A week or so ago I finally broke down and took the Myers Briggs personality test (and then made Gen take it, and then made her try to guess with me which categories everyone we know would fall into, and then made my Gatsby boy take it, and then analyzed him until past midnight). To be honest I’m surprised I didn’t take it sooner with my internal need to analyze myself and personality and what not. My result: INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging). Now that I know what all of the letters mean I think I could have guessed my result prior to taking the test, which is why I’ve proclaimed myself Myers Briggs goddess and have taken it into my own hands to crusade across my circle of friends (which is small because you know…I’m an INFJ) and force everyone to find out their result so I can analyze them further. Forewarning to anyone in my path who refuses to comply, if you don’t take the test I will just use deductive reasoning to assign you a personality type myself and analyze you based off of those results. I’m persistent.

The reason I’m so gung-ho about Myers Briggs is the eerie accuracy of my results. I’m  pretty introspectively obsessed with myself so I’ve taken a lot of quizzes and personality tests over time (If you’re wondering which character from Scandal I am…Cyrus Beene. If you’re wondering which Gossip Girl character I am…Serena). Since Gen was feeling sick Friday night and headed to bed at roughly 6:00 (my poor baby) I was left to spend the remainder of the night analyzing the own inner workings of my minds hence “INFJ” research. All of the descriptions were pretty spot on but I’ve highlighted the ones that stood out most to me.

An Interest in a few deep relationships over dozens of acquaintances: Although INFJs come across as very warm and friendly (occasionally described as “extroverted introverts”) they prefer socializing in small groups or one on one. Small talk is tiring (OH MY GOD EXHAUSTING) and boring (LITERALLY I’D RATHER BE ALONE THAN TALK TO STRANGERS ABOUT NOTHING). INFJs are eager to delve right in to deeper more personal conversations as they genuinely enjoy getting to know people. I’ve always loved the feeling of coming to “know” someone while I’ve despised idle small talk at parties and get togethers. It seems to be a strange paradigm but there is a genuinely different feel between a conversation that helps you know someone and a conversation about the surface level. When I find someone I feel comfortable sharing my innermost thoughts with I value them highly and aim to hold onto them for forever!

Feeling Misunderstood is common: Apparently only 1-2% of the population receives INFJ…I sort of find that statistic hard to believe BUT either way its an uncommon personality which can lead INFJs to feeling odd. Since INFJs are intensely self aware this realization of “oddness” always makes them feel misunderstood. Consequently INFJs have a difficult time opening up to most people they encounter, but the good news is when an INFJ finds someone he/she can open up to the INFJ is incredibly loyal to that person.

Rich Inner life: INFJs are analyzers as well as feelers which with their introverted personalities leads to very introspective/reflective minds. When an INFJ speaks he/she is usually only revealing the “tip of the iceberg”. I have the tendency to assume everyone else is only revealing a portion of their feelings or opinions as well which causes my over analyzing anxiety to occasionally spiral out of control.

Takes Conflict very personally, emphasizes expressing emotions: With a keen ability to empathize with others INFJs are usually sensitive and receptive to sharing feelings but can become closed off to criticism. I need a lot of time to process external conflict. After a discussion, talk or fight I need time to turn inwards and analyze it. Likewise I can’t really handle discussing Ebola, or dying puppies or hurt children at the dinner table. I internalize even distant news and I prefer to have alone time to really process my thoughts and emotions on these matters.

And they generally write much more eloquently than they speak: I like to think  I can articulate my thoughts fairly eloquently when it comes to written communication (and while I’m bragging the GRE and every other standardized test told me I could). However when it comes to speaking I fumble and have a difficult time relaying my thoughts precisely (perhaps a reason why I’m able to connect with so many of you lovelies but have a difficult time forming connections in person).

Great value is placed on having things orderly and systematic: Which I suppose explains my intense need to schedule every moment of my life and arrive at least twenty minutes early to work every day.

Yet there is always disarray within their orderliness: Though I prefer to refer to this as “organized chaos”.


Strengths: Great listeners, very empathetic, masters of metaphor, entranced by ideas, committed to their own ideals, complex and deep, encouraging, and future oriented.

Weaknesses: Loyalty to a fault, difficult to get to know, easily hurt (sensitive), intense and tightly wound, not good with money, difficulty leaving bad relationships, stubborn!


Woah, to say I identify with these statements is an understatement. I never thought a personality test could describe me so accurately! Gen was an ISFP and my Gatsby boy was ESTJ. Have you taken the Myers Briggs personality test? What were your results? How well do you think your letters describe you?



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  1. I took the test a looonng time ago, but recently one of my favorite bloggers compared her and her husband’s personality types and it inspired me to do the same! I’m an ENFJ (barely a J) while my husband is an INTJ (barely an I) so it makes things a little tricky but I’m actually working on writing about our different personality types right now! I’ve always loved comparing and seeing how two different types would mesh.

  2. I’ve never heard of this test before but I was so intrigued after reading your post that I took the Myers Briggs test! I’m ENFJ, and now I’m curious to explore this new info! My mom tells me that I psychoanalyze everything as well so this is AGAIN another way I feel as if you’re the blonde version of me!

