10 ways to Cultivate Happiness

Dress | Necklace (under $20)| Earrings (on sale!)

The sunshine is gone and this week Seattle is plagued by rain and thunderstorms. I got caught in the pouring rain in my workout gear on Monday afternoon and was soaked like a drowned rat by the time I made it home. When the sun goes away it tends to stay away (at least in Seattle) so I like to say “when there isn’t any sunshine you have to be the sunshine”. I know, I know, it’s cheesy and cliche but I believe it is true. A little positivity and perspective goes a long ways!

I thought this set of photos by Madeleine Wilson was perfect for this post on being your happiest self. The compliment I receive most (not to toot my own horn or whatever) is that I am like sunshine. I love love love receiving that compliment not because I am a naturally happy and positive person but because I feel grumpy, snarky, bratty,etc. all the time and consciously try to be KINDER. I am naturally very high strung so I have to remind myself to be positive and not to let stress control me. I love these photos from Madeleine because they feel the most like me. I’ve been a bit of a hippie, flower child my entire life-hence the name of my blog, The Fairy Princess Diaries. I find myself most happy surrounded by nature, and yes, in the sunshine, so this last summery dress felt like a natural fit for this post.

10 ways to Cultivate Happiness like you’re Growing a Garden:

1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Stop stalking instagram models and asking why you don’t have  23″ waist, stop looking at the success of the people you went to high school (or college) with when you don’t know the whole story, stop looking at your favorite fashion blogger and thinking your life sucks because you don’t travel around the world in free designer clothing, just don’t do it! Comparison comes in all shapes and forms but as a whole it’s just yucky. When you find yourself comparing or feeling inadequate log out of social media or extricate yourself from the situation in real life and take a breather.

2. Become a Better Communicator

The older I get the more I realize talking through all issues tends to resolve them (or at least helps resolve the issue). Work towards bringing up problems before they snowball out of control whether it’s with your partner, your bestie or your boss. Be a good listener and take a moment before you respond in a defensive manner. Half of communication is ensuring every party feels heard and validated in their feelings and ideas. This article highlights 6 strategies for becoming a better communicator (I think everyone can improve and see results).

3. Get to Know Yourself Better

The mantra for my blog (do blog’s have mantras?) is “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. I truly believe there is immense power in self knowledge. When an event or conversation triggers a strong emotion, explore why. Ask yourself why you behave one way and someone close to you behave’s in a way that is so differently. Think about your own thinking. Dive into psychoanalyzing yourself and recognize that nothing is permanent. “I’m shy today but I may be extroverted and outgoing tomorrow”. “I tend to hate change but one day I might wake up craving something different and that is okay”. Welcome evolution! I promise only good things come from learning more about who you are. I wrote an entire post on 5 ways to Know Yourself Better.

I originally discovered this dress on Rent the Runway Unlimited, get $30 off your first month by using my link! If you try it let me know how you like it.

4. Find something for YOURSELF and Be “About” it!

Since I’ve been in law school I have become happier, more stressed, but happier. Have something you can sink yourself into whether it is school, starting a side business, an art project or a fitness goal. When you have a goal that is yours and yours alone you will feel more than happiness, you will feel fulfilled.

5. Show People that you Love them

Don’t just tell people you care, show them. My love language is words so it is easy for me to fallback on showing people love in the way that is easiest to me, however, all people need love in all languages (see my post on the 5 love languages). Send your Mom a surprise bouquet, call your brother just because, bake a cake for your roommates, send a care package to your bestie across the country, leave post it notes all around the house for your significant other-get creative!

6. Keep track of Life’s Little Joys

Keep a gratitude journal or reflect on the best part of each day at the end of the day. Even if you think about what it is you love about your life on your morning commute the exercise will do it’s duty. Studies show thankful people are happier.

7. Challenge yourself in a New way

As the saying goes, when we stop growing we stop living! You are never too old or too inexperienced to try something new. Enroll in an adult ballet class, take up hiking, go back to school, grab a girlfriend and try out a pole dancing class, join a community organization, or learn to code from the comfort of your own home. Our brains love a challenge; our minds thrive on challenge. Consistently look for new ways to challenge yourself, happiness comes with growth!

