Socially Challenged.

12 hours of packing and heavy lifting later I wasn't so smiley.

12 hours of packing and heavy lifting later I wasn’t so smiley.

Yesterday was moving day, well moving out day that is. There just so happens to be a lovely little eight day gap between the day our old lease ends…and the day our new lease starts. It’s the perfect length of time to take a tropical vacation to swim with dolphins in Hawaii in my opinion but my bank account begs to differ. It’s a missed opportunity if I’ve ever heard of one. So what am I doing until September 5th? Certainly not swimming with baby dolphins or laying on the beach drinking Pina coladas. Jeff and I are living with his Grandma in our hometown, Maple Valley.

What?! You haven’t heard of Maple Valley?! Shock and awe over here. It’s my cute little suburban hometown about 45 minutes outside of Seattle. It comes complete with a beautiful lake, a few good restaurants (for a small town) and some grocery store parking lots for high school kids to hang out at each evening. It’s the cool thing to do so I can’t really blame them. Anyways, Maple Valley keeps winning awards and contests for the best place to raise a family lately so I have to admit the place is getting a little conceited. I mean, the Safeway just got remodeled and the vitamin section is looking pretty yuppy.  Maybe the high school kids will start loitering there instead? There were definitely times during my high school days that I walked to Safeway with my friends  and spent a good hour trying to sneak the weirdest objects I could find into other people’s shopping carts…obviously they were made of latex and came in small black boxes. But by far my favorite hobby was “sneaking out” to the lake to go skinny dipping, except it wasn’t really sneaking because I don’t think my Mom would have even cared.  Just the sort of opportunities I hope for my children to have someday. That being said, it was a pretty great place to grow up especially if you were the sort of crazy prankster I was.

Growing up in Maple Valley, was a lot different than staying in Maple Valley as a college student which pretty much explains why I never do it. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, School breaks…whatever, chances are I’ll be driving down to Maple Valley for the day and returning to Seattle that night because, well I’m sort of really antisocial.

Running into people from high school at the gas station, park, grocery store, Starbucks (always) etc. It’s sort of not my thing. I avoid I contact at all costs:


I do that fake smile because I’m not rude but let’s be honest…the only thing I miss about high school is the complete lack of financial responsibility  prom.

And then they notice you snf

And then they notice you and you’re forced to act like this.


I don’t want to small talk about school, or life plans or boyfriends or summer jobs. Sorry but I don’t need to hear about what you’re doing, if I really wanted to know that’s what facebook is for (Am I right or Am I right?!) Of course there are times that I can’t avoid these inevitable “little chats”. When asked what I’m doing and where my life is headed I’m the MOST antisocial, I’m just like:

I try to speak as little as possible as an attempt to put me out of my misery. Usually it works pretty well but sometimes my fellow Tahoma High School Grads are like “HUG ME” and super affectionate. OF COURSE I hug them back, I’m not some sort of cold hearted psychopath but I feel like this:


And then, if I’m lucky, we part ways. I’m able to order my iced mocha and enjoy several moments of this peaceful small town before I run into another ghost from high schools past (or something like that). Oh the joys of being a social butterfly…I’ll obviously never understand them.

I’m actually really really really grateful Jeff’s grandma is letting us stay with her, otherwise I’d be sort of homeless and that doesn’t sound like much fun. The next week will be good practice for my high school reunion, which means I should probably stop hiding in the library and writing blog posts…starting tomorrow of course.

Have a Happy Thursday internet world!



House Hunters: Apartment Edition!

Moving is just exhausting, I know I sound like a broken record by now but, sorry not sorry, welcome to my life for the next 10ish days. Packing up and moving a tiny studio apartment has been more work than you would imagine. It’s like a clown car or something, Jeff, Boo and I have somehow managed to stuff an ungodly amount of stuff into all the closets and drawers, every nook and cranny is full. I’m starting to worry we might be hoarders (Boo mainly, of course).

In the spirit of moving I thought I would play a fun little “House Hunters” inspired game before revealing my new apartment. I’ve been inspired by the cheesy reality show (it’s been my guilty pleasure through this moving process), and I thought it would be fun to create my own apartment hunting version.

Here are some of the things we wanted in an apartment:

1) Lots of Closet Space

2) 2 bedrooms, we don’t care how many bathrooms

3) Washer and Dryer in unit

4) Close to School/Work and a grocery store

Okay, now for the fun part…the candidates! Sorry the pictures are all awful, I took all the pictures from the ads just so I wouldn’t give away which one we are moving to.

Apartment #1: Charming Town home


The first “apartment” is actually more of a town home. It is 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and is 1200 sq. ft. It is INCREDIBLY charming, I’m talking crown molding, real wood floors, a fireplace, walk in pantry, separate dining room and a small study attached to the master bedroom (which would be GREAT for converting into one giant walk in closet…pinterest style). It has a shared washer and dryer (with the unit below it, so not too bad) and off street parking (which is included with the rent). What I love about this town home is all of the personality, and of course the extra space. It is in a central Seattle location (close to school and work) however it isn’t very “walkable”. The closest walkable amenities are a gas station…and the zoo. While I do love the zoo, Jeff and I would like to be able to walk to get groceries and possibly even to some restaurants and shops. This town home is a pretty good price for the amount of space, included parking and location. My final concern is that utilities may be more expensive because it is an older place.