  3. My roommate is super into personality tests and personality theories of pretty much every kind, but especially the Myers Briggs personalities. I’m an INFJ as well, while she is an ENFP (we get along pretty much perfectly because we’re both intuitive feelers, and then we help each other grow in the other areas:) ). My boyfriend hasn’t taken the test, but I’m pretty positive he’s an INTJ. It’s interesting navigating differences in our personalities!

    One big thing about any sort of explanatory description is that we all need to make sure we don’t hide within it – it’s nice to help us understand each other but we’re all human beings and capable of growth and development, even if something doesn’t come natural to us.

  4. I took the test a few months (weeks?) back and I got an INFJ as well. You’re right: It’s so accurate it’s creepy. Lol.

  5. I took the test and got INTJ…this test is so interesting, and I feel like it is very accurate for how I am! I feel like this test should be used more often when talking about ourselves. Its a great way to get the low down on a person in just four letters!

  6. I took it a few months ago, finally, and got INTJ. (I actually had to take it twice to convince myself). It’s almost scary accurate. I think the fact that it isn’t just one factor makes it more accurate than a lot of other types of tests.

  7. I got INFJ too! Actually, I was between T and F, but my gut told me to go with F. So, as intuitive as we are, I did. I’ve done tons of research too and I’m totally convinced!

  8. I’m an INFJ as well. I have taken these tests a bunch of times and it has always come out this way. I find it very accurate. I feel I’m in a profession (firefighting) that forces me to act against my personality type…but I guess sometimes that’s good, to get out of your comfort level.

  9. you sound like a very lovely person, but you sound like an infp, not an infj. infp’s frequently mistype as infjs, more than any other type. the first thing i noticed that tells me you most likely are not an infj is that you put quite a few pictures of yourself all over this page, and this was BEFORE any of the information about your personality type. That has INFP written all over it. INFJs are the type that is LEAST likely to post pictures of themselves on social media. And they can certainly talk about ebola and dying puppies at a dinner table…They wouldn’t choose to, but if someone started talking about ebola and dying puppies while eating, I’d sure as hell want to pick their brain more and observe their mannerisms, because talking about that stuff at the dinner table is weird! But an INFJs curiosity about human nature and “figuring something out” will always override any strong emotion(s) they’re being flooded with at that moment. Mainly because INFJs try to NOT focus on the intense, unavoidable emotions they’re continuously plagued with. Whereas an INFP thrives on reliving their strong emotions and will try to elicit emotions in themselves, and INFJ would have no need to do so.

    But the main reason I can tell you are most likely not an infj: you took the test once and you were satisfied with your results. Enough so, that you made a blog about it (also, INFJs are not the blogging type…that’s INFP…).

    An INFJ would take multiple tests over 1000x, and still say they are not really sure what they are. An INFP is more inclined to want to identify themselves immediately. INFPs love expressing their identities, that’s exactly what your blog is, and the cute little pictures of yourself dipping your rain boots in puddles just solidifies my assessment.

    INFPs are more inspirational on average than INFJs, though, so that should make you happy! Also, you’re not an INFJ unless you have an unexplainable darkness in your soul that you can’t ever seem to shake. It’s what makes them always second guess their crazy intuition about things.

    INFPs frequently mistype themselves as INFJs, because the INFP has a deep desire to be unique and stand out from the crowd, to blaze their own trails and inspire the world with their unique views on life and love. INFJs don’t have a desire to be different. They’re totally indifferent to being different, most of the time. Actually, most of them would probably say they’d like to be normal, but then they’d question what normal really was, then feel bad about trying to quantify normalcy, then wonder why they always feel bad about things that may or may not be their fault, then they would try to actually define the word fault….see where i’m going here?? nowhere. exactly.

    P.S. I probably shouldn’t have written any of that, but it reeeally peeves me off when people idealize the infj personality type. “oh it’s so rare! OMG, you’re one?! me too! welcome to the club!” A true INFJ (if there even is such a thing…), wouldn’t say any of those things, which therein lies another contradiction (but INFJs are literally, walking contradictions.)

    You seem to have it together a little too well, girly; stay whimsical. You don’t want to belong to the dark side, trust me ;) There’s no puddles to jump in or flowers to stick in your hair down here….

    One last thing…an INFJ would never xxoo… :D

  10. Hey there:)
    it’s not like I’m an expert at this whole MBTI thing (can’t quite figure these cognitive functions stuff out) and English is not even my mother tongue (sry for mistakes), but I felt the urge to comment on this, too. don’t let anyone tell you who you are. Tbh I despise these weird comments about how someone just can’t be the type they identify with or got as a result. just f*** that. A true INFJ wouldn’t this and wouldn’t that. Honestly I can’t see how a weird comment like that could make a “real” INFJ feel content. Don’t know what other INFJs do, but since I’m obsessed with self-improvement, I’d feel rather lame after leaving that comment, if I were you, sarah. I like this page and how she describes herself (totally like looking in the mirror..oh how I hate that loyalty I can’t let go of, once I started it). And yeah, I took those tests a thousand times, but it doesn’t change a thing. You know best what’s going on inside of you, Jordyn:) And that dark side? I’d rather say we have an inner light shining, bright like the sun. If it’s getting dark the only thing in your way is you. And your doubts.