8. Write a Love Letter

There is something so cathartic about throwing all of your feelings out there scrawled out on a sheet of paper. Even if you aren’t in a relationship you can write a love letter to your best friend or a family member who has been there for you through difficult times. Taking time to lift someone else up will surely make that person’s day, but you’ll find it will also elevate yours.

9. Practice Mindfulness

We live in an age that glorifies busy. Most of us are trying to challenge a full time job and a side hustle or school and internships and a job. Some people have kids and husbands and community responsibilities. It’s easy to fill up your weekly calendar months ahead of time. As I’ve mentioned previously being involved and building community is essential for happiness, however, mindfulness is the crucial component that forces you to slow down and sit with your thoughts. Mindfulness comes in all forms-you can journal, meditate, practice yoga or even force yourself to make your daily commute in silence without the distractions of Taylor Swift blaring on the radio or your favorite podcast whisking you away. Mindfulness is fantastic for combatting stress and allows you to reflect on your life. This article explains the benefits of Mindfulness and this Huffington Post piece breaks down 20 benefits of mindfulness (specific and general).

10. Let Go of Toxic people & situations

Sometimes letting go of toxic individuals means removing them from your life, sometimes it means letting go of the weight they have in your life and sometimes it means altering your mindset and taking control over the way they make you feel. It isn’t always possible to push every toxic person out of your life (your husband’s mom isn’t going anywhere) but you can learn to control your thoughts and reactions and thus release the control the toxic person has on you. When you have the power to escape a toxic situation (a bad job, an unhealthy relationship, a mean and judgmental group of friends) do what you can to remove yourself (often takes planning) without causing more drama than necessary. When you let go of toxic people and situations it won’t take long to realize you don’t even miss them,

Though I am currently at home in bed with the WORST sinus headache (I swear my cold keeps evolving into something new)I can honestly say I am at one of the happiest points. When I get frustrated over something little like traffic, an annoying bill or Pierre tearing up a plant-I remind myself how wonderful my life is. So much of life may be random or chaotic. We can’t control the political atmosphere, we can’t control when a loved one gets cancer or when a pet passes away, but we can control our choices and perspective. Feel frustrated, scream into your pillow, eat a pint of ice cream, grieve! Part of the human experience is feeling the depth and breadth of emotions life has to offer. But after you are done grieving seek happiness! Make choices to cultivate your happiness and build a life that fulfills you.

Feel free to share your tips for cultivating happiness, I love reading them<3


All Photos are by Madeleine Wilson.

A Look at my Resume: Jobs I’ve Held over the Years

It’s Monday, which means back to work for most of us. I had a mountain of reading this weekend and another busy week ahead of me. In the spirit of a new school/work week I thought I would share a sneak peek at a few of the jobs I’ve held in my lifetime. I’ve worked quite a few jobs in my time so this “resume sample” is by no means exhaustive, but the highlights of the more interesting day jobs I’ve dipped my toes in.

Tee | Skirt | Heels (also LOVE these) | Tote | Earrings

Hollister Girl

As a teenager I dreamed of how cool it would be to work at the mall. The thought of selling clothes to other brace faced adolescents and their parents made me giddy. While shopping with a friend one weekend (which for me probably meant buying nothing but a Cinnabon) I was offered a job at Hollister. Somehow I was flattered and felt like I *had* to take the position, as if it were a grand opportunity. So, I spent that summer juggling daily summer cheer practice, homework for my AP classes and a part time job at Hollister. My duties consisted of standing in front of the store wearing navy flip flops and branded t-shirts with short shorts saying things like “Welcome to Hollister, have you been to Gilly Hicks yet?” and spraying perfume around the front room every hour. For a retail job it was pretty easy because I was rarely expected to work at the register or in the fitting rooms (that was for more senior employees I think) sadly, my career as a Hollister girl only lasted one summer before I moved on to my next teenage career calling.

Receptionist at a Hair Salon

My grandparents owned a hair salon and despite my own poor hair choices offered to let me work as the receptionist. The salon had a huge store in the front with hundreds of products and roughly six stylists in the back. My job answering phones, ringing up sales and organizing products felt like a huge upgrade from Hollister, and I’m pretty sure I was drawn in by the promise of a salary above the minimum wage. Though I could barely put my own hair in a decent ponytail (still a problem), I studied popular hair products so I could make recommendations to customers and thoroughly enjoyed my employee discount on services. As the youngest employee some of the hairstylists took me under their wing and I worked at the salon for the remainder of high school until I went off to college.