That living room has SO much potential!

That living room has SO much potential!

How great is the crown molding in the dining room?!

How great is the crown molding in the dining room?!


Apartment #2: Safe Location & Lots of Amenities

The second apartment is a very low price, when Jeff and I first discovered it we were ecstatic. Not only was the rent way below the price we pay now but it is a bigger space. Parking isn’t included but is 1/3 of the price per month we now pay. It is two bedrooms and two bathrooms, 925 sq. ft, small but with lots of closet space, although the kitchen is pretty dated. What we don’t love is that it is surrounded by a lot of other apartment buildings…welcome to apartment land . BUT the neighborhood is one of the safest in Seattle and there are lots of parks nearby which is great for running and of course for Boo. Another downside is the apartment doesn’t have a washer and dryer and in fact the laundry room is shared with the entire building, however I’ve lived in a dorm and a sorority so I’m sure I could get used to shared laundry again. On the other hand, the complex has a hot tub, gym, sauna and even a free dvd rental library. I love the idea of a gym included in my rent.

I could see myself here on a snowy day.

I could see myself here on a crisp fall evening with a glass of champagne.


Apartment #3: An Updated and Centrally Located Apartment

Our third choice is a 965 sq. ft.  two bedroom, two bathroom apartment above a grocery store and a Starbucks (obviously a major perk for this addict). It is within walking distance of my school and about a five minute drive from work. The inside of the apartment is very updated and has lots of natural light. The apartment has its own full size washer and dryer and even a laundry room with lots of storage space. The second bedroom has two huge closets which is important when trying to find a roommate. The apartment is surrounded by restaurants, bars and shops. One of the downsides is that the apartment isn’t close to many parks, which is important with a dog. Furthermore, parking is even more expensive than what I pay now (an already ABSURD price) and it could be noisy living above a grocery store and so many shops. This apartment is near the top of our budget, however, with a roommate, it is still less per month than we pay now.

Look at that fancy kitchen, I could definitely watch Jeff make me dinner at the bar (;

Look at that fancy kitchen, I could definitely watch Jeff make me dinner at the bar (;

Beautiful rooftop view

Beautiful rooftop view


Thanks for playing along with my little game! Apartment hunting has been a much crazier adventure this year than it was last year but I know it will be worth it in the long run. Jeff and I are both really looking forward to our decision. Which apartment do you think we picked?!  Or better yet, which would you pick? I’d love to hear your responses, I’ll reveal (with MANY MORE pictures) as soon as we move!



Falling in love with Fall?

The past week it seems as if everyone whose anyone is gloating about fall. Okay, maybe gloating isn’t quite the right word but the word on the street is that the whole wide internet is excited about it. Let’s be clear here, it was really starting to bother me. It’s still August people, and I have practically the whole month of September free from school still so I sort of felt like everyone was getting ahead of themselves. I’m not ready to pack away my bikinis, I’m not ready to give up evenings laying in the sunshine by Greenlake or sundresses or ice cream (okay…not going to give that up) and I’m definitely not ready for the endless rain and mud that Seattle calls fall. I didn’t get the hype. That is, until this morning.

I call this look "I'm a nanny so I can wear wrinkled linen anytime I want".

I call this look “I’m a nanny so I can wear wrinkled linen anytime I want”.

This morning Jeff and I went on a little stroll around town. We had our Starbucks in hand and the whole morning to just enjoy living downtown (we have less than a week left in our little city studio). Today was a bit cloudy, and windy, I could feel fall in the air, and to be honest I actually didn’t hate it. I especially didn’t hate it when we happened to wander into Anthropologie (Can I please be rich and successful with thousands to splurge right now?!) and checked out all of the adorable fall sweaters they have right now. I’m a sucker for stripes, and flowery prints and anchors and honestly anything with a dog on it (so basically the entire store).

Playing runway model on the rooftop, you know...

Playing runway model on the rooftop, you know…

I was drooling over a striped sweater with a french bulldog on it when I realized I was a little excited for the change of the season. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to rush it (I will be enjoying my last almost month of summer) but I’m not dreading breaking out my ugly sweaters and comfy jeans and boots (my favorite part of fall).

I love Seattle!

I love Seattle!

What about you? How do you plan on enjoying the last bit of Summer? Happy Friday! I’m excited to spend the weekend with my Dad who is visiting from California and do a little apartment shopping with my new roomie! I’ll let you know if I find anything amazing!



When you lay down in a broken hammock and fall on your butt...good times my friends.

When you lay down in a broken hammock and fall on your butt…good times my friends.

