12 Races in 12 Months {Update}

I had three New Years’ resolutions for 2015:

1. Not to have my heartbroken (so far so good)

2. Not to be homeless (there was a close call on that one…)


3. To run 12 races in 12 months

Since the third goal was the only fully serious and fully measurable goal I’ve been making the most chartable progress on its completion. Today I am sharing four of the races I’ve completed so far as well as my “timeline” for completing my full resolution. Yay for being goal oriented right?!

One: Calistoga Pretty Muddy 5k



I ran this fun obstacle based 5k in California with my friend Kaila. It was Kaila’s first ever race so she was nervous but of course did a really great job! We actually ended up getting really competitive and won the race! We were both kind of freaking out (and soaking up our 15 minutes of fame) because neither of us had ever won a race before. It was silly though because it totally WAS NOT a competitive event and we were probably the youngest people participating-nonetheless we pranced around all day pretending we were olympic athletes (naturally).


Two: Sarva 5k



I ran the Sarva 5k at the University of Washington with my best friend Nicole. It was Nicole’s first ever race (sensing a trend here? haha) and I was excited when she asked me to run it with her because the cause (domestic violence and sexual assault) is so close to my heart. The race was on a sunny Saturday morning around the University of Washington campus. Nicole and I took it easy and chatted and laughed the whole time. Afterward we met up with our boys for brunch and grapefruit mimosas. It was the perfect way to end the race!

Three: Tinkerbell Half Marathon



I could not dream up a better half marathon than one put on by Disney! The Tinkerbell half marathon was my second Disney run and it did not disappoint. Disney, as you can imagine, puts on such a beautiful race with so much attention to every magical detail. Even though I did not train for this run nearly as much as I should have I had the best time running with my Aunt. I have run every half marathon I’ve ever done with my Aunt Jenn, we always match or coordinate outfits. I love racing with her, she’s an inspiration!

Four: Seattle Brunch Run 5k


postracemimosasI ran the Seattle Brunch Run 5k with my friend Kaija and Jordan (it was his first race, seriously a trend here). I knew I had to sign up for the race when Kaija sent me the link and I read you received mini brunch items and mimosas after the race. The run was held at Seattle’s beautiful Magnuson Park and the weather could not have been more sunshine-y and gorgeous! We really got to enjoy the gorgeous weather because I accidentally forced us to arrive at the race 2 hours before it started (I thought it started at 7:30 and it really started at 9:30, oops). Luckily Kaija and Jordan didn’t seem to mind so we spent a few hours sipping Starbs in the grass, stretching and soaking up the sunshine. The post race mimosas were delicious (of course) and the brunch treats were such a cute perk.


I’ve had so much fun working towards my 12 races in 12 months goal so far. I know I seem a little behind since it is already June and if I were to follow a 1 race per month schedule I would have 5 races complete by now but when I created the goal I expected I would run more of the races in summer/fall (the best weather in Seattle) and fewer in winter (SO MUCH RAIN) so I consider myself right on track. I’m running another race with Kaija and Jordan this Sunday and could not be more excited for it. I really like to sign up for races with fun themes or perks and I created my goal to encourage myself to explore more of the great races Seattle has to offer.

Did you create any New Years’ Resolutions? How are they going so far?

  1. All of those races look like so much fun! Ive been wanting to do a 5K for a while, but I haven’t been running lately so I should start by actually practicing a bit before committing to one. I like it that most 5K races have fun themes so that makes participating in them even more fun.

  2. Congrats on your accomplishments so far! The more I read your posts the more I see we have in common! I had a new years resolution to run more miles than I did last year. That would mean I would have to run 60 miles or more each month. Sadly, at the very beginning of 2015, I learned that I would be having double foot surgeries, which I had on March 18th and April 3rd. I am unfortunately still sidelined, and realizing that I will be lucky just to be able to run pain free after my surgeries, so my new goal is to be able to get back to my 5-7 mile runs before we hit 2016. Hoping my feet and lungs cooperate!! Xx

  3. Good for you – that race goal is awesome! I wish I was a runner, but it’s just not something I currently enjoy. My resolution was to get healthier and happier. I think that I’m doing pretty well so far! I have hiccups here and there, but continuing to work on it!

  4. You go girl! I love to see others meeting their goals. I forgot what I said I’d do for New Year’s so it’s safe to say I probably haven’t followed through with mine, lol.

  5. You look like you have had so much fun with the races you’ve completed so far! I think the brunch one would have been my favorite, I can never pass up a good brunch!

  6. All of these races look like so much fun! I love the ones where you get to dress up. That brunch run sounds like it’s right up my alley. Helloooo mimosas.

  7. This is SUCH a great goal, you have no idea how much I love it.. I may steal it next year ;)
    I’m actually trying to train for my first ever half marathon (something that’s shocking for me because I’m NOT a runner but I’m learning to love it!)
    I was actually wondering if you had any recommendations for sneakers.. I’m trying to find a new pair, and I’ve been looking at Nike (I always use Nike because I love their shoes), and there are NO sneakers stores in Trinidad (I mean they have, but they’re all a) ugly, b) Skechers or c) super super expensive) so I’m trying to order online but I can’t get a feel for what shoes I should be looking at.. #newrunnerproblems.. sooooo any recommendations I’d appreciate! Hahah sorry for the rant!

  8. Ahh the brunch run sounds like so much fun. Love that they provided mimosas at the end! Nice perk after running a race, haha!