Assistant Preschool Teacher

My sophomore year of college I applied for a position at the on campus children’s center in a preschool classroom. Prior to the job I had volunteered several times a week in the preschool classrooms so I knew I would enjoy working with toddlers. The best part about working with preschoolers was all the cute things they would say, the way they would run over and squeal “teacher Jordyn” as I ran in the door and the hugs they’d give me as they left class. The worst part was that I caught a cold every other week and I had to work at 8:00am the morning after Halloween.


A nanny seemed like an easy transition after working in a preschool. When I transferred colleges and moved to Seattle I worked for several families as a private nanny while I finished school. At this point in my life nannying is the longest, most consistent job I’ve ever had! I worked for a family of three little girls every morning helping the girls get ready for school and for a little boy in the afternoons. For a solid two years I adopted the motto #AllMyFriendsAreFive because I honestly had more child friends in Seattle than adult friends. The natural progression of things led to me wearing tutus and sparkly headbands and suddenly I realized I had to get out of nannying as I was rapidly transforming into either a 5 year old or Miss Frizzle. So I said au revoir to nannying and said hello to the “real world”.

Marketing Intern

After college graduation I packed up my life into two giant suitcases and a Vera Bradley duffle to spend three months in North Eastern Canada for an internship at an international seafood company. At the time I was a full fledged vegetarian, so I started eating seafood (well, some) so I could properly market the products (dedicated employee of the year right here). On my first day I was BEYOND thrilled that I got my own cubicle. I guess I had expected to be stuck working at a laptop in the break room? Not sure what was on my mind! I had a great team of women that I worked with, we ate lunch together almost every day and made Mean Girls references constantly. During my three month internship I got to help with everything from social media content, to sensory evaluations, to advertising campaigns, competitive research and even a video shoot. I was sad to leave Nova Scotia and my job there when I returned back to Seattle. The legacy of my internship still lingers on as I’ve been a fish eater ever since (;

Bridal Stylist

A more recent interesting but unique job I held was at a cute bridal boutique called, The Dress Theory. My mom sent me the job description when she saw it because she knew I would love an excuse to help women play dress up every single day. She was right, I loved it! Though it turned out I wasn’t a natural salesperson, I did love seeing the moments that made up so many happy memories. Women often brought along their great grandmothers, their besties, their family-to-be and sometimes even their fiancés. Working as a bridal stylist you get to be a small part of the magic even if you are like the fairy godmother working in the background.

As for this outfit, I think it’s a great everyday look for those of you who are still experiencing summer weather. I would add a suede or leather jacket for a date night or switch out the tee for a button up and wear it to work. I’m trying out RTR Unlimited (full post coming next month after I’ve experienced the process more) which is where I found this skirt. I had to toss both pairs of nude heels I owned when we moved in April. I researched for hours (and months) trying to figure out which nude pointed toe heels to go with next. I finally settled on the Christian Louboutin Decoltish pumps at Nordstrom. I thought the “So Kate“s were a little prettier but practicality wise I need heels that don’t cut into my feet or make my arches achy. I know I will be wearing these pumps for years to come. Of course I had to take a photo of the red soles of my heels before the paint chips and scuffs. So sad that the soles don’t permanently stay that pretty, if only I could hover instead of walking (;


Have you held any funny jobs? Any really interesting jobs? Any jobs that taught you what you wanted to do or what you didn’t want to do? I like to look at every job as a gigantic learning experience. Even some of the jobs that helped me understand what I don’t want to do were often irreplaceable for the skills, experiences and relationships I gained. Next, I’m looking forward to my adventure in the legal world. Only time will tell where is my resume headed next (:


All photos are taken by Madeleine Wilson.

Half Way through September Coffee Date

What a week! Wrapping up my fourth week of law school it’s like the full workload has hit me. In addition to all of the homework there are club meetings and networking events that feel important to attend. I came down with a bit of a cold this week making the struggle a bit more challenging. I scheduled a last minute massage last night for my achy body and stiff neck. I swear, it was heaven on earth! The past few days I’ve fallen asleep before 9:00 because my brain and body are just SO exhausted. I am really hoping the weekend will give my body time to recover and I will be 100% ready to tackle next week by Sunday night. Fingers crossed!