Things Left Unsaid

It’s weird, the way things become clear sometimes. Instead of slowly coming to an understanding, it’s all at once, and it leaves you wondering why your thoughts had ever been clouded or confused in the first place. It’s that feeling when you  remember the word that had been on the tip of your tongue or when you realize you forgot to print your final paper as everyone is passing theirs forward in class. How could I have ever forgotten? How could I ever not know? It isn’t always about forgetting though, that “A-HA” feeling. Sometimes it’s about situations, how they could have gone, or worst yet, how they should have gone. It’s about people I’ve let go, about situations I wish could have gone differently. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m overly nostalgic. I start to miss moments before they’re even over and I collect happy memories like nineties kids collected beanie babies.

But sometimes pictures and notes and memories aren’t enough. Sometimes I can’t quite remember where things went wrong, I just know I’ve messed up. I should have bitten my tongue. I should have been a shoulder to cry on. I shouldn’t have judged so harshly. I should have sucked up my pride. I can’t stand loosing people and I can’t justify loosing people. If they hurt me, I forgive them. If I hurt them, I want to apologize and cry and grovel until they forgive me. Above all else, I believe it is most important to be good to people, to leave behind a legacy of love and kindness. Living out these values can be tough sometimes. Do I stand by a friend when it in turn means hurting another friend? Do I hold back my thoughts and beliefs and sacrifice sticking up for myself?


Today while watching Hannah Montana at work (yeah, I have a tough life) I learned a valuable lesson. The first lesson I learned was not to lie to your parents when you put a bunch of clothes from the flea market on your credit card (because Miley can’t afford the $75 shoes at the flea market…really believable Disney) but the second was more important, I remembered how important it is to be truthful to yourself. I don’t think I’ve been honest with myself the past year, and it’s been catching up to me (in A LOT of ways). It’s crazy what a huge effect internal discontent can bring to your “external life”. I highly, highly, highly, recommend letting yourself really feel the way you feel…and dealing with it right away, rather than burying and/or suppressing your true feelings for…you know, over a year.


Have I painted a pretty little picture for you about what has been going on in my little blonde head the past few days? There’s been a lot of “Would have, Should have, Could have” going on and as hard as it is to accept, I’m not really able to time travel just yet. And while I would totally welcome a magical time traveling pegasus to take me back (I’ve been reading a little too much Madeleine :’Engle lately) and let me erase any words or actions that may have hurt others…so far it’s not happening. Which leaves one more option, moving forward. Aha! Now just to figure out precisely how to do that…

Top: American Eagle Jeans: Kate Spade Bracelet: Kate Spade Bag: Kate Spade Outlet Shoes: Guess

Top: American Eagle Jeans: Kate Spade Bracelet: Kate Spade Bag: Kate Spade Outlet Shoes: Guess



“Princess” isn’t a bad word.


Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan and for me, a “type a” “I can’t live without my planner and calendar and post it note reminders” freak…well life not going according to plan can be tough. One of my biggest flaws, is that I am a complete control freak. Not only do I proclaim myself as leader/project planner of anything/everything but I truly have a truly difficult time when I don’t get my way. It doesn’t get more bratty than that does it?! I’m not proud of this trait but I can’t understand the lack of persistence on behalf of others. I can understand compromising on which movie to see Friday night, where to go on vacation and even when it comes to shopping (I guess I don’t need a new outfit for every occasion that will be documented on my blog…) But when it comes to what I consider “real life” aka the important things, I’m not much of a compromiser. In fact, I’m exactly the opposite and despite the fact that this has led to some pretty nasty insults from people who matter to me, I can’t help but feel that being a stubborn control freak isn’t always a bad thing.


Nothing says “self absorbed” like a good old fashioned “selfie” right?!

Just recently I was called a “self absorbed princess” and at first it felt like such an insult. It stung and to be honest it broke me down. I cried, at work (totally unprofessional but thats the perk of being a nanny right?!)and I laid in bed wondering what kind of person I am and wondering what I could do to change. But as I tried to laugh off the comment, someone I respect reminded me “what do you think Kate (Middleton) does when someone calls her a princess?! Do you think she acts offended like its some sort of bad word” (not a direct quite here but you get it. And I started to think. It’s true, I am a princess. I spend way too much money on shoes and I have way too little money in savings. I care too much about the sparkle on my tiara and way too little about what’s happening with the NSA or if Seattle allows anymore “apodments” to be built. And maybe I should care more other the world is turning into my favorite book (1984) but I don’t. And I can’t force myself too. It’s natural for me to get worked up over neglected children and homeless puppies and undereducated women but it’s not me to care about taxes. Tax me, don’t tax me. I don’t care. I care about my family and friends more than anything and the kids I nanny, they might as well have come from my own ovaries because I care for them so much and they drive me completely insane at the same time.


I guess my point is that I do get wrapped up in the glitter and the sparkles (I can’t stop myself from lusting over those tory burch riding boots or the Tiffany’s engagement ring I dream of wearing on my finger one day) but I think I know what’s important. I think I’m a nice person and I don’t think being a champagne snob or a lululemon addict takes away from that.




p.s. please try and forgive any spelling and grammar issues here. I’ve been writing this blog on my phone and I swear WordPress is being impossible. I’ll fix it when I get home (maybe).