But first, Coffee.

coffee break


Dress: c/o In Bloom Boutique (THANK YOU)| Headband: Urban Outfitters (similar)| Earrings: Urban Outfitters (similar)|Necklace: Urban Outfitters|Purse: Kate Spade (similar)|Shoes: Nine West (similar here & here)




I enjoyed our coffee date SO much last week that I couldn’t resist the allure of hosting another this week. I loved reading your answers to the questions I asked…seriously made my day! Grab your iced mocha and croissant and let’s chat shall we?! I have so very much to catch you up on this week my lovely little coffee beans! Let’s start with the fact that it’s August 13th already, is it just me or has August just flown by?! Summer, why must you be so fleeting???

Speaking of Fall, my favorite part of Fall has always been Back to School shopping. Something about a full fledged shopping spree feels a lot like falling in love. Am I wrong? In Bloom Boutique is my newest obsession for the perfect dresses that transition nicely from warm summer days to crisp fall mornings. This year I’m not going back to school (cue all the tears) but starting my first big girl job definitely means I deserve a few new cute/work appropriate Fall staples right? (Just say yes). My favorites are The Southern Proper (ON SALE!), The Hope you Get Lonely Tonight (imagine with tights and boots!!!) and The Goddess Within Dress (this screams “just add a scarf”). Don’t even get me started on autumn shoes and accessories (like isn’t leopard considered a neutral yet?) (Princesses wear jewels like THIS every day I think). Okay coffee date, can you tell I’m a shopping addict yet?! This answers the question I keep asking myself (WHERE DOES ALL MY MONEY GO?!)…I take the Carrie Bradshaw approach of keeping my money where I can see it, in my closet.

Next on the agenda of things you must be filled in on! Boys! Or should I say “Boy”, the one I keep vaguely referencing and posting photos with. How do you go from overanalyzing text messages and feeling ever so confused if a boy even likes you to falling so fast to kissing in the dark corner of a bar to making things “more serious” to just two days later breaking it to said boy that you’re moving to the other side of the continent on his birthday for 90 days. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUR NEW GIRLFRIEND IS MOVING TO THE CANADIAN WILDERNESS! Why doesn’t hallmark make a card with such a sentiment? For the first time in my life I’m making decisions with my head instead of with my heart and let me tell you it feels so freaking grown up but that doesn’t make it suck any less. Is there a way to stab my feelings and just like make them go away?

And then there is the whole moving process…how do you fit 90 days of clothing into two checked suitcases and a carry on? I don’t know if you’ve ever realized this Air Canada but tutus take up a majority of their own suitcase. And shoes…I want to pack both pairs of Tory Burch boots because I can’t even imagine facing fall without them but suitcases are so small and boots are so big!!! Have you studied abroad or something similar where you can’t justify bringing all of your clothes but you need to pack for multiple seasons (humid summer/chilly fall) how do you choose which precious items to take with you?

All of the recent media coverage on Robin Williams has sparked some dramatic reactions regarding mental illness. As someone who has witnessed mental illness my entire life I can’t help but find all of the tweets, the pins, the blog posts, the facebook updates…slightly overdone. I can appreciate a celebration of the actor’s life, I can appreciate the opportunity to spread awareness/education regarding mental illness…I just find the explosion of emotion…fake? Living in a city I stare mental illness in the face every day when I pass dozens of homeless just blocks from my home. I grew up with a bipolar mom and proceeded to date a bipolar man for two years. I may have an overrepresented sample of mental illnesses in my life yet I don’t think my situation is too much of an anomaly. Mental illness is all around us and I don’t think it’s appropriate that we only feel the need to care about it when it is “trending”.

Let’s wrap up our coffee date with bit of inspiration for the rest of the week (by Wednesday we can all agree the “burnout” vibe is sort of setting in right?). Now that I’ve finished Sex and the City (sadly) I can finally appreciate Carrie Bradshaw to the full extent I always should have. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Carrie quotes, “The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous“.

My questions for you my darlings:

1) What fall staples are you looking forward to adding to your wardrobe?

2) Do you tend to make decisions with your head? With your heart? Or a combination of both?

3) Seriously how do you pack a tutu?

4) Do you have any inspirational quotes you tend to turn to? (I’m a sucker for Fitzgerald and Hemingway) #Cliche 

Thank you so much for joining me again! I seriously wish I could have a giant bloggy coffee date with all of you in real life! I’m having my first ever blogger date on Friday morning (Brunch with Ashley). I am SO excited to meet her!



P.S. This post is sponsored by In Bloom Boutique but as always all opinions are 100% from my own sassy, one of a kind, crazy Jordyn brain.

  1. Oh I am looking forward to doing your questions again. I have them written up and posting tomorrow! I love the leopard booties you share they are beautiful!
    I have been thinking about the Robin Williams Mental Illness… It is terrible but you make a valid point and you put it very eloquently.
    Good luck with your packing!! I would say bring things you can layer up, but I am not an expert on packing.
    Have a fabulous day!

  2. you are rocking that dress girl!! love it! we are In bloom sistas today! and 90 days, i don’t know how in the world you pack for 90 days.

  3. I think mental illness is just something that tends to get looked over until something like this draws attention to it. There’s still such a strong stigma attached to it that most people ignore it until you see that it affects people who appear to have it all together.

  4. Oh la la, our second coffee date! Now we’re getting somewhere ;) Fall staples: boots, scarves, skinny jeans, and my new obsession – sweaters w/ elbow patches. Gah, I make decisions with my stomach! In all seriousness, probably both. Sometimes my head has to get my heart in check or vice versa, too much of one is too dramatic for me ;) I’m anti-tutu, unless your little, sorry…can we still be friends? No, but Pinterest and Google always come in clutch when I need some quote-spiration! Here’s one I posted on IG today: It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. – Henry David Thoreau. Not really inspirational, but it resonated so I thought I’d share! Can’t wait for the next one… xoxo, ganeeban