As I’m sitting here writing I realize there are a few little life updates I want to catch you up on so I figured why not clump them all into one big coffee date. The mornings are getting chilly here in Seattle so I am cuddled up in an oversized sweater, still in my pajamas, sipping on a pumpkin spice latte. Starbucks has the pleasure of seeing me half awake every morning practically the moment I roll out of bed.

The light in this photo (insert heart eye emoji here), Madeleine you the best girl!

Law School is MORE like Undergrad than I imagined.

Being the over thinker, over analyzer, planner that I am, I spent a lot of time before law school researching law school. Pretty much every law school blog and podcast I could find was eager to emphasize that law school is not like undergrad. Sure, law school classes and exams have an altered format from undergrad but overall law school is much more like undergrad than I expected. I think a lot of students who go straight to law school after graduating from college will perhaps note the difference more prominently. However, I spent three years in the working world and I have to say the first year of law school is a whole lot more like undergrad than like the working world. Ha!

My first year classes are all with the same core group making law school feel a little like high school even. I sit by the same girls (er, I mean women) in every class. We have coffee or lunch between classes and rant about professors or the students who talk just to hear themselves speak. My planner is filled with club meetings and events and there is even a law school fraternity with a Big/Little program. So yeah, law school feels like undergrad to me. That being said, if there are any law school potentials reading, keep in mind I read so much telling me law school was NOTHING like undergrad prior to attending. I think I was so ready to enter a world I had never experienced that I psyched myself out. Law school is a crazy challenge but the day to day and the format aren’t all that different than my four year experience.

Rent the Runway Unlimited & Le Tote

By now you all have probably already heard about Rent the Runway Unlimited and Le Tote. Both services offer monthly clothing “subscriptions” that essentially allow you to cycle out pieces from your closet. Personally, I am the girl who will buy a super cute dress for an event or statement top only for it to sit in my closet for YEARS before I ever wear it again. The problem is I always want a new dress or new statement outfit for the next big event. While I wear the same three pairs of jeans on repeat year after year after year, I might buy 5 trendy tops only to wear them once or twice before the trend is dated. I was drawn to the idea of switching out trendy items through a service like Rent the Runway and Le Tote. I will be posting a full review of both services (as well as comparing and contrasting the services) soon. I just wanted to put some feelers out there to see if you guys have any specific questions you want answered. I want this post to be super informative, so if you have a burning question or you’ve been thinking of subscribing but want some answers first, let me know!


Family Time

It seems that the older I get the more I relish time with my family. The past few weekends Jordan and I are either spending time with my family, his family, or both! Last weekend we went to a comedy show with my Aunt & Uncle one evening and had dinner and went out to ice cream with Jordan’s mom the next night (have I mentioned how much I adore Jordan’s mother? I feel so so lucky). Tonight I am hoping to meet up with my Mom for a little shopping and dinner AND at the beginning of October Jord and I are taking a weekend trip to Leavenworth with my Aunt & Uncle. My relationships with my family have been difficult in the past (particularly as a teenager) but I really cherish family time as an adult. I only wish I could see my Dad and younger siblings who live in California more often. The little babies grow so fast!

