and is a crazy international superstar but she comes across as so grounded and she really seems to care about her fans (you can read about why Taylor Swift is my girl crush here).

Our entire group was anxious to see which guest star Taylor Swift would call on stage in San Diego. At the Seattle concert she welcomed Ciara and a Seahawks player, in London her girl squad of models hopped on stage with her and she’s even performed “Smelly Cat” with Lisa Kudrow. Pretty much everyone wants to perform with Taylor and who can blame them? On our leg of the tour she first sang “Cheerleader” with Omni. It was cute and Taylor was so bubbly and energetic the entire time. Later in the show Taylor called out Avril Lavigne and the whole crowd went wild. I absoloutely loved Avril when I was in 5th-7th grade and I even listen to some of her music occasionally still. Taylor and Avril performed “Complicated” and Gen, Nicole and I were dancing and singing to every word (which was actually just the definition of the entire night which explains why my voice is so hoarse today).



I thought Genevieve’s snap of us waiting for the concert to start was so cute so I have to share it.

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to see Taylor Swift in San Diego with my family and best friend. I am such a die hard Taylor Swift fanatic and I always think there is no possible way I could love her more and then I see her in the flesh and fall in love with her music all over again. I can’t even explain how it feels to see her perform and sing along to every word of all my favorite songs without sounding like Taylor Swift songs are my religion but…it’s a freakishly enchanting experience (happy tears happened guys).

I know Taylor Swift has hit up a lot of cities in the U.S. already but if she hasn’t visited your town yet I highly recommend attending her performance. Even if you don’t eat, sleep and breathe all things Taylor Swift (like me) her show is incredible and is totally worth your time.


Do you love Taylor Swift as much as I do? Have you seen her perform? If you don’t like Taylor do you have a favorite artist you’ve seen perform live? Have you watched the Wildest Dreams music video yet?? If not, what are you waiting for?!

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  1. Awww, glad you had fun! Your tickets seem like the dream package. Glad you got to experience it with your fam and BFF! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Oh my goshhhh Jordyn you are a HOTTIE! Look at you!! Obsessing over your outfit.
    I used to be a bigger TS fan back in the day… I’m not super crazy about the 1989 outfit. But I keep seeing the pictures and videos from these shows from this tour (especially the surprise guests) and I’m like man I wish I had tickets!! Haha.

    xoxo A

  3. I’d love to see Taylor Swift in concert at some point in my life. I’m jealous you got to have this experience with your best friend, that’s so fun!

    Kayla |

  4. I’m so glad you had a great time!! I’ve never seen her in concert, but I’ve been known to rock out to her songs in my car in traffic. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  5. The Wildest Dreams video was like… holy wow, girlfriend. SO amazing!! This looks like the best time… I’ve never gone to one of her concerts, but have only heard the best things. Putting it on my wishlist!

  6. How fun! I went through a serious phase where I could not stand her! But I’m back to loving her big time. She is so much more than a pretty face with a good voice! It’s so awesome that you were able to attend one of her awesome shows!

  7. SO jealous. She’s AWESOME. I went to her concert during the Fearless tour right before I went into high school and I will never forget hearing her sing Fifteen live. Everyone gives her so much crap but I love her and think she’s a great influence.

  8. SO JEALOUS that you saw Taylor and Avril perform together! I was seeing that all over the news. I’m a big Taylor fan too, and would love to go to a concert! Oh, and your outfit is killer, girl!

  9. So jealous!!!! I saw Taylor during her Red Tour in Seattle too!! It was amazing! I wanted tickets to see her again for the 1989 tour but didn’t get them in time. So glad you had a blast, girl!

    xo Ashley