Taylor Swift Haters

It’s basically established that my love for Taylor Swift is one of the founding principals of this blog. I find all discussions pertaining to Taylor Swift almost political in the sense that people get SO worked up even if they allegedly don’t like her. I cannot mention that I like Taylor Swift without someone cutting me off mid sentence to tell me that they think Beyonce is better. DID I SAY ANYTHING ABOUT BEYONCE? I’m pretty sure me liking Taylor Swift says nothing about Beyonce’s talent or worth or likability. I do not follow anything as closely as Taylor Swift haters follow and track her every move. For example, I don’t particularly love Ariana Grande’s music (she has a great ponytail I’ll give her that) but her music just sort of annoys me. When an Ariana Grande song comes on the radio, I change the station. Wanna know what I don’t do: Watch all of her music videos the day they come out, act like it is her music that caused the Holocaust, tell all of her fans they are stupid, vapid, lifeless soul suckers, pretend her music is anything more than shallow entertainment, look for any/every way her performances could be disrespectful to cancer patients or veterans or refugees or ANYONE the performance is clearly NOT targeting…HATERS ARE INSANE. Can I just say I am so glad I am not a celebrity? Pretty sure I would come unhinged and become a full fledged maniac by day two because the world of the internet and social media can be ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for critiquing music or a performance (it isn’t my thing but I understand there are true music industry fans that are into such things) but acting like you hate an artist and then being the first to consume all of their content just to hate on it is actually pathetic. I know Taylor Swift doesn’t need me as her knight in shining armor, and I don’t really intend to be that, I have just noticed so much unnecessary hate with the release of her last two songs that it’s made me think. People do realize it’s just an album right? I mean, guys, we do know it’s just one celebrity putting out one CD and it’s pretty easy to ignore. We do know that both Taylor and Kanye (or Taylor and Katy) like these “feuds” because they are giving them publicity and making them money right? Can’t say with 100% certainty but I’m willing to bet Kim and Taylor and Kanye and Katy and whoever else, does not lose sleep over the celebrity feuds because they ARE PUTTING ON A SHOW THAT DRAWS THE PUBLIC IN (MAKES EVERYDAY PEOPLE FEEL INVOLVED) AND MEANWHILE SMILING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK WITH THE MONEY THESE FAUX FEUDS GIVE THEM. Okay, just had to put that out there. Like whatever music you like but recognize strategic branding is a thing in Hollywood just as it is in blogging or with a business or whatever. xxoo!

Hope things didn’t get too heated with our Taylor Swift coffee debate right there (; I love you guys no matter where you fall on the Taylor-Kanye spectrum (I mean hey, I’m dating a Kanye fan). Enjoy the last weekend of Summer and please leave a comment with what you would tell me at our coffee date! Coffee with a friend is much more enjoyable if I’m not the only one talking.


Thanks again to Madeleine Wilson for taking the photos for this post. If you are in the Seattle area I definitely recommend working with her. 

Fashion Favorites

It’s fashion month! I mean, I don’t know if there is officially a month designated to fashion but I think we can all agree September is a fashion lover’s Christmas. September is the best month for clothes! It’s warm enough for my favorite sun dresses but cool enough for jeans and sweaters (at least in the mornings). I am in the full swing of things with school right now, meaning my day to day life is filled with heavy backpacks, long reading assignments and lots of coffee. I’m not complaining, I like school, but fashion news is a welcome distraction.

All Photos by Nathan Peppin

Favorite Fashion Quote: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening” – Coco Chanel

There are so many great fashion quotes out there, some for inspiration and some for laughs. This list of the 101 best fashion & style quotes reminded me of some of my favorites.

Favorite TV Character Wardrobe: Though it’s not coming back for a third season I loved the over the top outfits of the Chanels on Scream Queens. Fur is super in again this winter!

Fashion Icon: I have a lot of fashion icons but I really love Jane Birkin. If you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed I pin images of her constantly. I also adore Amal Clooney for professional inspiration and Gigi Hadid’s street style for something edgy.

Favorite Designer Inspiration: I don’t have one designer whose shows I can’t miss, but I adore the artistry and production of the more creative designers. I always look forward to seeing Rodarte’s collections  and I would dress in head to toe Chloe if I were a socialite with a limitless credit card!

Favorite Designer to Wear: Sophia Webster makes fashion whimsical and creative. While I can’t wear her magical creations daily I like the unique statements they make. I wasn’t lucky enough to snag anything from her recent collaboration with Puma but I know butterfly sneakers would make me feel like a total goddess at the gym. As a self proclaimed “fairy princess” I was born to wear Sophia Webster! P.S. I already have the butterfly booties but like…I can justify these too right?

Best Fashion Advice you’ve ever received: “When you love something it never goes out of style”. While there are definitely pieces that look dated, I believe everyone should own their personal style. If you are expressing yourself, if you love what you’re wearing then you will exude an inner confidence and naturally you’ll have that supermodel glow. I really believe it!

Favorite Fashion Magazine: I love flipping through InStyle and Glamour but I’ll take any/all fashion magazines. A hot bath and a new magazine at the end of the day is heavenly. I’ll skip the wine though and drink grapefruit juice in the bath (I have to be a little bit less of a clichè right?)

Favorite Book(s) on Fashion: Tales from the Back Row was a quick read with lots of fun celebrity appearances as well as valuable information on the fashion industry (full review here).

Favorite Trends to follow: I love following bridal fashion! It started in college when I wrote a paper on the history of the wedding dress. I’ve looked at Bridal Fashion Week ever since.

Favorite Fashion Model: Karlie Kloss, I dedicated an entire post to my Girl Crush on Karlie. I think Karlie does a great job of relating herself to everyday women and she engages with fans with her Youtube channel. Most importantly, Karlie enrolled in school at NYU while modeling AND founded a camp to teach girls to code. I really appreciate when models/celebrities use their platform to make a real difference.

Trend you are LOVING: Aside from white ankle booties which at this point I have talked about so much you all probably feel like I am brutally battering a dead horse..I am really excited about the resurgence of metallic. I probably won’t go super intense with a metallic gown but I am all about space age metallic booties and metallic accessories. I still adore the

Trend you are LOATHING: Ugh, anything overly 80s inspired. I’m not into shoulder pads and as much as I genuinely like all the ruffles I can’t help but think about how stupid we’re all going to feel when we look back at photos. Oh well, that’s part of the fun of fashion right?

At the end of the day fashion should be a creative way to express who you are. I’ll admit I sometimes have to remind myself not to let fashion confine me #SlaveToFashion but to let each new trend and evolution inspire me. Have you been following NYFW? Who are your favorite designers? Fashion blogger? Street style stars? I would love to read.

I believe,

A four day week is like an extra treat after a long day weekend. Laying in the bath reading Sylvia Plath’s journal I was inspired to think about the poetic beauty of the world. As a personal reflective exercise I thought I would free write a few of the sentiments in life I believe in. Reflecting on the parts of life we are most grateful for is a really uplifting exercise, no matter how hokey it seems initially!

Photo Credit: Nathan Peppin

I believe.

I believe in buying the dress first and finding the occasion later. I believe in throwing caution to the wind and forgetting about what other people think about you. I believe in being myself, even when that person isn’t cool or popular. I believe in dating the wrong people, if only so it can teach to value the right people. I believe in taking more baths than showers. I believe in hearing both sides of the discussion (even when you’re really REALLY sure you’re right and don’t want to hear it). I believe in a bowl of ice cream every single night, thank you very much. I believe in studying even when you’re not in school because there’s so much to learn and it’s such a privilege to learn it. I believe in gratitude, always. I believe in watching the sunrise. I believe in morning runs, even if they’re just coffee runs. I believe in vulnerability- I believe we gain so much more than we lose when we are raw, unhinged sharing our souls. I believe in looking up words I don’t know in the dictionary. I believe in hand written letters.

I believe it is a sin to simply sign your name on a card without a personalized message. I believe in technology detoxes. I believe in SHOES. I believe in watching sappy wedding vow videos on Youtube and sobbing my eyes out. I believe in reading Sylvia Plath at home in bed and sobbing my eyes out. I believe in sitting on my closet floor in complete silence and darkness when I’m sad and sobbing my eyes out. I believe this behavior is healthy and not a sign of any sort of emotional defect, really! I believe self reflection is the KEY to growth. I believe in kissing as often as possible. I believe in grapefruit mimosas. I believe in the good in people. I believe in laying in the grass reading a delicious novel. I believe in therapy. I believe in having your heart broken at least once. I believe in forgiveness. I believe in befriending people who are different from you. I believe in throwing Taylor Swift lyrics into every day conversation. I believe in over dressing. I also believe in Lululemon Wunder Under leggings, it’s called balance. I believe in burrito bowls. I believe in traveling as much as your life allows. I believe a house is not a home without a dog. I believe in seeing your parents as people and forgiving their flaws and shortcomings. I believe in relishing every day of sunshine. I believe in nights in far more often than nights out. I believe in being 15 minutes early rather than a single minute late.

I believe in freckles. I believe in listening, really listening to people when they speak. I believe in standing up for what you believe in. I believe in speaking your mind, even if your voice shakes. I believe in showing the people you care about “proofs of love”. I believe in love letters. I believe in having the courage to quit and try something new. I believe in sprucing up your IKEA dresser with the prettiest knobs you can find. I believe in blanket forts at any age. I believe in love <3


I hope you have a wonderful Friday! Leave me a comment with something fun you believe in? The more unexpected the better!